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New, Fun Cuddleuppet Puppet Blankets | Cool Kids Gift for 2014

Updated on June 14, 2014

Kids Love New Cuddleuppets Toys

Kids just love these new Cuddleuppet toys. I bought my kid a couple last year, and for the entire year all she could ask for was more, more, more.

There is something about these trans-formative kids toys that just make the little ones go bonkers. Perhaps it is the fact that they are both a warm and snugly blanket for the little ones as well as being a plush stuffed animal for them to play with.

These toys are growing in popularity and I am sure 2014 will be no different from 2013 and the popularity of these toys will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

Below we have some of the New Cuddleuppet Toys for kids that are released for the 2014 season. There are also some good old classic versions of these popular kids puppet blankets to be found here too.

Hopefully you find your child, or maybe even yourself, the perfect cute and cudly cuddleuppet toy to make 2014 a special year.

Image Source: Red Angry Bird Cuddleuppet Blanket Amazon

What is a Cuddleuppet? - Why do children love the cute cuddley puppet blankets?

New Cuddleuppets Kids Plush Blankets
New Cuddleuppets Kids Plush Blankets

If you have children, you may have seen the Cuddleuppet ads on TV. In fact, you almost certainly have. These ads seem to run on loop in quite a few popular kids TV programs. But if you haven't seen the commercials, or you didn't get enough of an idea of what these lovable kids plush toys are all about, and you wonder, "What is a Cuddleuppet?"

The original Cuddleuppets were adorable puppet blankets. These blankets fold out into a blanket that has dimensions of 28" by 39". More than enough blanket for kids to sleep under, and then the blanket folds up into the body of the cute plush toy. It is a fairly ingenious idea and the kids seem to love it.

They came out, at first, in a limited series of 6 Original Cuddleuppets. In time they added a few more, for last years Christmas Holiday. This year they have a whole new line based on a lot of popular kids characters.

These cuddleuppets are very collectible toys. Your child will likely want a few of the original set of these plush blankets, and they will certainly want some of the new ones based on some of their favorite characters.

These toy/blanket's are great for trips. It gives a child something to play with, and then a blanket to keep them warm when things get a bit colder. Personally, as a parent I like this a lot. There is only one thing I have to keep track of on trips, rather than a blankets and toys I have to keep a handle on.

Haven't heard about these toys, check out some of what is available, I am sure your child will love it!

Minnie Mouse Cuddleuppet Blanket
Minnie Mouse Cuddleuppet Blanket

Best new Cuddleuppet puppet toy

May Favorite New Cuddleuppet

Okay, "best" is a very subjective term when the only difference between these kids toys is the colors, shape variations and what "figure" they are representing. There really is not best cuddleuppet in reality. It is only, "my favorite cuddleuppet".

So this is my favorite. I like it because my little girl is a big fan of Disney and everything else in the mouse house. I got her one of these Minnie Mouse blanket dolls and she loves it. (No, this is not my daughter in the picture. I refuse to put pictures of my kids on the intrawebz)

I think this Minnie is a pretty cool example of the what the Cuddleuppets have to offer. It is cute, fluffy, and I really like the extra large over-sized head. A nifty toy I think that any kid who grows up with Disney will enjoy.

New CuddleUppets Puppet/Toy/Blankets - Some of the new cool toys for your kids

Well, enough talking about the new puppet toys. It is time to showcase some of what is available. My favorite is the Disney, Minnie puppet blanket above, but there are a lot of other really good choices. Check out a few of the more popular ones below.

Cuddleuppets Sulley Plush Puppet
Cuddleuppets Sulley Plush Puppet

Two of the most popular kids animated films of all time are Monsters Inc. and Monsters University. Staring "Sully" here as a slightly curmudgeonly monster.

The most popular of all the new Cuddleuppets line. Sure to be a hot commodity for Christmas 2014.

