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Movie Riddles - Guess The Movie From The Rhyming Clues

Updated on January 12, 2015

Free Fun Movie Riddles And Trivia

Who doesn't like movies, and who doesn't like trivia based on the movies, especially when the questions set the little grey cells thinking and the movies are often really well known, but you can't quite figure out which ones they are.

Right, the two of you who put your hands up can leave. The other 998 of you - just follow me, and enjoy these fun Movie Quizzes, where you have to guess the movie from the rhyming clues.

I hope you enjoy these movie quizzes, which I originally compiled and published in a different format on Yahoo Contributor Network, but which I think work really well on Squidoo and lend themselves to the format that I have used.

Please take the polls, and feel free to leave comments to let people know what you think about each set of movies.

Above all, have fun, and if you enjoy these riddles, I am sure others will too if you let them know about this page.


This page was transferred from another site and unfortunately the method I used to hide the answers to the riddles doesn't work on here, so I need to completely revamp the design so it works again.

To Reveal The Answers

Drag Your Mouse Over The Green Box Below Each Movie.

No Cheating Though!

Movie Riddle #1

Coconuts for horses

A Shrubbery and Ni

Lots of French insolence

What movie can I be?

Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Movie Riddle #2

The Windy City

And one that's wet

Two lonely people

Who haven't yet met

A small boy travels

To the Empire State

What movie is this

That's also a remake?

Sleepless In Seattle

Movie Riddle #3

Starring hairy footed people

With no desire to leave their home

Adventure comes a calling

And across their world they roam

Chased by evil forces

As they go upon their quest

It's a fascinating trilogy

What is it, can you guess?

Lord Of The Rings (All 3 Parts)

Movie Riddles 1-3 - Did you enjoy them?

How many did you get right?

See results

Enjoy some random videos based on phrases from the rhymes. Just there to break up the quizzes.

Monty Python & The Holy GrailCHECK PRICE

Sleepless In SeattleCHECK PRICE

Lord Of The RingsCHECK PRICE

Movie Riddle #4

A firehouse and an ambulance

A gatekeeper and Zool

Be careful not to cross the streams

It really isn't cool.


Movie Riddle #5

A storm, a fall, and in a dream

A house flies way up high

To a world that's filled with colors

And where you might weigh a pie.

The Wizard Of Oz

Movie Riddle #6

A matrimonial entertainer

Loses girl and finds another

Sings a love song on an airplane

Grandma raps in front of others

The Wedding Singer

Movie Riddles 4-6 - Did you enjoy them?

How many did you get right?

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The Wizard of Oz

The Wedding Singer

Movie Riddle #7

Sir Kenneth Moore and Sean Connery

Are just two of the all star cast

John Wayne was acting ornery

It's a drama that hard to surpass

The BIG man Tom made a movie

With beach scenes dramatic to view

Same place and date, different movie though

Is this enough to give you a clue?

I'm sure some by now will have guessed

But if not, how about Ham and Jam

The movie's not short, did that help at all?

I gave out all the clues that I can

The Longest Day

Movie Riddle #8

With Little Green Men and a scary boat ride

This movie is really bizarre

Four in a bed eating cabbage soup

And a bubbling machine for a car

I'm sure this is really easy to guess

With gold eggs and a Violet balloon

A boy and his Granddad take a factory tour

I'm sure you will get this real soon.

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

Movie Riddle #9

His wife becomes pregnant

Life changes a lot

But he's not really ready for this

They split then get back, it's part of the plot

Can you tell me which movie this is?

The gestation period is all in the name

In a toy store a dinosaur fight

A doctor that's scared of needles as well

Enjoy it? I think you just might.

Nine Months

Movie Riddles 7-9 - Let me know what you think?

How many did you get right?

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The Longest Day

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

(40th Anniversary)

Nine Months

Movie Riddle #10

Tom, Dick and Harry went under the ground

It was all going well but one got found

A man forging papers went too blind to see

And stumbled and fell as he tried to flee

A man on two wheels almost got away

As did two in a plane, till their fuel gave way

Two more went downstream in a rowboat they stole

Can you guess this, or are you stuck in a hole?

The Great Escape

Movie Riddle #11

Served tea by a penguin in a make believe world

She came to look after a boy and a girl

She showed them some magic that tidied their room

Had a dirty faced friend with a long handled broom

She floats through the air with the greatest of ease

But this is one lady without a trapeze

Surely you've got it, we don't have all night

While waiting I think I'll just go fly a kite

Mary Poppins

Movie Riddle #12

While diving they find giant eggs in the sea

And take them back home, oh what could they be?

