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Mystical Tween Witch Costume

Updated on October 19, 2014

It is going to be hocus pocus in action for the mystically inclined tween when she wears this cute little black dress with bright blue ruffles trimming the skirt and neckline. It is not only attractive but has a sense of play that works perfectly on All Hallows Day. The witch hat and leggings are included, as well as a witch's flowery arm tattoo. Mmm, that must be the biker witches' influence. And that also could explain the funky take me as I am or there will be some righteous trouble here tonight attitude.

This is a cute take on an age-old story, and it is a modern take with proper classical details. The leggings and hat work very well together. It is a look both sassy and independent, cool yet classic. It is a look that can stand by itself because this little witch has got it happening. She knows what she wants and she knows what she likes. This little tween witch is a Halloween force to be reckoned with.

When the great happening that is Halloween rolls around with its harvest moon and chilly nights, the mystical tween witch will be ready in her cute outfit. She will not only enjoy every magical minute of the holiday, she will probably be creating a good share of it. Witch and roll, just like rock and roll, only with an otherworldly nudge that expresses the continuity of generations of witches that have gone before us. Yes, I did say witch and roll, and I did mean it.

Endora I Believe.

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I spent a lot of time watching Bewitched when I was a kid. Samantha was walking the tightrope between normal and witch. On the witch side, there was Endora, Uncle Arthur, Esmerelda, and Serena.

Darrin, his family, and the neighbors were the supposed normals. It was a great mix for comedy. I have included a few Bewitched videos for your viewing pleasure.

Uncle Arthur!


Bewitched Bloopers

© 2013 Linda Hahn

Hello Little Witches!

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