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Unique Multi-Purpose Furniture pieces

Updated on August 9, 2009

Using a mulit-function furniture is ideal for small spaces or small budget. I love fixing my home with fashionable furniture, but of course it should blend with each one's color and design. After looking for some furniture that will help fill my new house, I've seen a lot of must haves. Very interesting, multifunction and fashionable. I also include some amazing work of art furniture. It might be of your use or interest too.

Bench, Table & Shelving

The Squat Module can be used as a bench, table, or shelving. Singly, it's a coffee table. All lined up in a row it functions as an open sideboard. It's kind of a new, improved version of the old concrete block shelving from college.

squat outdoor module

You can also put it outside. Just like the original, this model can be used as shelving, a bench, or a table, plus the western red cedar and anodized aluminum construction add the option of leaving it outdoors to weather gracefully. Entertain a gaggle of friends in your urban garden, add one at the foot of your bed to hold your grandmother's antique quilt, or stack them in your greenhouse to make room for your spring seedlings.

40 x 15 x 13.5” (1015 x 380 x 340mm), assembly required

western red cedar, clear-anodized aluminum

squat indoor module

Two seater, compact, convertible. Inarguably simple, infinitely useful; Squat is a multi-purpose furniture module that can be used as shelving, as a bench, or as a table. The simple aesthetic make it fit in anywhere and it tends to multiply. Seats two comfortably.

40 x 15 x 13.5" (1015 x 380 x 340mm), assembly required birch plywood, high-pressure laminate, polished aluminum

Furniture or art?

If you're looking for a unique way to display your possessions, the Brace Case has to be the most unusual shelving unit I've seen. Combining a wooden frame and short cables, it acts like a sieve, collecting objects in a creative fashion.

The unit is clamped from ceiling to floor to ensure rigidity, and provides a great visual space. Although it's furniture, it could as easily be classed as art which is what it becomes when objects are placed onto it.


Multipurpose furniture is always more fun than single-function stuff. Bookseat is made of bent plywood with an ecoskeleton-like core for storing dozens of magazines and books.

Reader's wing table

For starters, there's plenty of room for books and magazines on the angled, lipped shelves. Then there's the top, a double surface with a top half that swings around 360 degrees so that you can bring it over your lap, for tip-tapping away or for reading one of the many paper tomes below, or maybe just for preventing the spilling of your drink.

Pick Chair

This one is cleverly designed folding chair that flattens on your wall when unused and stored.

It is designed by Israel born and NYC-based Dror Beshetrit of Studio Dror and produced by Italian manufacturer BBB

It is multi-purpose, as you can pick your use by combining it with a photo (hence its name, Pick Chair), a painting, or a poster. Or you can let your guests use it as a guest book as the photos show.

100 Pick Chairs were exhibited to celebrate the 100th aniversary of Italian Conglomerate Mondadori in 2007.

This is the real meaning of Multi-Tasking Furniture! This multipurpose furniture is anything that does double or even triple-duty work to simplify your life. Pieces like this Storage Ottoman are a great place to start if you're looking to eliminate space-wasters and get organized.

You can stack up a lot of things in here like board games, stack of magazines, 2 throw blankets (rolled tight), cat toys, remote controls, coasters, Iris snap cases and or books.

Calypso chair

It's a multi-purpose sofa designed for laptop users. The armrests fold inward and turn into laptop shelves, while the back rests can be folded and configured to face the same way, in the traditional sofa configuration, or in opposite directions, like a love seat. The back rests can even be folded down, turning the sofa into a coffee table. There's storage space underneath the seats as well.

Ottomans with storage

I like footrests coz it helps me relax after a days work. They can be used as a table, foot rest or storage space and can easily be moved around a room.

A little similar to Ottomans is the American "Footrest". A multi-purpose furniture to cope with the most complex demands of modern life, and meet the growing small living space. It can be placed for our legs and feet, but also can serve as a small furniture:the newspaper and hand-use can be placed next to the slot. It is very comfortable and convenient.Welcomed by more and more families.


Room and Board's Pandora tries to be all things to all people like the first two. You can sit on it, put things inside it, and then create a hard surface on top when you want to put things on it. It pretty much wins in terms of the multi-purpose category. If you think of each function as a unique object, then its like three pieces of furniture in one and the price seems eminently more economical.

Sofa Bed

Transformer furniture and spaces range from the silly and absurd to the remarkable and phenomenal. Here are a few designs worthy of note:


Taking the sofa sleeper to new heights, BonBon's Doc XL couch is also a bunk bed.

Stylish seating by day, with a simple movement, the Doc XL transforms into a practical, ready-made bunk bed with integrated supporting ladder and protection guard.

Extra bed

This extra bed is perfect for bedrooms or studio type room, if a close friend is sleeping over this is a perfect bed. Although folden, it also provides a multi purpose furniture, such as a place that a TV or other decorating materials be placed on top. A bed for comfort sleep and particularly a bed which can be located at any place.

Aiming at a make comfortable sleep, the mechanism (wooden slice) fitted, are based on orthopedic ans anatomic design.

Warhol sofa

Designed by Simone Brewster, is a system that enbables it user to live from one room in one multifunctional system. The individual elements include a desk, a bed, a seat and cushions. Each component acts as an ingredient with which the user can compose and create their desired environment.

This is ideal furniture for a person who lives in a small apartment. Only one piece, you can use it as a sofa when you watch TV. And at night, it’s gonna be a single bed. Fashionable with springs, foams and steel frame inside it.

Kitchen Wonders

Modern storage and rustic charm. From Casita, a cleverly outfitted multi-purpose pine kitchen storage unit stained to look like something from the past, for the anti-IKEA set in search of space-saving remedies for the contemporary kitchen.

The top piece can be closed to give a more streamlined look when not in use if your kitchen is in view of your living space. And it opens up to reveal built-in attributes like hidden counterspace, lots of drawers, wine storage, an extra pull-out cutting board, a utensil rod, plus dishtowel racks on the side for easy access.

Mini bar

When working with a small space, multi-purpose furniture can be key. This is especially so with things like mini bars, which often don't make it to the top of the list of priorities for a studio or one bedroom. This mini bar side table is right-sized in such a situation.

The Ping Pong Door

The best part about small spaces is the creativity that comes from being resourceful with a small amount of square footage. This fold down ping-pong table in a door and thought it was a great way to work in a game, with a floor plan that wouldn't normally allow it. Now it makes us wonder, what else could we use a table of this manner for?

I can't help but ridiculously entertained by this fantastic use of space brought to you by Tobias Franzel. The only downfall I can see is that while one side of your door will stay the same in appearance, the other side is bright green, although no one said a ping pong table HAD to be green!

Working wonders for a home office when a longer project is at hand. Or maybe we could use it simply for a fold down art table or train table for our little ones. What could you use the space for?

Brilliant Creative Furniture

I also include some amazing furniture, others are multipurpose but most are work of art.

What is your favorite furniture piece?

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