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Nintendo Wii Prices and Game Reviews

Updated on February 17, 2013

Reviews and Deals on the Nintendo Wii, games and related products!

I've compiled this page to review the Nintendo Wii, it's related video games and products / gear I've recently tested.

I've also listed some of the best deals on these products from eBay auctions and

My Review of the Nintendo Wii Video Game Console

My Wife and I had been wanting to get a Nintendo Wii video game console for our kids for a while. The price was high for the first couple years, but this past Christmas most retailers had competitive prices. We purchased ours at Target since the had it for $140 plus we got a $20 gift card with the purchase. We bought the Black Nintendo Wii console that came with Super Mario Brothers Wii. It also came with 1 controller and a nun chuck. We purchased another Power A Brand controller and nun chuck as well for about $25.

I went to Game Stop to get several pre owned Wii games like Ghostbusters, Sonic The Secret Rings, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash Up, Order Up! and Wii Sports.

So over all around for a little over $200 we where able to get our kids set up with enough games and gear to make their experience with the Nintendo Wii pretty exciting and fun.

Setting up the Wii was easy it used simple RCA style audio video cables to connect to almost any television set. Once hooked up the when you first turn it on it walks you through the set up program. The built in WiFi allows it to connect to your homes WiFi router for more online fun.

I bought a 4GB SDHD card to expand the consoles memory since you can download more games from the Wii Shop online store. When you register the console at you also can take a short survey to earn more coins to purchase more game downloads. I purchased the old school Nintendo 64 Super Mario Kart game with some of my coins I earned from Club Nintendo.

It also features a web browser for you can surf the internet via the WiFi connection. You can also plug in almost any USB keyboard if you don’t want to hassle with using the controller to type on the onscreen keyboard.

Overall I give the Nintendo Wii a 9 for being kid friendly and fun, it is pricy with all the accessories you need to buy to expand it to 4 players and such. If your savvy at shopping online and offline like we did you can put together a great bundle of games and accessories for less than $250.

What is your favorite Wii game? Tell us about it here.

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    • SimonJay profile image

      SimonJay 6 years ago

      Good savings dude you done good with getting super mario bros and sonic the other games arent considered high priced games.