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Simplifying the Newborn Hospital Photo Shoot

Updated on December 3, 2012

How to Work with Your Newborn Hospital Photographer

I am a newborn hospital photographer, and I know that sometimes people decline having their baby's photos made because it's inconvenient or because they don't want to feel pressured to buy expensive photos but you can have the photos made without a hassle. Keep reading to find out how.

The day you want pictures made, tell your nurse first thing in the morning (even before breakfast).

Bump to the Top of the Photographer's List

Many people find another interruption in the hospital unnecessary. They already are being checked on by doctors, nurses, and baby is scheduled for a myriad of health screenings. So a baby photographer always seems to pop in at the most inopportune time. It's not really the photographer's fault, though. They have a lot of fussy babies and not feeling so hot moms to work around, so getting on their schedule can be hit or miss sometimes.

An easy way to make sure you get photos when you want them is to tell your nurse early in the morning that you want baby's photo made that day. You may even be able to talk to your nurse to see if any hearing tests or anything else are scheduled for baby that day (so you'll be able to coordinate with a photographer's schedule a little better). The nurse will tell the photographer to bump you up on the list and make you a priority.

Don't Feel Pressured to Buy

Even if you have a pushy photographer that's trying to get you to buy, you don't have to. It's fairly standard for your photos to be made available online and for the photos to stay online for several months. If you need an excuse to give a pushy photographer, tell them you want to buy but don't have the cash (all those diapers you've been stocking up on!!) and that you'll order online when you can make it happen.

Bring Stuff to the Hospital for Pictures

Because of infection control, hospital newborn photographers aren't allowed to bring props from room to room. If they bring anything, it has to be something that can be left in the room afterwards. So if you want a cool backdrop, or photo prop, pack it in the hospital bag. A baby blanket works great for a photo background (just make sure to coordinate with baby's first photo outfit).

Another great photo prop is to use wedding bands on baby's feet (or another family keepsake).

What was your experience with newborn hospital photographers?

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