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How To Build Your Own Motorized Bike

Updated on October 2, 2014

Build your own motorized bike

"Building your own motorized bike is easy!

It can be a great father son hobby or just a fun way to create something of your own.

Once you get yourself a Bike Motor Kit

you can choose almost any 24" or 26" bike to mount it on and the fun starts there.

You can go even further in customizing your motorized bike by changing out a few parts you can make it go faster and run smoother and add a larger gas tank to go further between gas stations.

Then you can customize the look of your motorized bike to make it a hot-rod of sorts .

motor mounts
motor mounts

Mounting your motor to your bike

Mounts to most 24" 26" bikes

First step is mounting the motor to your bicycle.

Use the mounting hardware included in your kit to secure the motor to the frame. Make sure it is snug but be careful not to over tighten the bolts. depending on the style of bike you choose you may need to make some minor modifications.

bike sprocket
bike sprocket

Mounting the Sprocket to the rear wheel

Your kit will include a sprocket for the drive chain and 2 rubber rings cut one of the rings to allow it to slip over the center hub and spokes of the tire on the inside then put the other ring one the outside of the spokes then your sprocket. bolt the sprocket on tightly tightening the bolt in a criss-cross pattern.

Now your sprocket is mounted you are ready to hook up the chain.

Intalling the chain

This step is pretty self explanatory however I will go over it just in case.

Remove the master link from the chain and run it through the motor and around your sprocket.

You may need to adjust the length of the chain to fit your bike if that is the case figure out what link you need for the correct tension and use a nail punch to remove the pin. Reconnect the master link, then install your chain tensioner.

Clutch, Throttle, kill switch

Remove one of the grips from the handle bar and replace it with your throttle grip. Place your clutch on the opposite handle along with your kill switch.

Mounting the muffler and carb

This step is very easy! Just bolt the muffler to the engine and clamp the carb on. Sometimes the muffler needs to be bent a little bit for a proper fit, this can be done by clamping the muffler in a vice and bending it as needed.

Gas tank

Mount your gas tank to the top rail of the bike, Your kit will come with a gas shut of valve that connects to the gas tank you will want to use some tape or putty to seal the threads. Then connect you hose from the valve to the carburetor.

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      built one and loved it!