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Nintendo 3DS Console

Updated on September 23, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS Console is a fantastic addition to the Nintendo DS console line up with glasses-free 3D gaming!

Introduction to the Nintendo 3DS Console

The Nintendo DS range has not ever really been a technology leader. The Nintendo 3DS console still doesn't provide any special hardware specs, but it does have a unique feature which many gamers already love.

The big feature of the Nintendo 3DS console is of course it's amazing 3D game play. Unlike most 3D technology which requires special goofy looking glasses, the Nintendo 3DS uses optical illusion to create glasses-free 3D game play.

While the 3D game play might not be quite enough to draw existing DSi owners, the Nintendo 3DS definitely makes game play much more emmersive and entertaining.

Nintendo 3DS Console
Nintendo 3DS Console

Key Features

The Nintendo 3DS is surprisingly similar in overall looks and size to the Nintendo DSi, although it does also include a circle pad, '3D depth slider', and WiFi switch. The Nintendo 3DS comes in three fantastic colors, including Aqua Blue, Cosmo Black, and Flame Red.

One fantastic feature that has been added is both an accelerometer and a gyroscope, which allow for movement based gameplay. This will not only be used for games, but will also provide a new lease of life for DS based fitness games.

The final, but most important feature has to be the 3D capability. Glasses-free 3D gaming is absolutely fantastic and provides a unique involving gameplay experience. The 3D features do not end at the visuals either, with a dual camera system letting you take 3D pictures of your friends!

The Downsides

The biggest, and really the only, downside of the Nintendo 3DS is it's battery life. Previous DS models tended to have an average battery life of 15 hours. Unfortunately the Nintendo 3DS does not even come close, with an estimated battery life of between 3 to 5 hours, depending on the settings you use. This makes the Nintendo 3DS console a little less appealing to those who are wanting to keep their kids occupied, or do a lot of travelling.

Is it Worth Upgrading?

If you already own a Nintendo DSi or later console then deciding whether or not to upgrade may be a difficult decision to make. Personally I think that the honest answer is 'how much do you enjoy your games?'. If you enjoy getting heavily involved in games then the Nintendo 3DS console is a great upgrade. If however you are a casual gamer, it is probably not going to be worth dropping another $160 just for the 3D experience.


All in all the Nintendo 3DS console is a pretty impressive device. While it does have a disappointing battery life, this is offset by some of its other great features. The 3D especially makes this console worth a look, and most surprisingly it is one of the first DSi upgrades that I have thought worth an upgrade from the original DSi console.

The fresh looking fast gameplay (powered by a new more powerful processor) are absolutely invogorating, while the sharp display that houses the 3D play is vivid and captivating even without 3D enabled.

If you are looking to buy a Nintendo DS console I would definitely suggest the Nintendo 3DS, unless of course you like to play on the move and do not have regular access to a power point!

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