Placed in a pool so they don't all go dry

Some old folks go swimming, and the eggs start to die

But the people they find the secret of youth

Their renewed life is for them enough proof

The secret gets out, and there's aliens too

I think these are really quite enough clues


Movie Riddles 10-12 - How did you do?

How many of these did you get right?

See results

The Great Escape

(2-Disc Collector's Set)

Mary Poppins

(Two-Disc 45th Anniversary)

Cocoon / Cocoon

The Return

Movie Riddle #13

Gold in a bank behind enemy lines

It's a daring escapade

With an oddball crapgame

And real motley crew

Can you guess this movie's name?

Kelly's Heroes

Movie Riddle #14

It's a 50's classic, a little girl says

The title, it's just one word

It's desert radiation, mutation occurred

It could mean the end of the world

Of legs they have six, antennas too

They grow to giant size

In Los Angeles they make their stand

You will know this, if you like sci-fi.


Movie Riddle #15

A big hearted genius who is larger than life

Falls in love with the girl of his dreams

But the formula to turn him to normal size

Doesn't go as well as it would seem

It's like Jekyll and Hyde, alter ego's collide

And there's multiple personalities

It's big and it's funny, with plenty of gas

Can you guess this movie for me?

The Nutty Professor

Movie Riddles 13-15 - How about this time?

How many did you get right?

See results

Kelly's Heroes / Where Eagles Dare

TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection:

The Nutty Professor I & II

Movie Riddle #16

His family desert him, alone in the woods

He finds his way to a home

A young boy soon becomes his friend

But he doesn't know where he came from

He likes to dress up in a young girl's clothes

But the military appear on the scene

A quick phone call home, an amazing escape

What movie can these clues all mean?

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Movie Riddle #17

They taxed his people and stole their land

And most had a really tough life

This man went blue faced and showed his rage

After they went and murdered his wife

With families united, they had all to gain

But plotting, it kept them apart

And so it all ended tragically

Till Robert made a brave new start


Movie Riddle #18

Back to school, back to school

To re-sit his final exam

This idle rich boy has lots to prove

And a year into each week must cram

But a bad man is plotting to make him fail

And is wanting to take his place

A would be assassin takes aim with his gun

And he is shot in an awkward place

Billy Madison

Movie Riddles 16-18 - What's the news?

How did you do on this trio of movies?

See results


The Extra-Terrestrial


(Two-Disc Special Edition)

Billy Madison

(Widescreen Special Edition)

Movie Riddle #19

With hail in Japan

And cracks in the ice

It's the beginning of something

That's really not nice

A storm is a brewing

Of that we are sure

But for millions the cold

Is too much to endure

The Mexican border

It needs to be crossed

But can only be done

At an enormous cost

So what is this movie

Can you get it, oh buoy

If you can solve the clues

You will be full of joy

The Day After Tomorrow

Movie Riddle #20

A mischievous spell

Is a frightful curse

For a pretty young girl

It couldn't be worse

Her parents both die

In this often told tale

And a wicked new Mom

Makes home seem a jail

Her secret gets out

Stepsisters get bold

And before you know it

She has to do as she's told

She falls for a prince

But is put under a spell

And only true love stops

Her killing him as well

The ending is happy

They both share a kiss

But did you figure the clues

And guess which movie this is?

Ella Enchanted

Movie Riddle #21

It begins in the mountains

This girl loves to sing

Her true love of music

Makes her late for everything

She is sent to take care of

A family of kids

Who terrorize their nannies

And where music is forbid

She dresses them in curtains

And they learn about songs

But Dad's money grabbing mistress

Tries to make things all go wrong

They win a music contest

So long and off to bed

With Jerry in pursuit

To the mountains they head

So can you guess this movie

The rhyme is full of clues

Is it a ray of golden sun

Or have you got the movie blues?

The Sound Of Music

Movie Riddles 19-21 - The final set... Well?

How did you do this time?

See results

The Day After Tomorrow

Ella Enchanted

The Sound of Music

About The Author Of This Page

Tony is a freelance writer who lives on the South Coast of England with his wife Debbie.

He has worked in the IT Industry all his life, and has been writing on various sites for the last 10 years, and although you might expect that he writes about technical topics, it's anything but that.

He enjoys writing about many different topics, often writing about something that grabs him impulsively at the time. Ancient History and Humor are just two diverse topics that he has a passion for, and he also likes to write about his travel experiences and to share his love of photography.

Tony has traveled extensively, both for business and leisure, and has lived in New Zealand and the USA, becoming an American Citizen before returning to his native England.

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