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Nerf N-Strike Blasters and Toys

Updated on May 24, 2013

Nerf guns!

Who doesn't like Nerf? What can possibly be more fun than shooting your brother with one of these hot toys? Just about anything. But that's beside the point. Nerf guns are a great deal of fun which you can have indoors or out. Hasbro is currently making these things better and better, and if you don't yet have one, I'd advise you get one to join in on the fun. First, a little about Nerf. Nerf got its start in the 1990s with foam dart guns, and had gradually progressed to today's long-range, high-capacity blasters. So, without further ado, here is the N-Strike line of Nerf toys along with some of my personal favorite guns.

It's Nerf, or Nothing!

The Recon and Retaliator Nerf rifles!

One original, one elite

The Recon CS-6 was my second Nerf gun. It features a yellow and gray paint job, but you can find other colors. It was a great blaster, with me being able to pelt my siblings with foam darts and all. The Recon is a slide-reloaded, air-powered Nerf gun, with a clip that holds six Streamline Nerf darts, hence the name. It featured two tactical rails on the top and bottom, allowing sights and grips to be attached to the gun. It had a range of about 25 feet, which could easily hit your brother across the living room, but for longer distances...

The Retaliator! This remake of the Recon features a blue and white paint job with two tactical rails and an eighteen dart magazine! A removable stock and front grip are included, along with a secret space in the handle for an extra dart. the gun is about the same as the Recon, but features and upgraded air tank, allowing it to shoot up to 75 feet! The magazine and elite darts can be put into your Recon, allowing for it to shoot faster and farther due to the superiority of elite Streamline darts.

Gear up for your next (or first) Nerf war!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator
Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator

A great and accurate Nerf rifle!


The Stryfe and Rayven Blasters!


The Stryfe is a kind of blaster that Nerf has never done before. It is a semi-auto submachine gun-type blaster which can be combined with the Retaliator's barrel and stock to make a semi-auto accurate rifle. It is battery-powered with an accelerator trigger to start up the blasting mechanism. It shoots elite darts and is compatible with Clip System attachments and magazines.

The Elite Rayven is the elite successor to the old Nerf Firefly, a revolver blaster that held eight glow-in-the-dark micro darts, and the Rayven, which was not as powerful. The Rayven holds up to 18 glow-in-the-dark elite Streamline darts in a special firefly magazine, and like the Stryfe, is semi-automatic. The glow-in-the-dark darts make it a lot of fun to play with in the dark and additional magazines can be bought to make your entire Clip System arsenal more fun at night. It is of course Clip System, and works with all elite darts and attachments.

Get your Stryfe or Rayven blasters now!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster
Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster

Get your semi-auto blaster!

Nerf N-Strike Firefly REV-8
Nerf N-Strike Firefly REV-8

An oldie, but goodie. Works best with micro darts.


The Stampede, Vulcan, and Hail-Fire blasters!

Big guns with lots of ammo

The Vulcan was the first fully automatic Nerf gun, and still retains that title. It is belt-fed and can shoot 25 micro darts or dart tag darts one right after the other, with up to three darts per second rate of fire. It features a tripod stand, ammo box, and tactical rails that are compatible with all rail attachments, and a front grip/handle, allowing you to hold the gun like an action/war movie hero. The Vulcan is perfect if you wish to set up a gun emplacement to defend your base (or the living room).

If you want something more, look no further than the Stampede Nerf blaster. This fully automatic Nerf blaster fires Streamline darts for a more accurate shot, and can be paired with elite darts to reach farther with your shots. The magazine can hold up to 18 darts, and along with the blaster you get two extra 18-dart clips and a 6 dart clip, and comes with 60 Nerf Streamline darts! A bipod is included, which is great if you want to defend a place from hostiles. The blaster also includes a blast-shield attachment, which shields you from enemy fire. This battery-powered blaster can get up to four darts per second, making it the fastest firing Nerf Blaster. This blaster is a great addition to your arsenal.

If you want something elite, however, you want the Hail-Fire Nerf blaster. The Hail-fire is the highest capacity blaster, holding up to 48 darts at one time. It can do this because of the rotating rack of eight magazines on the bottom, each holding six elite darts. These can be swapped out for 18 dart clips to make for an even higher capacity. You can rotate the clips on the bottom by pushing the front handle forward, which is rather clever design. The blaster itself is only semi-auto, but you can get a good 3 darts per second rate of fire due to the accelerator trigger below the actual trigger. With this blaster you will be the terror of the battlefield (or downstairs hallway).

The Strongarm and Maverick, Stockade and Barricade, and Firefly blasters!

Go all wild west on 'em!

The Maverick was the first revolver N-Strike blaster, and held six micro darts. It featured a rotating revolver section and a tactical rail which sights could be attached to. It could also shoot dart tag darts, and actually works best with latter. The blaster, however, was not much in the ways of range, so with Nerf's Elite series, a remake of the blaster called the Strongarm was relased. The Strongarm has the basic design of the Maverick, with the rotating revolver section, but instead fires Elite darts giving it more range and accuracy. The Strongarm is the perfect backup weapon when your main rifle runs out of ammo. If you want to have a revolver as your main weapon though...

The Barricade and Stockade blasters! The Nerf Barricade featured a rotating 10 dart revolver section and was semi auto. It fired micro darts or dart tag darts, but an Elite version was made, called the Stockade. The Stockade swapped out the micro darts for Elite darts, and included a detachable stock which held 10 additional darts for a reload. This blaster is good as a secondary, or as a main if you wish.

The Firefly is an older Nerf gun with a rotating eight dart barrel. It has a battery-powered flash with which it illuminates the glow-in-the-dark micro darts. It includes spaces on the rear for extra micro darts which are sold separately.

Revolver blasters! - Pow!

Other Nerf blasters

Rampage, Firestrike, Tri-Shot, Rough Cut, and older blasters

The Rampage is the Elite version of the popular Raider Nerf blaster. It features a blue and white paint job, and has a 25 dart drum magazine, tactical rails, and a place to attach a stock. The loading mechanism is on the bottom front of the gun, and it allows you to slam-fire and send a dart out for each time you pump the front handle. It can also be reloaded and fired like any other slide-action Nerf gun. The range on this gun is about the same as the Retaliator, but less accurate. This is a great blaster all around.

The Firestrike is the successor to the Nitefinder Nerf pistol, and functions the same, but with additional range and speed, and the replacement of micro darts with elite darts. The gun is loaded by putting a dart in the barrel and pulling back the rear handle, cocking the blaster. It also has a lazer sight built into the front for increased accuracy. Along with this there is a tactical rail for attachments. The Firestrike is great as a backup and can shoot any kind of Nerf dart.

The Rough Cut is a shotgun-like blaster that holds eight Elite darts and fires them off in two-dart shots. The cocking mechanism is located on the bottom, like a pump-action shotgun. I'll be back!

The Tri-Shot is a teeny little Nerf gun that holds three Elite darts in three rotating barrels. To fire, you simply pump the pump on the bottom of the gun a few times then pull the trigger. The range is great for such a tiny gun, and it works great as a backup.

Thanks for reading my lens!

Do you like or own any of these guns? - Which ones have you got?

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