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Nintendo Gameboy Micro

Updated on January 11, 2011

The Best Hand-held Game System Ever!

Allow me to introduce the best hand-held gaming device ever made, the Nintendo Gameboy Micro! This system came out in 2005, shortly after the release of the first Nintendo DS. Thus, the DS stole its thunder and many people did not find out how great the Micro is. So, I've made this lens in tribute. I hope you enjoy this lens! All still pictures were taken by me with my Nintendo DSi. They are of my own Gameboy Micro which I have played on a regular basis since I got it new in 2005. System Specs and history of the system are courtesy of Wikipedia at Videos are from You Tube.

Cool Japanese Micro Commercial

Here is a cool commercial for the Gameboy Micro from Japan.

Great demo video of gameplay!

Here's what games played on the Gameboy Micro look like.

Here's a great video review!

This review is by OldSkoolGam3r and was posted in 2009 on You Tube. Good to know the younger generation are starting to discover this great system!

Duel Debate!

Which Hand-held systems are better? Nintendo or Sony?

The Micro is Smaller than My Cell Phone!

Talk about ultra portable! The Micro is smaller than most of even today's cell phones! As you can see in the picture, the Micro is smaller than my cell phone. It's also more durable thanks to it's all-metal body and high impact plastic buttons. Even the shoulder buttons are metal! With the face plate, gel skin and lanyard on it, the Micro is almost indestructible! Certainly clutz-proof!

I've had my Micro since they first came out and it hardly has a scratch on it. Certainly not cracks nor dings!

Don't like the looks of your Micro? Change it!

Give Micro a Facelift!
Give Micro a Facelift!

One of the really cool features of the Micro is that you can easily change its faceplate. It came with several in the box (my favorite is the one with flames). There were also additional packs of plates that were released. There is a plate for just about any taste from hot pink to camo to gloss black.

All you have to do is stick your thumbnail (or any non-sharp, thin thing) into the gap between the frame and the face plate on either of the narrow sides of the system and squeeze towards the middle. Then, lift up. The faceplate will pop off. The best part of these plates is not only do they change the looks, but they also protect the true screen of the system with a clear window. No hand-held system before nor since the Micro has had this feature (other than cell phones). I can't imagine why not.

Further Protect Your Micro With a Gel Skin!

Give Micro Some Skin!
Give Micro Some Skin!

The Micro is one tough cookie! But anything hand-held can be hand dropped fairly easily :) Protect your Micro even further by putting one of these gel skins on it. It didn't come with one, but Mad Catz (and probably others) made gel skins for it. The one I got came with two, one clear and one smoke.

They are easy to install. Just line the holes up with the buttons (round hole goes over the D Pad). Then stick the Micro into the gel skin through the Gameboy Advance cartridge slot hole (as shown in the picture) and push it the rest of the way through the slot. Easy!

The gel skins also have the benefit of giving your slick cased Micro more grip for those really intense gaming sessions that get your hands all sweaty!

Virtually Eliminate the Risk of Dropping Micro!

To almost guarantee that you won't drop your Micro, put a wrist strap or lanyard on it! The holes for putting one on are really big (compared to the size of the system and compared to some other systems I've seen). So, it's easy to install your favorite neck lanyard or wrist strap on the Micro!

Straps like this are a good idea for any portable electronic device including cameras, cell phones and other game systems.

Give Your Micro a Charge!

The rechargeable battery in the Micro lasts for a long time! Not only does it have a long battery life, but it also plays a long time between charges. Even with the sound and brightness turned all the way up. The Wikipedia site says up to five hours per charge with the settings on max, but I think I've gone longer between charges than even that.

Eventually, though your Micro will need charged. It came with this home charger shown in the picture. But if you get a Micro that doesn't come with a charger, have no fear: third party vendors are here! It turns out that the Micro uses the same charger that the Gameboy Advance SP uses. So one of those multi-system chargers that are still in production will work. There is also a car adapter charger.

Get Great Stereo Sound out of Micro!

The Micro has a tiny speaker but is plenty loud for most situations. Almost louder than my Nintendo DSi! If you want to keep your game sounds to yourself (except for your cries of victory or groans of defeat :)), plug in any headphones with a micro-jack. The port on the Micro accepts pretty much any headphones you've got.

Or, if you want to make Micro even louder, there are portable speakers out there that have headphone jacks on them.

