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Ninjago Costumes - Spin!

Updated on September 8, 2014

Lloyd Green Ninja Headband

LEGO Ninjago Snake Arena and Green Ninja Headband 5000441
LEGO Ninjago Snake Arena and Green Ninja Headband 5000441

Isn't this cool! The official Lego Ninjago green headband. It has the logo and cool snakeskin detail. But who is that green Ninja? (Yeah we know now!) You some extra accessories too so this makes a neat gift.


Costumes for Kai, Lloyd, Jay, Cole, Zane, Nya, Sensei Wu and the other Ninjago characters

Are you looking for a Lego Ninjago costume? Dressing up ideas for Kai, Lloyd, Nya, Zane, Cole, Jay and Sensei Wu.

Ninjago makes a great costume theme for siblings or a group of friends. If you use the hero costumes and the enemy characters you can accommodate a large group of children. You can stage a spectacular Spinjitzu battle.

There are new costumes with shoulder armor and new designs for 2014 for Season 3: Rebooted. The series returned due to popular demand with new episodes and new costumes and LEGO sets.

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Who is the Mysterious Green Ninja?

Ninjago Green Ninja Costume

Unfortunately there are no official Ninjago full costumes, but you can add the official accessories to a colored ninja costume to make a fan happy.

We've know for a while that the Green Ninja is Lloyd Garmadon. In the 2014: Rebooted series Lloyd is back as the green Ninja. He's grown up a bit and isn't quite so much the little kid any more.

See more Green ninja costume ideas.

Light Up Ninja Sword Set

Deluxe Ninja LED Light up Sword with Motion Activated Clanging Sounds (2-Pack)
Deluxe Ninja LED Light up Sword with Motion Activated Clanging Sounds (2-Pack)

Whichever Ninja you choose, these light-up motion-activated Ninja swords will add a lot of fun to a costume. They even make battle clanging sounds!


Dressing Up as Ninjas

I'm Mum to two small Ninjas who love dressing up as their favorite characters. They are now taking martial arts classes so they can learn some real moves to go with their costumes! The older one loves Kai - his favorite color is red. The younger one was a bit disappointed not to find his favorite color in the original line up, but now there's a gold ninja, he's very happy!

I've put together some outfits using official accessories wherever possible so your little ninjas can have fun dressing up too. I'd also highly recommend getting kids some martial arts lessons to harness their enthusiasm - great for discipline, fitness and self defence if the need ever arises.

Red Fire Ninja Costume

Kai Costume

My older son is nearly 8 and has been a big fan of Kai since the theme first came out. He loves the color red and Kai was the main character in the early episodes and remains a key character throughout.

We don't have full official costumes for the Ninjago characters so we're going to have to see what we can come up with to get as close to the characters outfits as possible.

Let's put together a Ninjago Kai costume. Kai is the Ninja of Fire and dresses in a red Ninja outfit. This one would work well. Kai uses a Ninja sword.

You can add a Ninja swords backpack set to Kai to complete the costume and be able do do some cool moves.

Headband for Kai

LEGO Ninjago Headband
LEGO Ninjago Headband

The is the official LEGO Ninjago Headband. My boys have these and the cardboard packaging can be used as a mask. We used an X-acto knife to cut holes for the eyes. You could fix elastic on through the slits in the side or fix it to a stick if you want to wear the mask separately from the headband. My boys thought the mask was as much fun as the actual headband!


Jay The Blue Ninja of Lightning Costume

Blue Ninja Costume

This blue Ninja costume works well for a Jay costume. It comes with a blue jumpsuit with an attached hood and a sash and belt with design details on.

Jay is the Ninja of lightening and wears a blue ninja costume. Jay uses Nunchucks as his preferred weapon. Jay is a fun guy but he's pretty ingenious too, he likes to invent things.

See more blue ninja costumes

The Gold Ninja

In a previous of Ninjago Lloyd became the gold ninja. This made my younger son very happy, he loves the color gold and was very pleased to see his favorite color respresented with a main character.

Note that for 2014: Rebooted, Lloyd wears a green costume.

