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7 Surprising Reasons why the Nabi 2 is a Top Android Tablet for Kids

Updated on September 23, 2014

Nabi 2 Tablet Review

The Nabi 2 Tablet is indeed a Top Android Tablet for Kids some parents would even say it is the Best Android Tablet for their Child's Development. The Nabi 2 is a fun, interactive Android Tablet that has kids learning he easy way.

Isn't it wonderful that our children have these terrific electronic learning devices and educational tools available? This great technology helps to make children's learning more fun and opens the door to exciting new opportunities for their educational growth and development.

In my opinion there are a number of great tablets on the market, I reviewed the Kurio Tablet by Inspiration Works here, and in this review I give you 7 Surprising Reasons why the Nabi 2 is a Top Android Tablet for Kids.

All images courtesy of Amazon or Nabi

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A Look at the Nabi 2 Tablet and Why I Like It

#1. More than just Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic - A whole lot more


The Nabi 2 is fast, so easy to use with its responsive screen swiping, and lack of operating system quirks that it is a joy to use. You can also customize your Nabi 2 Tablet just the way you like making it very much a solid kid's tablet winner and not simply a toy. Drag and Drop icons, create new folders, or change the wall paper to make it tailored to your child.

The Nabi 2 helps children unleash their artistic talents with drawing, coloring, and photo editing tools. Kids have fun playing the 25 exciting and entertaining HD games, reading along with the 30 interactive e-books, and singing along to 50 billboard current songs all of which are pre-loaded and free.

The Nabi 2 Tablet also teaches kids the importance of making the right choices through "Chore List". Here you can set up task lists based on the provided items or set up your own. Task may encompass completing their learning lessons, chores around the house, or songs they have mastered. As kids complete these tasks they are rewarded with Coins that can be used in the Treasure Box

#2. Engage, Entertain, Educate - That's what the 7" Nabi 2 Tablet is all about

With all this fun the Nabi does not skimp on learning, after all that is its main focus. Introducing the Fooz Kids University, where kids discover how to learn in a rewarding environment.

The Nabi 2's teaching system covers the educational basics of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies for grades K thru 5. As kids progress through their lessons, tests, and quizzes they earn rewards of games, apps, music, and videos that can be redeemed in the Treasure Box. The purpose of the Treasure Box is to reward constructive behavior and teach money management as they are encouraged to move forward. You will be pleasantly surprised at how their classwork improves.

#3. Stay Connected and Check on their Learning Progress - Without looking over their shoulder

Then step into Nabi 2's N-Site, a great on-line assessment room of their progress. Check out your child's areas of strength and their stumbling blocks. This is a great place to identify where they may need your assistance without putting them on the spot.

#4. Parents, You Are In Control - Quickly and Easily via your Nabi ID and Mommy Mode

With a click of a button, a password, and email set-up you control everything your children access, the apps and games, email, and internet surfing. You can opt-in for reminders, news, updates and additional apps for purchase.

With a click and a password enter Mommy Mode to access the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich environment from Google to painlessly load additional apps and control just want your child has the ability to see and use. Apps are sorted by category and age groups and come with Kid-Safe Advisory ratings to help you determine what may be appropriate for your child.

Nabi 2 Tablet Up-Close

#5. Looking for a Tablet that Grows with Your Child?

Then let's take a brief look at the techie stuff under the hood

  • Room for Everything with 8 GB storage expandable to 32 GB
  • Anytime Virtual Access to your Stuff via the Nabi Cloud: store files, apps and more with 2GB of free Cloud storage
  • Kid-friendly weight - Weighs less than 2 lbs.
  • Unlock ease of use through the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
  • Easy Internet Access and expandability via Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks
  • Extended Family Interaction via the 2 mega pixel Front Facing Camera with built in microphone
  • Data Transfers are kids play with Nabi Sync: add, move, or back-up from the Nabi to your PC or Mac

Want to Talk to Grandma?

The Nabi 2 comes with free Skype Video Chatting

#6. The Nabi 2 is a Great Alternative to the iPad or Kindle - So much so that you may even want a Nabi 2 for yourself


The Nabi 2 Tablet can do everything a Kindle can do but with the added benefits of parental controls, making it safer for children's eyes and ears; and the Nabi comes with tons of pre-loaded content.

At half the price of an iPad and the ability to download a multitude of apps it is a sure winner for kids over the more grown-up iPad. Plus the Nabi 2 is Kid proof. Has your child ever used your iPad? Have they dropped it on the floor? Pretty rugged on an expensive unprotected iPad isn't it. The Nabi Tablet's Drop Safe Bumper keeps it safe from kid's bumps and thumps.

#7. The Gift Every Parent and Grandparent is Looking For This Year - Give your children an edge on learning

The Nabi 2 is so fully packed that your child will be using it for years and years, how many gadgets do they have that you can say that about? Nabi even has a Facebook page where users can get help, write reviews, share kid's creations, and rave about the Nabi 2.

For the really dedicated parent there is the Fan-a-Tech club a spin-off from their Facebook page where parents attempt to answer user questions and have an opportunity to test new apps.

I Give the Nabi 2 Tablet an A-

This is a first rate kid's tablet that works like a grown-up tablet, it keeps children engaged and learning, they love to use it and you love it's educational qualities. I love that it is so much more than a toy.

Do you think it is the Best Android Tablet for your child's development?

Thanks for Checking Out this Nabi 2 Review - Care to leave a comment?

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