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My Lego City

Updated on May 1, 2013

Updated, and Better Than Ever; You Can Do It Too!

I have been collecting Legos for many years, and for the first time, I decided to make a big Lego City with what I have collected. My Lego City is just like a regular city with some wackiness. For example, I have 3 Lego Batman mini figures, a logo f horses and cars in the highway, DC and Marvel Superheroes, and a lot of criminals in the back.

I have been collecting Legos for a long time, and I am happy with my Lego City. Now I am using Lego Digital Designer to build custom Legos that will make my Lego City look even better. I have some other Lego Sets on the shelves above, but I couldn't add everything to my Lego City just yet.

I also give you the opportunity to make a Lego City just like this one by telling everyone how I got to this Lego City from no Lego bricks. I hope you learn a lot about my Lego City as well as how to make an awesome Lego City.

What Does My Lego City Focus On?

There are a lot of aspects that make my Lego City an incredible sight, but I wanted to explain what makes a wonderful Lego City. The most important part to a Lego City is the population. Make sure you have a lot of mini figures. You don't want to have 8 buildings and only 10 mini figures because the streets will be left empty.

Image Source

The Buildings

After you have enough mini figures, you should start to get some buildings. I would prefer the Lego Town Sets because they have a similar structure down at the bottom which allows them to connect together which means more possibilities. For example, you can get the Grand Emporium, Town Hall, Petshop, Fire Brigade, and so on, but you can also build great custom stores on Lego Digital Designer (LDD). For example, I'm building a small Apple Store (not with the fruit) because I don't have a small building yet. Having buildings gives your mini figures a place to walk and go (there is a sidewalk for each one). The closest substitute for buildings are houses which you can use to build a small Lego neighborhood until you get a Lego City.

Image Source

See My Lego City on YouTube!

I'll always update my Lego City when I get some awesome sets...especially during Christmas time.

Cars and Vehicles

Once you have a lot of Lego mini figures and some Lego buildings, you should start collecting Lego cars and vehicles. These cars and vehicles will crowd your city with activity. You don't need to get too many mini figures to fill the cars in the sets because most of the Lego vehicles and cars come with a mini figure or two.

Image Source

How Do You Like My Lego City? - Any Suggestions?

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