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Mr Peabody and Sherman Activity Books and Activities for Kids

Updated on March 11, 2014

Looking for some fun Mr.Peabody and Sherman Activities for Kids? Try these...

With every great Hollywoof (yes, I spelt that correctly) Animation comes a plethora of fun and engaging, film related Activities and things to do, for kids.

Mr.Peabody and Sherman is no exception! Dreamworks have touched genius by bringing these two classic and well known characters back to the big screen - so be prepared from Peabody and Sherman mania to hit.

Amazon have a fab selection of books and toys, but I'm presenting here for you, some of the best activity books and also activity sets to keep the little people in your lives amused and creatively challenged - it's what Mr.Peabody would want, after all, right?

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Out of the two, which do you prefer...

Mr Peabody or Sherman

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When I was little, I loved painting - so this would be right up my street. Easy to follow for any age child...and what's better, it's full of Mr.Peabody and Sherman goodness!

Have you seen the Mr Peabody and Sherman trailer?

If, like my nephew, the child you're looking to keep busy with cool Peabody fun stuff, expresses themselves through craft and sticking things together - then this funky sticker book, might be exactly what they need!

A less messy way to color in - crayons! I used to LOVE crayons when I was little...color, color, color! What better way to keep a little one amused and distracted than with one of these gorgeous Mr.Peabody & Sherman books! Perfect!

Ready and waiting for your audible pleasure, the Mr Peabody and Sherman official soundtrack is a very special collection music, created by none other than the legend that is, Danny Elfman. Famed for his Simpsons theme tune and Oompa Loompa triumph from Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka film, this CD is a sure hit!

What's your favourite Mr.Peabody and Sherman memory?

Give me a high five before you....

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