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How to Gain Food and NP on Neopets Without Making a Real Effort

Updated on March 31, 2011

Neopets Made Easy!

I love Neopets. It gives a wonderful combination of having a virtual pet and having access to tons of super fun games... It's the perfect "time waster" without being too time CONSUMING. Or, at least, it is the way I do it.

I've developed a way to keep your Neopet fed and happy with no real effort. This leaves you, the owner, plenty of free time to play the games; not drudge around searching for food (or money to buy food).

10 years... accomplishment or failure?
10 years... accomplishment or failure?

A Little About Me

Lauren R. Tharp aka "Wheylins_Girl"

In "real" life, I'm a freelance writer-for-hire and can be found on the web at

As for Neopets...

I started playing Neopets when I was 15 years old. As of this writing, I am 26 years old. I took a break from Neopets in my late teens/early 20s due to school, dating, and having a computer that couldn't support it. However, now that I'm an adult and I've settled down, I found myself getting back into it. Moreso, even, than I was when I was a teen!

When I first started Neopets, the thing I struggled with the most was keeping my Neopet fed. And I know I'm not the only one.

Now I'm able to keep my Neopet (Amarelo the yellow Blumaroo) fed and happy with ease. Leaving me time to de-stress in the Games Room.

FUN FACT: My Neopet will be 11 years old on 11/11/11!

Free Soup!
Free Soup!


The Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is found in the Neopian Marketplace (which you get to from Neopia Central). It's in the lower left-hand corner.

If you have under 3,000NP ("Neo Points" aka: Neopets "money"), then you can take as many bowls of free soup as you need FOR FREE from the Soup Kitchen. You can literally keep feeding your Neopet soup until it is "full up" (or even "bloated," but I'm not sure why you'd want to do that...).

Just remember, this is ONLY for players with 3,000NP or less (which makes it perfect for newbies!). "The Soup Faerie knows how much is in your Bank AND your Shop Till" so don't even bother going to the Soup Kitchen if you aren't legitimately poor.

Jelly World doesn't exist...or does it?
Jelly World doesn't exist...or does it?


Jelly World

Officially, Jelly World "doesn't exist." It's not on the map. It's sort of a joke world.

I forget how I got there originally. I think through one of the games...

Anyway, now I just go by way of this link (I keep it bookmarked):

Copy/paste that into your browser and you'll find yourself in Jelly World! Go to the "Giant Jelly" and grab yourself some FREE jelly! Each piece of jelly is good for two (2) meals for your Neopet. You can get free jelly once per day.

Delicious Omelette
Delicious Omelette

FREE FOOD (Omelette)

The Giant Omelette

The Giant Omelette was the first free food item I ever found and it remains one of my favourites.

The Giant Omelette can be found on the Tyrannian Plateau in Tyrannia. It's on the left-hand side of the screen.

Once per day, you're allowed to take a slice of omelette from the Giant Omelette. One slice makes for three (3) meals for your Neopet.

Monthly freebies
Monthly freebies


Monthly Freebies!

Once a month (I usually go on the 1st of every month just to avoid any confusion...), you're allowed to go to the "Freebies" section and collect 2,000NP and a meal for each of your pets.

Again, it's been a while since I found this place, so I can't remember how to get there from scratch. But this link will get you there if you copy/paste it into your browser: Just keep it on hand and use it once a month!

GIANT Giant Squid is my fave catch
GIANT Giant Squid is my fave catch

Sometimes FREE FOOD (Fish)

Ye Olde Fishing Vortex

Up until now, the FREE FOOD items I've listed have been guaranteed. This is not always the case for fishing, but, if you keep at it, you're pretty likely to get SOMETHING good...

Ye Olde Fishing Vortex is found in The Ruins of Maraqua (in Maraqua, obviously). Just click on "Underwater Fishing."

Most of the time you'll end up reeling in a fish or a squid (either of which make excellent meals for your Neopet), but there's also the possibility you'll reel in plants (which can be used in your Classic Neohome's garden) or dirty old shoes (useless).

You're allowed to try your hand at fishing every 12 hours.

How generous!
How generous!

FREE NEOPOINTS (Generous Slorg)

Shop of Offers

If you go to the Shop of Offers (the section in Neopets where they keep their banner ads), a "very rich Slorg" will give you 50-100 Neopoints. This works once a day. You don't even have to actually look at the banner ads either, you just have to go there.

