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New Skylanders Swap Force Toys for Christmas 2013

Updated on June 14, 2014

There is a new Skylander game in town, and the name is Swap Force.

For this Christmas 2013 the good folks at Nintendo have unleashed a brand new product, as well as a new series of toys that you kids are going to be clamoring over. It is the new Skylanders: Swap Force video game and all the attendant toys that come with it.

A few months ago I knew next to nothing about the Skylanders games and toys. I basically knew that there WAS a game of that name, and that there was some associated toy with them. That was about it.

So when I asked my daughter what she wanted for Christmas this year, I was a bit surprised when the entire answer was, "Skylanders".

Image Source: Skylander's game on Amazon

It seems like there is a new video game being released, as well as a whole series of toys. Enough stuff to fill up beneath the tree in fact.

While there is no way I am getting my girl all of these video game toys she wants, I thought the whole deal was interesting enough to share with you what I found out about these this brand new Skylander video game and all the attendant toys.

Skylanders: Swap Force Video Game and Starter pack - Reasons I like this new SKylanders video game starter kit

Skylanders Swap Force Video Game Screenshot
Skylanders Swap Force Video Game Screenshot

I first got interested in the Skylanders once my daughter told me how excited she was for the release of this new version of the game.

Being curious I played some of the older versions of the game with her. I have to say, even though I am not much a gamer, I did enjoy the play and I see why the kids like these games so much.

These are cartoonish, but fun, "battle games" where you can square off against your opponents utilizing different creatures with different abilities and moves. The changing from character to character seems to be something that keeps the game kind of fresh.

As a parent, one thing I liked was that, although there was violence, it was not hyper-violent or ultra realistic like the "Grand Theft Auto" games. I sincerely hope my daughter never asks for those games, to be honest!

What I Iike about this new Skylanders Swap Force video game

1. There is value in the starter set Let's face it, a lot of these games and toys are designed with one thing in mind, to separate us parents from our money to keep our kids happy. The whole idea of having a game with all sorts of added on characters does that perfectly.

One thing I did like about about this release is that for the price of the game, it came with the first three action figures for free. Now, this could be like giving the kids a "taste" so they want (and demand) more, but since I was already getting a few, I figure it was a good deal to get a few rolled in with the game. In the end it gives the kids more to do than "just" playing a video game.

2. The fact it comes in multiple formats. This video game is made by Activision and is released in many video game formats. I have an Wii and it is available for that format, but also for Playstation, Nintendo and XBox. If it was only in one of these, my daughter would probably want me to buy a new gaming console to play it -which simply would not happen. So lucky for her it is a game that is offered on multiple platforms.

3. The Swap-ability. This is the selling point of this new game and the toys. Previously all the characters had certain powers. In the new game certain powers and be mixed and matched and so can the action figures. Their tops and bottoms can be mixed out to create "new" combinations. The more characters you have, the more options.

4. Game play seems to take a while. This is not a game that will be burned though in a single night, but a game that has a lot going on and should keep the kids occupied for a while.

5. Old characters work in new game. Since My daughter has an old game, and some of the characters it is a good thing that some of these old characters are imported into the new game.

6. Characters are durable. There is nothing I hate worse than waste. I have bought action figures in the past for kids that seemed to be far too fragile. These ones are nice and sturdy and built to last. None of my daughters older toys have broken yet, and we are far from what anyone would call "gentle" with these toys.

Find out more about this value pack collection

This game is available in multiple formats. The Link below is for the Nintendo WII. But the same page also has options for all the major gaming consoles.

You can get this game if you have a:

* Nintendo WII

* Ninetedo WII U

* Nintendo 3 DS

* XBox

* XBox 360

* XBox One

* Playstation 3

* Playstation 4

Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack - Nintendo Wii
Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack - Nintendo Wii

Another game in the ultra-popular Skylander series. This starter game comes with a lot for the price.

