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Neverwinter MMO Trickster Rogue Level Up Guide

Updated on January 12, 2014

In Neverwinter MMO, the rogue is likely the most damage intensive character. Used well, the rogue can stealth into combat undetected, swipe the larger and menacing foe multiple times, causing repeated bleeding and other crippling damage and then stealth out without so much as losing one hit point. This will guide the hero on building and leveling up the lower level rogue to produce the ultimate damage intensive hero.

Neverwinter Tricker Rogue Lower Level At Will Powers

As the rogue levels up, he or she will get more and more points to spend on various powers. The most commonly used powers will be the at will powers. The two lower level at will powers are –

  • Cloud of steel - throws daggers at enemies, causing damage.
  • Sly flourish - direct dagger attack on the enemies.

At twenty points, the at will power Duelist Flurry will become available. This at will power is literally to die for. The rogue will stealth in and then execute the Duelist Flurry at will power. One strike and the enemy is left to bleed (stack-able up to 10 times), sustaining more and more damage without the hero doing anything. Once the duelist flurry alt will power is executed, use other powers to eliminate the enemies.

Neverwinter Trickster Rogue Encounter Powers

The first three encounter powers are –

  • Dazing strike - jumps into the air, striking the enemies at their heads and causing dazed effect and damage.
  • Deft strike - disappear and appear behind the enemy, striking the enemy from behind.
  • Lashing blade - concentrate one's strength into one mighty damage attack on the enemy.

Once the rogue goes into sneak mode, go in and hit out with at will powers, then when the enemy is about to strike, go into dazing strike and attack the enemy from behind. Then use deft strike to daze the enemy and finish off with lashing blade.

Later, Bait and Switch and Blitz will be added to the encounter powers.

Neverwinter MMO Trickster Rogue Level Up Guide

When surrounded by powerful minions and an even more powerful boss monster, use whirlwind of blades to defeat the minions and then accumulate power to deal with the boss.
When surrounded by powerful minions and an even more powerful boss monster, use whirlwind of blades to defeat the minions and then accumulate power to deal with the boss.

Neverwinter Trickster Rogue Daily Powers

Daily powers are powered up once enough action points are built up. The following are early daily powers –

  • Bloodbath - jumps around the battlefield so fast one cannot be targeted. The hero damages the enemy.
  • Lurker’s assault - the sneaky rogue's best friend: allows for lurking and attacking from the dark, increasing damage and causing stealth to last longer and the stealth meter to build up faster.
  • Whirlwind of blades - the ultimate area attack (at lower levels) for groups of enemies. Enemies around the hero fall and then the hero gets power points and lashes out at the stronger enemy.

Bloodbath may look quite melodramatic, but the actual damage and area of attack may not be as powerful as the other two. Whirlwind of blades can create a lot of damage around the hero. But the ultimate damage dealer is the lurker’s assault. Go into stealth mode and execute lurker’s assault. Increase the rank of lurker’s assault to the third rank and then watch the boss monster’s hit points drop from maximum to zero in the matter of seconds.

Neverwinter Tricker Rogue Class Features

The trickster rogue has class features which are passive augments to certain features of the rogue class. Some of these class features are listed below:

  • sneak attack - increases run speed by 10% whilst stealthed.
  • first strike - first attack deals 5% more damage.
  • tenacious concealment - reduce stealth loss from incoming damage.
  • tactics - increase action point gain by 5%.

The rogue can only carry two class features at any one time, so be aware of what sort of character one wants to build up. An ultimate damage intensive character should focus on increasing first strike ranks and then tactics rank. Damage, damage and more damage and then even more damage when action points build up to release daily powers.

Neverwinter Trickster Rogue Level Up Feat Points

Finally, the trickster rogue will add and accumulate feat points as he levels up. There are a variety of feat points and types of feats which will skew the rogue towards one particular type or another. The damage intensive rogue should just focus on adding points to feats that increase damage such as -

  • endless assault - deal more and more encounter power damage.
  • scoundrel training - deal more and more at wills damage for enemies not focusing on the hero. Note the shrewd scoundrel rogue can choose his companion like the mage so that when he goes into stealth, the enemies will attack the mage companion and forget about the rogue. Damage against these enemies will be intensified.
  • cunning ambusher - damage increased after leaving stealth.
  • disciple of strength - increase the amount of bonus damage strength gives you.

Look for other feats that give the hero more action points build up such as action advantage.

Once the trickster rogue reaches level 30, he unlocks the heroic paragon path. Here's a look at meshing the lower level powers together in combat, and a preview of the level 30 and above paragon powers.


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