This is a new costume from 2013 and have cool shoulder armor. It's a full costume with shirt, pants, patterned vest and hood. It comes in a range of child's sizes for big and little golden ninja. The swords are not included, but you really do want to add some kind of toy weapon to complete the costume - kids love to swish around and practice their spinjitsu!

Gold Sword & Sheath - LEGO 850628

LEGO Ninjago Gold Sword & Sheath 850628 - New release
LEGO Ninjago Gold Sword & Sheath 850628 - New release

Yes, you can get a kid-sized gold ninja sword for dressing up as Lloyd, the golden ninja.


Cole The Black Earth Ninja Costume

Black Ninja Kids Costume

This black ninja outfit would work for Cole. You get a black jumpsuit with a detachable sash with design details and a belt . The black hood is also attached to the costume.

Cole is the Ninja of earth and wears a black Ninja costume (the DX version has a gold dragon on it).

Cole uses a Katana sword and a staff as a weapons.

Cole the black ninja of earth is the team leader of the Ninjago ninjas.

Ninjago Rebooted Hoodie

There's an officially licensed red hoodie in the design of Cole's Rebooted costume. Pair it with a pair of black trackpants for a costume that will keep kids warm. And you get an outfit that's not just for Halloween but can add to their regular wardrobe too.

Win the Costume from the Video!

Update: Contest Finished

There's a competition to win the original Ninjago Kai costume from the music video to the Fold's Weekend Whip Ninjago theme tune!

Watch the video and then go to Born to Be a Ninja to enter the competition.

Entries must be in by August 31, 2012. (Competition now finished.)

Ninjago Theme Video - Boy Dressed as Kai

Watch the Ninjago theme song video Weekend Whip to see a boy dressed as Kai the Ninja of fire in a red ninja costume.

Zane Costume

White Ninja of Ice

Zane is the white ninja of ice. He can withstand extreme cold, but he doesn't always get the joke. Actually he turned out to be a Nindroid which explains a lot.

You'll need a white Ninja costume to dress up as Zane.

Nya Costume

Nya has bobbed dark hair - you could add a wig to get closer to Nya's look.

You might also like to see more ninja costumes for girls.

Nya is an awesome character for a girl to dress up as. She's intelligent and brave and finds out ways to get in on the action although she's initially overlooked as she's not one of the team.

Is The Show Coming Back in 2014?

Update: Yay we did get a Ninjago: Rebooted 2014 update.

If you're kids are fans of Lloyd, Kai and the team then you might be wondering if the TV show will be coming back. Well happily the answer is yes. The show will be back in 2014 with new storylines and we expect, new sets. It was so popular that fans were not happy to see them end of the theme and LEGO decided to bring it back. There's still plenty of interest in this theme. My kids still play with their sets and dress up as their heroes all the time and the shows get rewatched regularly. The kids who loved this show when it fist came out aren't letting go easily!

What do Ninjago Costumes Look like?

Let's remind ourselves what the Ninjago costumes look like.

See Some of the New Ninjago 2014 Costumes in Action

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Ninjago Costumes


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      RyanCarlson 3 years ago

      A. Red. Ninja. Custooms. Anadolts

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      need ninjago lloyd green ninja masters of spinjitsu costume please help??

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      because his voice is cute right

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      O ya Iam thinking one for Halloween comeing up maybe JAY if you add nunchucks to him I'll get it cause he's my favorite one

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      Love them!

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      my son is next to me and he is attracted by those costumes :-)

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      Great lens, nicely done! Thumbs up

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      Yes, I really enjoy the idea of having your kid dressed as an oriental assassin :)

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      i love nya and i want to be her for halloween

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      I think i wanna be kai..........

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      I don't know whether I like the full costumes so much, but the accessories and makeup are great.

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      I really like the ninjago things

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      Nice lens! Congrats! I even found something suitable for my nephew.

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      yes,i like zanes costume plus kais ,thanks ,ninjago rocks

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      yes;i like zanes costune plus kai

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      SuzyShopping 5 years ago

      My son loves all things Ninjago - some great ideas for him here!

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      I can finally b Zane for Halloween. Oh and Lloyd Garmadon is the green ninja.

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      legit is another word for awesome

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