That link will get you there. I tried to retrace my steps, but I couldn't figure out how I found it originally. Hopefully I'm not ruining the magic for anyone...

Nick nick nick na nick nick nick...
Nick nick nick na nick nick nick...


Wheel of Slime

Unlike the other Wheels in Neopets (Excitement, Mediocrity, Knowledge, Misfortune, and Monotony), the Wheel of Slime is FREE to play and has NO penalties! That's right, unlike the other Wheels, this Wheel has no risk of harming your Neopet in any way. You only stand to gain.

The Wheel of Slime can be found in the Games Room. The easiest way to get to it is to simply search for it in the Games Search. You'll find it.

You can spin the Wheel of Slime every 8 hours.

Not exactly a wheel, but...
Not exactly a wheel, but...

Sometimes FREE FOOD and/or FREE NEOPOINTS (Another Wheel)

Wheel of Fruit

The Wheel of Fruit isn't a true "Wheel" like the other Wheels (mentioned above), but it is FREE to play.

Quite often, you won't get anything from the Wheel of Fruit. However, you have the possibility to win food (usually fruit), Neopoints (up to 25,000!), or other items (usually paintbrushes or PetPets).

You can "spin" the Wheel of Fruit once a day.

Mac and Cheese...
Mac and Cheese...


Adver Video

Adver Video is a "game" found in the Games Room.

Basically, you watch an advertisement (don't worry, you can reduce the window so that you don't REALLY have to watch it) and then you're given the chance to "spin" for some Neopoints. You're guaranteed to get Neopoints from this. You can get between 100 and 800 Neopoints per advertisement and you're allowed to "play" Adver Video 5 times per day. If you're extremely lucky, you could make 4,000NP in one sitting. Not bad.

Personally, I don't use this one much anymore. But, if you're a newbie, I highly recommend it if you're anxious to make some quick/easy Neopoints.

Poor little discarded Grundo plushie...
Poor little discarded Grundo plushie...


Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity is found in Faerieland. If you choose to talk to him, there's a chance he'll give you something. There's no guarantee, but the DMBGP of Prosperity has been known to give out tons of Neopoints (I usually get a couple thou from this lil guy) and/or stuffed animals (toys) and other items.

You can talk to the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity once per day.

That's a scary-looking bird thing
That's a scary-looking bird thing


Weltrude's Toy Chest

If you go to the PetPet Park, you can click in the upper left corner on Weltrude's Toy Chest. The toy chest is guaranteed to give you SOMETHING for free, you just don't know what. Most often, I get Neopoints or books.

You can get something for free from Weltrude's Toy Chest once per day.

Pretty cool lookin' dude
Pretty cool lookin' dude



You can find Tombola (aka: Tiki Tack Tombola) on Mystery Island. It's on the very bottom, slightly to the left.

Tombola is free to play, but is not guaranteed to give you a prize. However, there's a chance you'll get Neopoints, food, or fun items.

You can play Tombola once per day.

Kreludor Meteor
Kreludor Meteor


Meteors of Kreludor

The Meteors of Kreludor can be found on Kreludor. Once you've found a meteor, select to "poke the meteor with a stick."

The Meteors are guaranteed to give you a prize, but it can sometimes be a little tricky. You're allowed to play every hour, of every day, until you win your daily prize. I usually get Booktastic Books from the Meteors, but sometimes I get food or other items.

Amerelo's strength just went up!
Amerelo's strength just went up!


Coltzan's Shrine

Coltzan's Shrine is found in the Lost Desert. It's pretty easy to spot. It's sorta toward the middle.

Coltzan's Shrine can be played every 12 hours. You aren't guaranteed to win a prize, but the prizes are pretty awesome when you do.

There's the daily one-million NP giveaway (which I've heard rumoured and I'm not entirely sure people aren't just trollin'), but there's also:

*Smaller Neopoints prizes

*Stat Increases of all kinds (speed, defense, strength, endurance, and intelligence)

*Battledome Weapons (offensive and defensive)

*Training Currency (usually Dubloons for some reason)

*Food (usually foods found in the Lost Desert)

Or, you could get nothing. Which isn't so bad. At least there are no penalties for visiting Coltzan's Shrine!

OUCH! Don't say Amerelo never did anything for ya!
OUCH! Don't say Amerelo never did anything for ya!


