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New Xbox Console Relase Date

Updated on November 23, 2012

Think it's about time for the Next Generation Gaming Console ?

Well you aren't the only one thinking we are well overdue for the next Xbox Console. Like most people you have probably heard the odd rumors here and there over day the last 5 years that Microsoft are soon to release their next console and its all been rumors until now, what was once thought to be named "The Xbox 720" at one point "Durango" now been confirmed by Microsoft that it will not be the official name of their next generation gaming console but simply "Xbox", following in Apple's footsteps of making it nice and simple.

For Hardcore gamers of the next generation consoles, people who perhaps use both PS3 and Xbox 360 regularly for the latest games as well as traditional PC gamers have probably been thinking over the last year how dated and poor the graphics are starting to seem on the latest Xbox 360 games, sure they still manage to make some pretty impressive stuff but things like viewing distance, texture details etc are compromised and you only have to look at games on the PC even as far back as Crysis 2 now to see how stripped down the Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 games are in comparison to the latest PC games of 2012.

Meet the New "Xbox" Console - Confirmed Design & Named simply Xbox

New Xbox Console Real
New Xbox Console Real

Here we have a photo of the new Xbox Console in all it's glory

New Xbox Concept
New Xbox Concept

When is the new Xbox 360 Going to be released

Why have we Waited so Long ?

Well firstly the reason they have not released a new Xbox for so long is pretty obvious and it's all about earning money. Like with any business it's all about squeezing every little drop of profit from a product before focusing on another one. Simply put the Xbox 360 console is still selling, the games are still big sellers even now with titles such as Black Ops 2 & Halo 4 still selling millions of copies worldwide in just a few days so you can see just why MS still have not release their next console quite so easily.

Another factor is also the Cost of Development, developing these consoles in modern times costs millions and millions to develop, they have to be thoroughly tested for overheating, compatibility and of course they need to test the general concept works and will work in a multi selling online gaming environment.

If you were one of the first people to buy the Xbox 360 when it was first released back on November 22nd 2005 you will remember the cost of the console and all the claims that Microsoft were actually losing money on each console sold compared to how much they cost to make them which is a big step for any company, having to rely on the popularity of the games to earn back their loss on each single console sold.

So when is the next Xbox Console going to be released then ?

Well rumors around the next xbox console have been speculating for over a years with names attached such as the Xbox 720, the Xbox Infinity (due to MS registering to name just a couple but as it's been only in the last couple of month's a certain voice over from a hugely popular franchise let slip that he was working for a game for "The Next Xbox" and not the Xbox 360 for a game that will be released in November 2013, so it could be quite possible that we will be looking at The Release of the New Xbox in November 2013, possibly the 22nd like the Xbox 360 which was released 8 years ago to the day, leaving kids begging their parents for the New Xbox 360 as their christmas present.

Features of the All New Xbox 2013

the all new Xbox
the all new Xbox

Looks great doesn't it ?

The New Xbox Console boasts of slot Blu-ray drive and a very sleek design.

New Xbox Features

New Xbox Specs

Based off rumours, obvious facts and future friendly technology theories there is quite a lot we can pretty much be certain about when it comes to the next Xbox console but would love to hear other people's opinions about these.

More Powerful Console :: Better Graphics

Well this we know for definite, the sole reason for ever releasing a new console is always that software technologies from gaming engines is moving faster than the hardware released meaning game developers wanting to expand on ideas but being limited by such things as RAM, Graphics power and memory and on the Xbox 360 of course the limitation of 8.5 GB DVD discs.

It's been confirmed by Microsoft that the console will contain a Quad core processor as well as, 8 GB of RAM, Superior Graphics & Memory to be able to handle the test of time for future released games of possibly up to 10 years from release.

Media, Memory & Storage

A lot of people believe the new Xbox console named 'Durango' will come with a Blu-Ray Player built in as well as larger capacity hard drives (Probably 512gb or 1TB) to be able to handle larger files such as Full HD video files, obviously larger demos and game addons and of course cloud storage facilities.

It is also believed that it's highly possible that some games are downloadable only just like the current market place as MS are encouraging smaller software houses to develop for the next generation console.

Backwards Compatibility

Although it took Microsoft a while last time i think it is safe to say that the New Xbox will be backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 and even Xbox Marketplace in general, the last thing MS need is people complaining there paid for addons, themes, classic xbox games etc are wasted so it makes sense to connect to the same online marketplace so Xbox 360 & New Xbox owners can continue as they have done in the past.

Augmented Reality & Kinect

It has also been announced that shortly after release Microsoft are working on an integrated Augmented Reality Device type headset as well as the less exciting Kinect 2.0.

New Xbox Details

Will you be buying it ? does it sound good to you ? dissapointed ? let us know what you think

Your thoughts on the New Xbox

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Na sorry thats bs graphics on ps3 arent much better ps3 controllers are also horrible girlie sized controllers both ps3 and xbox graphics are poor compared to my high spec but xbox is just better than ps3 overall fact !!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm a Xbox player but let me put it straight to you guys.

      PS3 is the better console and better performance overall all the console out there as of now. only reason why xbox is so likable by many people like me is because of the community. you play it because you got your hands on it first. xbox was release i think a whole year or something before the ps3 came out? soo yea the community is much more better then playstation. otherwise, xbox sucks balls at graphics and performance compared to the ps3. but i play xbox and it is fun because my friends play it.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @monster cookie: they both have the same gmaeplay. graphics depend on tv, and you can by controler converters for whichever you prefer, they are the same, the only difference i can think of is that ps3 doesnt lazer burn but, thats a minor issue.

    • monster cookie profile image

      monster cookie 

      6 years ago

      ps3 should just GIVE UP! lol, xbox is a far better console. Just my opinion.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      xbox is better than ps3 i have both and the ps sits in the cupboard gatherung dust

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: no its not.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @Performancecars: is xbox 360 graphics better than ps3

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      looks good the 360 is so outdated and slow been waiting to upgrade for years now.


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