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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - FUN to be a Lawyer!

Updated on August 30, 2017

The Fun Lawyer Game (Yes, they exist)

Phoenix Write is a murder mystery video game that encourages children in middle school and beyond to explore the world of the defense attorney, examine evidence, find clues etc. My 13 year old and her friends have been fascinated by this game for months. Sometimes we worry that the games our children are playing may not encourage a love of learning. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is a pleasant surprise. My daughter has become so interested in the subject that she is now beginning to read law books for pleasure!

I rent my house to law students who have left a tantalizing supply of law books which fascinate budding lawyers. Since playing this murder mystery my daughter is devouring these books. As a homeschooler, I know that she is learning a tremendous amount from reading these books and the game is giving her just the push she needs to read them.

Would you encourage your child to learn more about the law profession, by allowing them to play Phoenix Write, Ace Attorney, the murder mystery game?

Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney - Solve Murder Mysteries

My daughter has not yet gotten to the third games in the series,Trials and Tribulations, but she has heard and found many interesting facts. This game reveals an interesting cast of new characters, including Godot, Desiree DeLite, and the infamous Dahlia Hawthorne. This murder mystery game is said to have a stronger explanation of spirit mediums than the other two, and we can all expect Phoenix to have a nice challenge ahead of him while proving his clients innocent.

Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Justice For All - Nintendo DS
Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Justice For All - Nintendo DS

In Justice for All, Phoenix has a run-in with a fire extinguisher and loses his memory! No need to worry, though, because a certain villain will accidentally jog his memory when it counts the most. To players of the first game, it may come at no surprise that Maya is once again a defendant, and many mysteries will be unraveled as Phoenix solves 4 all-new cases. Defending a cop, a spirit medium, a magician and an action star, will Phoenix make the right decisions in the end? Only time and the player's choices will tell.


Do you like to solve Murder Mysteries?

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Good Lawyers Like to Argue - Lawyers Argue their Cases

Do you like to argue?

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Law Books - Phoenix Wright encourages children to read Law Books

Encourage your child's curiosity in learning about the law profession, lawyers and defense attorneys. Choose a couple of law books that are read by professionals and maybe your child will one day become a lawyer.

Gavel for the Judge - Outfit your Courtroom

This Gavel with Sound Block is an elegant gavel set which will make a cherished gift for student council leader, meeting leader, teacher or judge. No courtroom would be complete without a gavel!

Good Lawyers win Arguments

Would you make a good lawyer?

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Law School Admissions - Thinking about Law School?

If you are thinking about becoming a lawyer, playing Ace Attorney might not be enough. You will probably need to read a lot about the law and go to college. You will need to take the bar exam and prove that you know a tremendous amount about the law. How to Get Into the Top Law Schools is just the book you prepare to get into the law school of your choice.

Judges Robe

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When a murder has been committed the attorney must bring evidence to court to prove that the murderer committed the crime. At first it may seem like a mystery but with help from forensic scientists, the evidence builds and the attorney takes it to court and proves the cast. Phoenix Wright is just that kind of an attorney.

Lawyer Duel - Would your child like to solve murder mysteries?

Would you encourage your child to become a lawyer?

It's Fun to be a Lawyer!

Solve Murder Mystries just like a read lawyer

Come write about lawyers and becoming a lawyer on Wizzley, a fun and easy place to express your opinion:

I never would have thought of encouraging my daughter to become a lawyer until she discovered Phoenix Wright. This murder mystery game has opened up a world of possibilities.

How do you encourage your children to learn about the law? - Would you encourage your child to become a lawyer?

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      bulgarianLaw 5 years ago

      Would like to congratulate you for the great and very interesting lens you have created. Keep doing this good work. Bulgarian Lawyer

    • profile image

      afragilecliche 6 years ago

      Well, most aspiring lawyers do so because they think they are good at arguing or genuinely enjoy to do so haha! I think putting it into a game format is a great idea! Will definitely be passing this along to my personal injury attorney here in Houston to see if he gets a kick out of it.

      Houston Personal Injury Attorney

    • jp1978 profile image

      jp1978 7 years ago

      I've always been fascinated by the law. I think I would've made a good lawyer.