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5 Tips to Draft Better in MTGO

Updated on August 28, 2013

MTG Drafting

Booster drafting is one of the most popular Magic the Gathering formats and for good reason. In this tournament style all players enter with the same number of cards that are distributed in a semi-random way. It depends on the exact draft format how the cards at the start are distributed but always try to read through the tournament rules before you engage in one. It might influence your strategy in a draft.

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Five MTG Draft Tips to Win

Use these tips to your advantage in your next MTG tournament

1. Always pick a really expensive mythic first. If you have to chose your first card and there is still a mythic in there that is of considerable value (ie 4$ and above you might want to take it over the best card for your deck) This is not the case if you play a big tournament where there is a very large payout. But then you probably wouldn't need these tips anyway.

2. Plan your draft ahead. It helps you enormously if you know what colours, what type of deck or what theme is very strong in the particular format you are playing. An Innistrad draft is different from a M13 draft in that respect. If you come with plan you make better decision when under time pressure.

3. Pick creature removal cards with priority. You can pass up good creatures if you also have the choice to draft creature removal into your draft deck. This is very hard to get in this format and cards like terror and incinerate are the nuts. Go for them over good creatures. But don't prioritize them over a game changer like a Bloodline keeper.

4. After creature removal, creatures themselves are very important. The strategy that you will use to kill your opponent will not be very diffcult. It will be play creatures and attack him untill he is dead. In a draft this is the most likely deck to draw though there are variations within this theme. For example drafting U/W flyers alongside high toughness blockers is different from drafting G/R straight aggro.

5. Keep your mana curve low! That means pick enough cards that cost only 1 mana to play. The majority of your cards between 2 and 3 mana to play and you are allowed 1 or 2 4 mana cards and possibly a higher one if you have a very good reason to justify it. You want to be able to consistently play out creatures fast and get mana screwed as little as possible. A good way to achieve this is by chosing low cost options.

Keep the pressure on your opponent and the creature removal you drafted for his big threats you can't beat.

What are your Best Draft Tips?

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