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Mr Peabody and Sherman Toys and Dolls

Updated on March 14, 2014

Mr Peabody and Sherman Toys and Dolls...

2013 was a great year for Animated films (with the delights of The Croods, Monsters University, Frozen), and 2014 is set to be just as good...and first up for the year's most anticipated animated offering, is Mr. Peabody and Sherman - the most unlikely father doggy and boy combo!

This duo is huge and already has a huge fanbase, but Mr Peabody and Sherman are getting themselves revamped and put into their own film, thanks to the clever people at Dreamworks. And of course, with every good animated film, comes the most fantastic range of toys and dolls for kids (and adults alike) to collect and go crazy over!

On this page, I'm bringing you a collection of some of the coolest toys and dolls available, for any fan of Mr Peabody and Sherman. There is everything from the retro dolls, to the toys and dolls to match the films branding!

Right now, there isn't a HUGE amount of Mr.P and Sherman toys and dolls, but don't worry, there will be! I'm going to be keeping this page updated as more and more toys become available, so be sure to bookmark this page, and keep checking back for more exciting additions, thanks to the trusted brand, - have fun...and hope you find what you were looking for :)

For more cool Mr Peabody and Sherman merchandise, check out the film's listings, right here now!

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With more of a classic approach, this Mr Peabody plush toy, will suit any collector, or indeed any child who loves the talking pup!

If you are, or know a Sherman fan, then this plush Sherman toy is the one!

Like the previous Mr Peabody toy, the style of this particular plushie ties in more with the original series, rather than the new animated film - but hey, a Sherman doll, is a Sherman doll, right? Perfect for any iconic toy collector!

This Mr Peabody Action Figure toy is the total bomb! The Funko style is always a pleasure to behold in any toy collection, but there's something utterly marvellous about this Mr.Peabody figure, don't you think. I love it!

...And you didn't think the fun ended at Mr Peabody, did you? The awesomeness of the action figures continues with this totally cute Sherman Action Figure.

If you're fans of Mr. Peabody and Sherman and love your toys, but perhaps not too keen on the plushies, then these toys are the ones for you. Any ages will this fun characters!

With music by Danny Elfman, the soundtrack to Mr Peabody and Sherman is something very special. Take a piece of movie magic home, and put it straight into your CD player!!

Caught the latest Mr Peabody and Sherman trailers yet?

Tell me what you love best about Mr. Peabody and Sherman...

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