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The Nine Most Powerful Cards in Magic The Gathering

Updated on March 14, 2013

MTG Power Nine

The Nine Most Powerful Cards in Magic The Gathering are also among the most expensive Cards in the game. There are some ultra rare exceptions but among the cards that were distributed by sale these are the most expensive. They are very hard to find and in additon to having this huge collector's value they are also among the best possible cards to play in a certain tournament format called "Vintage".

Black Lotus
Black Lotus

What Are The Power Nine?

Blacklotus is the Rarest of Them All

The Power Nine consist of Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, Timetwister, Mox Emerald, Black Lotus, Mox Pearl, Mox Ruby, Mox Jet and Mox Sapphire. Of these the moxes and the lotus are mana sources which basically make resources available to you and the others are blue spells that are gamechanging spells that are cheap to cast. All off these spells are considered so powerful that cards like this don't get created anymore. And that's the reason they are a cornerstone in decks of formats where they are allowed to play. The zero cost mtg cards that can be played for free and immediately produce resources open up a whole new world of opening strategy. They are so powerful that virtually no cards (not even with a lot of synergy within a deck) can compete for the slots. I think that in Vintage only dredge choses not to play any. Many decks play all or a lot of them, if the owner can afford it at least.

No ofcourse not that would be blasphemy....

No ofcourse not that would be blasphemy....

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  • Emma Vine 4 years ago from Texas, USA

    They're too powerful and it would destroy the value of those who have saved their cards.

Do you think the power nine should be reprinted at some point?

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  • C A Chancellor 4 years ago from US/TN

    Definitely! It would help level the playing field for new fans of the game

Playing the Power Nine

How to Play the Power Nine

If you got the money to get yourself some considerable power you still have to combine the power nine with additional good cards to make a killer deck. The basis is there but once you get it together you will be unstoppable to anyone except another "Vintage"player. If you meet one of those skills and some luck will determine your fate.

Here you can find a list of the best decks in the world that faced eachother in the biggest "Vintage" tournament in the world. More then 337 players showed up featuring some of the strongest cards the world of Magic the Gathering has ever seen and here are the decklists of the top contenders for you to get ideas from to beat the heads in of the local chumps, your friends or to take down the next big Vintage event.

Vintage Decklist 2012

Black Lotus on eBay - One of the Rarest Cards in the History of Magic the Gathering

The black lotus is one of the most treasured cards in MTG. An incredible powerful mana source that can speed up the development of a strategy like nothing else. This card can only be played once in even the most powerful of magic decks.

What is your favorite Power Nine Card?

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    • Emma Vine profile image

      Emma Vine 4 years ago from Texas, USA

      Resale market for older edition cards is hot right now, even commons.