Cuddleuppets Spiderman Plush Puppet
Cuddleuppets Spiderman Plush Puppet

One of my favorite superheros in a plush toy/blanket! I am in. If Only I was young enough to want or need a "blankie".

An awesome gift for any young fan of Spider-man!

Cuddleuppets from Doc McStuffins Lambie Plush Puppet
Cuddleuppets from Doc McStuffins Lambie Plush Puppet

I remember Doc Mc Stuffins from when I was a little boy. It was a little too "cute" for me as a boy, but now that I am a father of a little girl, I see a lot of the cute factor in a different light, and I like this cuddleuppets option

Cuddleuppets The Hulk Plush Puppet
Cuddleuppets The Hulk Plush Puppet

If I was a young boy; this plush toy would be the one I liked. Nothing better than having a blanket that can "smash" like the incredible Hulk!


Top Favorite "Classic" Cuddleuppets - The every popular older models of this cool blanket/plush doll toy

Cuddleuppets first came on the scene in late 2011. It did not take long for millions of kids to fall deeply in love with these puppet blankets. They are everywhere these days.

The original line of animals has been added to since then with new versions of the cuddleuppets kids toys. Then once these additions soared in popularity, they began to come out with all sorts of popularized movie, book and cartoon versions of these toys. These are the new versions of this toy that this lens focuses on, but the older versions of these plush toys are still extremely popular and quite a fun kids blanket toy, that any child may love. Check out a few of the older options below:

Cuddleuppets Pink Ladybug
Cuddleuppets Pink Ladybug

As with all the Cuddleuppets, the Cuddleuppets Pink Ladybug is partially a blanket and partially a stuffed toy.

There is a large and cute ladybug head, with a large blanket body and hand, feet and paws on all four corners

CuddleUppets Blue Elephant
CuddleUppets Blue Elephant

Like all the other Cuddle-Uppets blanket/plush toys, the CuddleUppets Blue Elephant measures 39 inches long by 28 inches wide. This makes it big enough to fully cover most children and therefore keep them warm as a blanket while entertaining them as a toy.

Gaisny Jack Headphone Adapter Earphone Connector Audio Charger Splitter Aux Dual Adaptor
Gaisny Jack Headphone Adapter Earphone Connector Audio Charger Splitter Aux Dual Adaptor

If you have children, it is almost a guarantee that you have heard about cuddleuppets, probably with your children letting you know WHICH one of the collection is their favorites. It is probably an understatement to say that these toy/blankets are all over the television.

CuddleUppets Yellow Dog
CuddleUppets Yellow Dog

CuddleUppets Yellow Dog is one of the most popular of the cuddleuppets. Every year, it seems there are just a couple of toys that reach the status of being the "must-have" toys for kids. This year it looks like these plush and lovable Cuddleuppets are going to be one of those toys.

Winnie the Pooh Kids Blanket
Winnie the Pooh Kids Blanket

Winnie the Pooh

Visit the Hundred Acre Wood with your child with this nifty toy

Winnie the Pooh is nearly 90 years old. He has aged quite well, and has a brand new incarnation in this newest form for this children's gift.

Pooh, Tigger and the whole gang have their own versions made. If you grew up with Pooh like I did, or if your child has begun to be interested in the old Winnie the Pooh classics and the tales from the hundred acre woods, you may find this right up their alley.

I really like the way that they have released this third wave of blanket/toys based on all sorts of popular old children's story creatures. It ads a new aspects of this nifty gift and is more than just releasing a new color dog, or a tiger or cat issue of this toy. Frankly it was getting a little old with releases of just new animals, and this idea of bring the classics to your children's gift is a good one that should breath some life into this great kids gift idea.

Which is your Favorite New Cuddleuppet?

See results

Do you have one of these? Do any of your children?

How do they like these toys? Have they stayed in good condition since you got them?

Share any thoughts on kids toys in the comments below.

Let me know what YOU think? - Share your thoughts on Cuddleuppets and any other kids toys!

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