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Nefera de Nile - Monster High Doll

Updated on August 29, 2017

Nefera de Nile Doll Released!

Nefera de Nile is the latest Monster High doll to be released. Scheduled for a March 2012 release date Nefera de Nile has made an entrance popping up on amazon and ebay in January.

Find Nefera de Nile Monster High doll information, Nefera de Nile dolls for purchase, a character information on this stunning, yet antagonistic, Monster High Alumni.

Photo Credit: Monster High Nefera de Nile Doll available from

Nefera de Nile

Nefera de Nile
Nefera de Nile

Nefera de Nile is considered a villian or antagonistic character on the Monster High webisodes. We first heard her name with negative connotations in the episode Miss Infearmation when Cleo (Nefera's younger sister) and Deuce are talking; though, the first time we see Nefera is iin the episode Hyde and Shriek.

Nefera is too old to be a Monster High student and has already graduated from the school. She is 5,845 year young. Nefera is the only central character to be a Monster High alumni.

As for a pet Nefera has Azura, a scarab (dung bettle), that is teal and gold.

Buy the Nefera de Nile Doll - New released Monster High doll

Monster High Nefera de Nile Doll
Monster High Nefera de Nile Doll

Product description from Amazon

"Nefera de Nile, daughter of the Mummy, shares the sophisticated style of her younger sister Cleo de Nile. Her "wrap" skirt is accessorized with a snake necklace, "jeweled" earrings and a dramatic hairpiece. She carries two Egyptian-detailed bags and comes with a scarab friend."


Do you own the Nefera de Nile Monster High doll. What do you think about it compared to other Mattel Monster High dolls? Share your product reviews to help your fellow doll enthusiasts make a informed decision.

Nefera de Nile on Ebay - Find Nefera de Nile doll online

Looks like the bidding on Amazon is getting high on the newest Monster High doll Nefera de Nile. You can get it first or wait until the supply increases and the price goes down.

What is Your Timeline for Nefera de Nile? - What do you think?

The Nefera de Nile doll has began to show up in places. As a consumer or collector of Monster High dolls would you choose to get the doll first before anyone else or wait until the supply increases?

Will you purchase your Nefera de Nile doll now or wait until you find it at you local store?

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Early look at Nefera de Nile on Youtube - San Diego Comic-Con 2011

The Nefera de Nile doll will be taller than the other Monster High characters to show that she has graduated from the school.

So what did you think about the Nefera de Nile doll?

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