Deserted Tomb

If you go to Mystery Island, you can enter the Lost City of Geraptiku. From there, you can enter the Deserted Tomb.

The Deserted Tomb has 5 possible outcomes. 2 of them are NOTHING, 2 of them are GOOD, and 1 of them is BAD.

BAD = Your Neopet will lose HP, often to the point of only having 1 HP left! (Fortunately, you can visit the Healing Springs every half hour)

GOOD = Neopoints, food, avatars, faeries, codestones, and other items.

The Deserted Tomb can be visited once per day.

Risky business!
Risky business!

Sometimes FREE NEOPOINTS, NEOCASH, or FOOD (Risky!!)

Qasalan Expellibox

I get to the Qasalan Expellibox through the Games Room. It's one of the games in the NC Mall.

This game is free to play, and it has great prizes, but it's also fairly risky. If things go your way, you could win Neopoints, food items, or even Neocash. However, you also run the risk of getting an illness (my Neopet usually contracts "Sniffles" and then requires a Magic Cookie). Personally, I find that illnesses are even worse than HP decreases because they require expensive remedies. HP decreases can be easily fixed at the Healing Springs or even by just "waiting it out" (your Neopet's HP will increase over time on their own if you just leave them alone).

Qusalan Expellibox can be played every 8 hours.

The Snowager is awake!
The Snowager is awake!

Sometimes FREE ITEMS (Risky!!)

The Snowager

The Snowager is found in the Ice Caves on Terror Mountain.

The Snowager has prizes consisting of Neggs, medicine, and plushies (I usually get plushies). However, the Snowager is not guaranteed to give you a prize. You could get nothing, or you could lose all of your HP. It's a gamble.

The Snowager is asleep (therefore giving you a chance to steal from him) at certain times throughout the day:

6:00am-7:00am PST

2:00pm-3:00pm PST

10:00pm-11:00pm PST

I just got some Neopoints!
I just got some Neopoints!


Daily Puzzle

The Daily Puzzle, found in Pet Central, is a good way to pick up extra Neopoints.

The Daily Puzzle usually asks a question having to do with Neopets Trivia. If you get the answer right, you're awarded with several hundred Neopoints.

As for how to get the answer right, you could:

*Type the Daily Puzzle question into Google

*Look on the Neopets Forums (usually someone blabs the answer on a thread)


*Actually know the answer

There's no penalty if you get the answer wrong. You can play once per day. The Daily Puzzle changes daily (go figure!).

Amerelo my yellow Blumaroo
Amerelo my yellow Blumaroo

My Strategy

How to Play the Lauren Way

As I stated at the beginning of this article, the two things I like best about Neopets are a.) having a virtual pet and, b.) playing the games.

I'm sort of "old school" when it comes to virtual pets. So long as they're fed/happy, I think that's good enough. Hey!--It was good enough for my Tamagotchi back in the day, so it's good enough for my Neopet today! (I mean the ORIGINAL Tamagotchis...not the new-fangled ones that are around today).

My pet Blumaroo lives off of Omelettes and Jelly. Any other food or items I find, I put into my Neopets Store. I run what is essentially the 99 Cents Store of Neopia. I don't really care about making a profit--I just care about everyone having fun. I know that a lot of people are looking for Quest items or that their pets need medical items or that they want books to read or they need food... Nearly everything I sell is 1np. Which IS actually a profit since I get most of the items for free!

For the most part, I keep any money I make in the National Neopian Bank. The bank also gives daily Interest! (So, if you have a bank account, be sure to collect your Interest each day).

Once Amarelo, my Blumaroo, is fed/happy; I spend the rest of my time on Neopets relaxing and playing my favourite games in the Games Room.

I hope that my tips get you off to a good start and that you have lots of happy hours playing Neopets in your near future!

Legal Stuff

I took my own screencaps for this article, but I do not own "Neopets" or any part of the Neopets company. Credit goes to where credit is due.

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    • jasminesphotogr profile image

      jasminesphotogr 6 years ago

      I haven't had a Neopet for a long time. Brought back a lot of memories, maybe I'll get one soon. :)

    • profile image

      puremystery 7 years ago

      I guess when I'm on vacation, I can check on little gelaski, I still think he's an awesome looking space dog, haha! I'll remember to whip out your squidoo page for future references.

    • profile image

      davrieb 7 years ago

      So.. This is an article about how to save time, while wasting time, to have more time for other time-wasters? Brilliant.


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