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Moustache Party Games and Activities

Updated on August 1, 2013

Moustache related activities for Movember parties and general silliness

November, November, the month of Movember....

Facial hair, moustache and plot!

Everyone loves moustache parties, especially in the month of Movember, when men, women and grandmothers a like attempt to grow the most impressive Mo for glory and occasionally for charity. But what can you actually do at them? I mean, once you've stuck moustaches on everyone that turns up, facial hair'ed the cat, and generally improved the respectability and awesomeness of everything that a fake moustache can stick onto, what do you do?

Well, you can stand around in moustaches being refined and respectable, but the incessant giggling will probably ruin your auras of competence sooner or later. So you might as well bring out the games!

Moustache Game - Living PeopleCHECK PRICE

Moustache Game - Dead PeopleCHECK PRICE

Moustache Game - Awful PeopleCHECK PRICE

Guess who these famous moustaches belong to! A fun and silly trivia game for groups, this is perfect for a mustachioed party. It's also surprisingly educational. Basically, it's a pack of cards, featuring a famous moustache silhouette on one side and the answer (and triva) on the other. Each set features moustaches from either living, dead, or truly awful people.

It does come with this disclaimer, which I repeat here for your safety:

WARNING: This game may make you think about moustaches more than usual. Effects include, but are not limited to, dreams about moustaches and a frequent desire to visit your local fire station.

Oh, if someone's doing particularly well, make sure they aren't sneaking a look at this book under the cover of their enormous, luxurious moustache!

Moustache Photos

Take official moustache photos of everyone!

Half the fun of dressing up in moustaches it seeing everyone in them (the other half, of course, is getting to stroke it). So why not set up a moustache photo booth for official moustache photos?

All you need is a camera - and possibly some optional scenery, such as an impressive moustache portrait, an 'artistic' drape of cloth over a couch, or a large cardboard box to mimic a camera booth. Or some interesting scenery, if you're getting very creative!

Oh, and make sure everyone's actually wearing their moustaches! (You may need to have spares on hand).

Moustache Poetry

Get this facial hair themed poetry kit!

If your guests are as erudite as their upper lip is hairy, then they should appreciate the chance to wax gloriously forth about the magnificence of moustaches.

While this kit would be funny just to have up on the fridge, where it's bound to lure away some guests and distract them thoroughly, you could also make a game, handing out random piles of words and having a contest for the best moustache themed poem from each group.

This could be both fast paced and very silly, especially if you set a time limit and get everyone to read their poems out. The person who causes the most laughter wins!

Mustache Beer Pong PackCHECK PRICE

A very simple and silly moustache game - if you are willing to impugn the great seriousness of moustaches - is to attach a temporary moustache to your television screen and take a drink every time it lines up with someone's face.

It works especially well during a boring film or nerve-wracking event (such as an election). If you don't want to drink, you could substitute sweets or other little awards instead. For added facial hair maginificence, have everyone drink out of one of these Mustache Beer Pong Pack cups.

Teams version Stick two moustaches on the tv and see who has the most points (or is the most drunk) at the end!

What to use as a moustache

You can either cut your own moustache out of paper, cut one off your dad while he's asleep or use a fake moustache. If you're having an actual moustache party then there should be plenty of spare moustaches around (in fact, you'll need to have extras for all those people who turn up with no facial hair).

Fake Moustaches For All Occasions
Not all of us can grow and style facial hair as we please. Never may we count ourselves among the ranks of moustache championship participants and moustache ...

Pin the Moustache Cowboy Game
Pin the Moustache Cowboy Game

Pin the Moustache on the ...

A much more stylish version of pin the tail on the donkey!

This game is a straightforward version of the traditional pin the tail on the donkey game.

The target image is penned or drawn on the wall, and each person takes turns being blindfolded, spun around, and trying to stick their pin in the right spot on the picture.

To make it moustache-friendly, either use cutout moustaches attached to a pin, give everyone a pen and tell them to start drawing blind, or buy moustache stickers!

Note: points are not awarded for pending your moustache to a real moustache.

You could buy a 'ready made' pin the moustache game or make one yourself.

If you make it yourself you'll need a large poster or face drawn on the wall and pins or sticky moustaches. They should be identifiable (tie a bit of ribbon round them or something).

Dress Up As A Moustache Contest

Run a dress up contest to see who can be the Most Mustached

Whether it's the best moustache, the most moustaches, or the person dressed up as a moustache, hold your own hairy costume contest!

The Gambler Moustache & Chin PatchCHECK PRICE

Spinning Hat Emergency Mustaches, Set of 6CHECK PRICE

1.88 by 10 Mustache TapeCHECK PRICE

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