To Play, You Need Games!

To play the Micro, you need to install a game cartridge. The Gameboy Micro takes any Gameboy Advance game cartridge. They are the shorter ones with the ridge across the top. Most say "Advance" on them somewhere. The library of Gameboy Advance (aka GBA) games is huge! There are hundreds of games for all tastes from action shooters to puzzles to girls games...even educational games!

Loading a game couldn't be easier! Make sure the Micro is turned off (the power switch is on the "bottom" edge of the system near the left hand corner). You just turn the Micro upside down (as shown) and insert the cartridge label side up (or vice versa if you'd rather: Micro screen side up and cartridge label side down). Hold the ridge of the cartridge in your hand and insert the cartridge until it won't go in any further. Now, turn the Micro on and you are good to go!

It's All About the Games!

As with any console, it still comes down to the games! Here are just a few of the great games you can play on Micro! According to (and my gaming experience), there have been tons of high quality games for the system. They include a whole series of Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Mario games. Not to mention lesser known but still great games like Golden Sun, Classic Arcade Anthology, Ninja Five-O and Eye of the Beholder. Ninja Five-O may well be the best side scrolling ninja game of all time! It deserves a remake!

The all time classic though is Tetris Advance! The Micro is a Tetris machine! It is set up perfectly for this game!

To Play Older Gameboy Games, Get a Gameboy Advance or SP!

For whatever reason (probably space savings), Nintendo did not put an adapter for older cartridge styles in the Micro. If you try to play Gameboy or Gameboy Color cartridges in the Micro, you'll find they are too narrow to stay in the slot.

Micro Poll

The entire lineup of Gameboy systems are excellent portable gaming consoles for kids from 5 to 105! Especially the Micro!

I'm guessing if you've read this lens, you agree. But, maybe you don't. Answer this poll to let us know!

Which of these is the best portable gaming console?

See results

Gameboy Micro on Amazon!

Though the Gameboy Micro is no longer in production, you can still find systems and accessories online at sites like Once in a while, you'll get lucky and find used systems and gear at brick and mortar game stores.

What do you think of the Nintendo Gameboy Micro? Share your thoughts here!


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    • dukethepcdr profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: I couldn't agree more! The micro is a hard-core gaming machine. It is perfect for Final Fantasy, Tetris, Sonic Advance (the best Sonic game ever made!), Advance Wars etc. The 2D graphics are sharp, bright and colorful. Great to know I have a fellow Micro fan out there!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @hunksparrow: Thanks for posting! Great to see that I've educated a fellow gamer a bit :) The DS does have some neat features that the GameBoy Micro does not. And I must admit, I do play my 3DS more often. But that is mainly because it has my newest games on it. When I want a durable, ultra-portable, long battery life gaming option (especially for long trips, sitting at the doctors office etc.) I still pick my Micro over my 3DS. I also have quite a few GameBoy Advance games which don't play on the 3DS.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      To be honest of all the portable systems out there I like the GBA the best. See, I don't need 3D games portable, some are just executed better when they're 2D and the GBA is a fine example of that.

      I can't play a DS that requires a pencil and a steady surface, that's too messy for me. Here, the controls are without any fuss, just the few necessary buttons. I want to hold the machine with both hands and get comfortable and it can't get better than this. My hand feel strained after 30 with the SP, but not with the micro.

      And I just love how well built and how sturdy it is while being so small that it is not just portable but possibly the first one that actually fits well into a pocket. Actually it's a lot more elusive than any other system.

      Screen is awesome even better then the DS, sound is great with a jack headphone output and the battery life is okay and charge take only a short time.

      Actually I noticed there are so many great games on the GBA that I want to play like the Final Fantasys, Advance Wars, Sonic Advances, Metroids, Fire Emblems, Super Robot Taisens and many more so I had to get a machine capable of handling these and the micro is now the definite choice.

      I know maybe others prefer distracting fancy graphics, gimmicks, cameras, facebook and all that unnecessary stuff in their handhelds (we have other tools that are far better suited for all this), but I think that is not what mades a portable console. For me it's about portability, battery life and GAMES. And according to that, the gameboy micro is the best portable console ever, outscoreing the PSP and the DS.

      With this, everything is how it's meant to be.

    • hunksparrow profile image


      7 years ago

      I didn't remember this one at all. It's easy to see how the DS could take over.


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