Video game is obviously included, along with 3 of the starter Skylanders figures, a special Skylanders poster, a set of 3 sticker sheets, which come with some special secret codes and even three trading cards. It has all the Skylanders stuff you could want for just the price of the video game.

The game itself is a good one and a long one.

One of the things I like about this game is the variable sound. It has a narrator, so a young child can follow along with the gameplay, without you having to be right there and walk them through the steps. But it also has a written part, which I like, because I ask my kids to turn the volume on these games down really low.

It has variable difficulty levels, so it can be played multiple times on increasing difficulties and all sorts of fun treasures, puzzles, quest and a fun storyline, that make it an adventure, rather than just a “battle” game.


Further Skylanders Swap Force Figures - Action figures that increase gameplay

Skylander Fiery Swap Force battle pack
Skylander Fiery Swap Force battle pack

The cool thing about these action figures is that they also add to game play of the video game. I think that is a pretty cool idea. It adds to both the game play, and the video game. It is also a fun way to add to an older game, to make it seem a bit new.

Each character has some distinct game play and some special moves that are all their own.

There are also two basic options to buy all these figures. They are sold individually (along with the code to import the character in game) or they are sold as sets where you can buy the figures based on the "type" of the creatures: IE: Life, Air, Fire, Water, Tech, Undead. Each set comes with two figures and a third "item" that adds to game play with new scenarios, arena battles and powers.

All in all, the singles might be the best option if you really want one specific character, but the collections are by far the best bet since they have a lot more additions to the game for what you get. They are also the most economical options.

On this lens I have just listed the sets that you can find, but you should have no problem finding the individual figures.

Skylanders: Fiery Swap Force Battle Pack's

Skylanders SWAP Force Fiery Forge Battle Pack
Skylanders SWAP Force Fiery Forge Battle Pack

This fiery collection comes with three parts. The Terrafin figure, the Bumble Blast and the Fiery Forge Battle figure. Each one has unique powers and abilities, as well as a unique look. The Fiery Forge figure also opens up a new battle arena as well as some other cool stuff.

Skylanders SWAP Force Tower of Time Adventure Pack
Skylanders SWAP Force Tower of Time Adventure Pack

This set comes with two action figures that can also be used for in game play, as well as a time tower that unleashes special levels and events these are some exciting and interesting additions that add to the game play.

Skylanders SWAP Force Triple Character Pack: Lava Barf Eruptor, Slobber Tooth, Super Gulp Pop Fizz
Skylanders SWAP Force Triple Character Pack: Lava Barf Eruptor, Slobber Tooth, Super Gulp Pop Fizz

Includes Super Gulp Pop Fizz, Lava Barf Eruptor and Slobber Tooth characters from the popular game

Skylanders SWAP Force Triple Character Pack: Mega Ram Spyro, Blizzard Chill, Zoo Lou
Skylanders SWAP Force Triple Character Pack: Mega Ram Spyro, Blizzard Chill, Zoo Lou

Includes Zoo Lou, Mega Ram Spyro and Blizzard Chill characters from the popular game.


Tips, Tricks, Hacks, Secrets and more to Skylanders game - Learn more about this game and its associated action figures

Skylanders SWAP Force Signature Series Strategy Guide
Skylanders SWAP Force Signature Series Strategy Guide

This guide gives all the basics that you could want to know about playing the game of SWAP force Skylanders. Hats, maps, scrolls and even more cool stuff are all included. You can find out where to get them, what they do, and how to get more.

There are also breakdowns of all the characters along with their special skills and abilities, where to find them and everything else you could possibly want to learn about this game.


Individual SWAP force characters

All of these characters are swappable, interchangeable with other characters and come with unique and interesting powers. They also are playable inside the SWAP force game itself.

Have you (or your kids) played any of the games in this series?

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Let me know what YOU think - Share your thoughts in the comments below

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    • zentao profile image

      zentao 4 years ago

      @TolovajWordsmith: It is. Pretty fun game for kids, and at least amusing for us adults

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 4 years ago from Ljubljana

      Looks like a lot of fun!