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My Pillow Pets Plush Toys

Updated on November 16, 2013

Pillowpets: The Coolest Plush toys for kids

My Pillow Pets are one of the most popular kids toys of the day. They are huggable and loveable and of course work as great pillows for your kids as well as stuffed animals to play with.

These stuffed toys measure 18" in length, though some of the dimensions will change depending on the shape and design of the individual my pillow pet toy. They are all kid safe and are made to be hugged and loved by your kids.

These huggable animal pillows are made to be loved and with this lens I will attempt to give a comprehensive review of all the "My Pillow Pet" toys that are available.

Chances are you will find that your child takes these lovable pillow toys with them everywhere. Mine always has one on the couch, while watching TV, in the car when we go on trips...and of course in her room when sleeping. She has a few of these lovable pillow toys and wants more for Christmas. There are so many of them and the design changes enouh that they are always fresh and interesting.

How does the My Pillow Pets toy/pillow work

If you have never had a "My Pillow Pets" toy you may be wondering how it works and why some pictures you see are of large flat pillow and why others look like a soft comfortable stuffed animal.

The answer is that these toys are both. there is a velcro enclosure, then it is connected the pillor pet folds in two, making a lovable and hug-gable toy pet that is just about as soft as any toy you can imagine.

But when the velro is undone, the "My Pillow Pet" toy of your choice will flatten out and become the perect pillow for a child;s, a couch or even for that car ride. This utilitarian feature of this cute kids pillow toy is part of what makes it such a popular gift for kids.

Below are two examples of popular, "My Pillow Pets" in both "Toy" and "Pillow" positions

My Pillow Pets Plush Dog "Toy" Position

My Pillow Pets Dog, Super Plush "Pillow" Position

My Pillow Pets Buzzy Bumble Bee 18" Toy Position

My Pillow Pets Buzzy Bumble Bee 18" Pillow Position

Beware of Imitations

There are many Pillow Pets imitations out there. REAL Pillow Pets have the "MY PILLOW PETS" title. Other brands like "XXX pillowpets", and cudlee are often a lot lower quality. Make sure the pillow pets you get have the MY PILLOW PETS title to ensure the highest quality

Most Popular My Pillow Pets Toys

The Best Selling popular My Pillowpets toys

Below are a collection of the very best selling and most popular of the pillow pets. Clicking on the picture of any of these "My Pillow Pets" will bring you to the sales page where there is a lot more information and reviews of these great kids pillow toys.

My Pillow Pets Red Miss Lady Bug -Popular Toy PillowCHECK PRICE

Cute My Pillow Pets Lavender Unicorn 18" Toy/PillowCHECK PRICE

Genuine My Pillow Pet Comfy Panda - Large 18" (Black and White)CHECK PRICE

My Pillow Fluffy and Plush Pet Silly Monkey - Large (Brown)CHECK PRICE

My Pillow Pets Cute Black and White Penguin 18"CHECK PRICE

Even more of the Bestselling Cute MY PIllow PETS

Do You (or your Kids/Grandkids) have any Pillow Pets?

Do you (or your Kids/Grandkids) have any Pillow Pets?

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Let me know what you think about "My Pillow Pets"

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    • Kumar P S profile image

      Kumar P S 5 years ago

      Nice selection ! Thanks for sharing

    • Kumar P S profile image

      Kumar P S 5 years ago

      Nice selection ! Thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      atomicgirl24 5 years ago

      This is really cute; I wish I had had something like this when I was younger. Today's kids are so lucky!

    • NickyT2 profile image

      NickyT2 5 years ago

      Great lens about Pillow Pets. Thanks for making this nice tribute :)