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NASA Lego Sets | Outer Space Toys

Updated on November 12, 2013

NASA Legos Space Themed Toys

When I was a kid, I could never have made a real-looking Space Shuttle, Mars rover, or International Space Station out of legos. These lego sets would have thrilled me.... well, they still do!

Here are some great NASA Lego sets for kids and adults who enjoy space exploration.

Great gift ideas for future Astronauts, science enthusiasts, and star gazers.

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Lego Space Shuttle Set for Young Kids Ages 5-12 - Great Educational Starter Lego Set

LEGO Space Shuttle 3367
LEGO Space Shuttle 3367

This toy Space Shuttle is fun to build and play with. It's great for learning about the NASA space program and for imaginative play.

It comes with an astronaut in a spacesuit. The cargo bay doors open, so kids can have fun playing space shuttle launch. This set also has a toy hubble space telescope along with the Canadian robot arm (part of the Dextre robot, I believe) that connects to the telescope to work on it.

With over 200 lego pieces, this is a fun set for kids in primary, elementary, and middle school.


Satellite Launch Pad Legos - Learn about Satellites with this toy! Ages 5-12

LEGO CITY Satellite Launch Pad 3366
LEGO CITY Satellite Launch Pad 3366

Communication Satellites are used for telephone, TV, internet, and military communications. This really cool toy is great for learning about satellites and how they are launched. It includes a technician figure, a truck, a satellite, and the launch pad and rocket.

It has everything you need for creative play! With only 165 pieces, this is ideal for young kids and would work great as part of a homeschool science program.


Best Lego NASA Kit: Lego Creator Shuttle Adventure - This one is for older kids and adults - serious lego lovers!

Lego Creator Shuttle Adventure (10213)
Lego Creator Shuttle Adventure (10213)

This is one of those amazing toys that would have been on my wish list as a kid. This shuttle stands out from other NASA lego kits as being aimed at older kids and featuring realistic engines, retractable landing gear, an opening cockpit with seats for two astronauts, and an opening cargo compartment with a removable satellite and crane!!

It is fairly big, measuring about 17" tall and 10" wide. It contains over a thousand legos.

Although it says ages 16+, this might be one of those times you could break the rules and really delight a 12 or 14 year old child, especially if you don't mind helping them build it!

I know that when I was a kid, I always wanted science kits that were meant for older kids!


LEGO Space Center 3368

LEGO Space Center 3368
LEGO Space Center 3368

This Lego City Space Explorers Set is great for imaginative play.

Product Description: Prepare the rocket for blast-off! Fill the rocket with fuel, use the elevator to get the astronaut to the top of the launch platform and prepare for launch from the control center. Start the count down and get ready for another exciting mission into space!


Mars Rover Lego Set - Explore the surface of Mars - Look for Signs of Water & Life! - For Ages 10+, Great for Pre-Teen, Teenagers, and Adults

Lego Mars Exploration Rover (7471)
Lego Mars Exploration Rover (7471)

This Rover Lego Set has parts that can be manipulated, which makes it a fun toy to build and play with! Learn how to use the Solar Panels, the Camera Boom, the Antenna, and the Drilling Probe!

While this isn't a perfect model Rover, it is a great Lego set! It has 800+ lego pieces.


Great NASA Lego Accessory: The Lego Moon Buggy! - 2011 Lego Toy

LEGO Space Moon Buggy 3365
LEGO Space Moon Buggy 3365

This goes great with the Apollo Lunar Lander!


Quick Poll Question - I'd love to have your opinion!

Which Lego set would you have the most fun with?

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