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Nintendo DS Games for Adults

Updated on August 20, 2014

Nintendo DS Games For Grown-Ups

The Nintendo DS (Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL) isn't only for kids and teens. Adults love playing too. The first Nintendo generation is all grown up now, but who said we had to stop playing video games? Playing video games is a safe way to relax and relieve stress. Plus, it's just downright fun. You can also have a ball playing with family and friends.

Some of my fondest memories include playing video games with my niece and nephew. To them we're just playing games, but to me it's a chance to spend precious time with them before they're all grown up.

Upon first glance, you might think most DS games are for kids. Well, that might be true. But, plenty of games are also suitable for adults. As an adult gamer, I sat down and created a list of my top-rated games. I'll update this lens from time to time as I find new games to add. Plus, some of my original choices are no longer available for sale. But for now, here's the most recent list of the top 7 Nintendo DS games for adults (IMO).

Please note that Nintendo DS games also work with the Nintendo DSi and the DSi XL.

Concerned about trading-in your Nintendo DS for a newer model? There's nothing to worry about. Nintendo DS games work on all newer models of the system. However, you will need to keep your DS if you want to play old Game Boy Advance games.

Best Nintendo DS Games for Adults #1: Midnight Play Pack

5 Games in 1

Midnight Play Pack is my favorite kind of game. Why? It's because you get 5 games for the price of one. Pool / Billiards, Solitaire, Bowling, Hold Em and Block Breaker are all included on this one game. It's also worth mentioning that the Solitaire portion of the game includes Klondike, Golf, Pyramid, Free Cell, Yukon and Spider Solitaire. You'll certainly develop a favorite game out of the ones in the collection.

Block Breaker is sort of boring. You bounce a ball around trying to break strategically placed blocks. It's fun at first, but gets bland if you play for too long in one sitting. Things pick up with Midnight Bowling and Midnight Pool. All of the action is stylus controlled, and you're able to control the balls and line up shots really well. Solitaire fans will spend hours playing all the different variations available. Hold Em enthusiasts will also enjoy getting beaten by the computer - unless they're really good.

Midnight Play Pack has a lot to offer for a small price. Plus, the graphics and sound are great for a budget title. The game isn't that easy to find anymore. However, you should get a copy if you want a game adults can enjoy.

Nintendo DS Games - All in One - More of My Nintendo DS Favorites

50 Classic Games DS
50 Classic Games DS

One of my favorites. There are 50 games on this one cartridge. Card games, board games, strategy games and more. Great for road trips or unwinding after a stressful day.

100 All-Time Favorites - Nintendo DS
100 All-Time Favorites - Nintendo DS

Another good choice for adults. Includes Battleship, Sudoku, Chess, Checkers, Dominoes, Black Jack and more.

Puzzler World - Nintendo DS
Puzzler World - Nintendo DS

Puzzler World is a good choice for adults. Some of the graphics are cartoon-like, but the games are challenging enough for any adult. My favorite game on this title is called Link-a-Pic.


Best Nintendo DS Games for Adults #2: Clubhouse Games

More Bang for Your Buck

I bypassed Clubhouse Games numerous times because the cover didn't hold my attention. But after reading several favorable reviews, I decided to see what it was all about. There's lots to like about this game. It's a collection of more than 40 board, action and card games.

Some of the selections are: Blackjack, Hold Em, Darts, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Rummy, Dominoes and Backgammon. Some of the card games are repetitive. Sometimes you'll find yourself playing a game that seems exactly the same as another. However, the large selection of games in this collection make-up for the ones that feel like repeats.

Clubhouse Games also allows you to unlock new games as you progress. So just when you think you've seen it all, more games become available. You can also unlock additional backgrounds and in-game icons.

Fans of Club House Games Might Like...

Touchmaster - Nintendo DS
Touchmaster - Nintendo DS

There are 23 games included in this collection. The games are probably different from what you're used to. Some of the games include: Crystal Balls, Hot Hoops, MahKi, Mah Jonng Pairs and Target 21.

Touchmaster 2 - Nintendo DS
Touchmaster 2 - Nintendo DS

This is the second game in the Touchmaster series. This collection includes 20 new games not available on the first release.

Touchmaster 3 - Nintendo DS
Touchmaster 3 - Nintendo DS

The third game in the Touchmaster series. You get 20 new games this time around. I don't play this one nearly as much as I do the other two.


Best Nintendo DS Games for Adults #3: Rhythm Heaven

Do You Have Rhythm?

Rhythm Heaven is one of my favorite games. It creates a new style of play not seen before. The musical mini-games are unique. You never know what you're going to get from one game to the next. The music is fun, the mini-games are challenging and you'll discover your rhythm isn't as great as you think. How hard could it be to tap in tune to a song? Well, it can be pretty darn hard.

If you've got two left feet and can't keep a beat to save your life, this game is going to kick your behind. You'll have fun getting your butt kicked, though. The musical mini-games get more difficult as you progress. Early on, the games are simple enough to grasp after a few tries. It will take time but you'll have fun catching on. If you fail to pass a level after three tries in a row, you might be allowed to skip it. That's not always the case though. If it's not, you'll be stuck until you successfully complete the level.

Rhythm Heaven makes exclusive use of the stylus. The moves are easy, too. You either: tap the screen to the beat, hold your stylus on the screen to prolong a note or flick it to input a command. The repetitive moves won't bother you because the wide variety of mini-games never gets boring. There are too many games to explain them all in detail. Plus, you earn bonus games when you do well on the main mini-games. The graphics and music are also really good.

Nintendo DS Rhythm Heaven Trailer

Best Nintendo DS Games for Adults #4: Elite Beat Agents

Elite Beat Agents gets a lot of play in my home. It ranks up there with Rhythm Heaven. The storyline involves a group of agents that travel the world solving problems with music and rhythm. It's like Men in Black set to music. The premise is silly, but the game is fun and addictive. You'll find yourself playing repeatedly trying to beat a level or improve your score.

There are 19 songs in the game. Among them are popular songs such as YMCA, Material Girl and Skater Boi. When it's time to dance, you tap along to the beat with circles that appear on the screen. The catch is you have to tap inside the circle right on the beat. You'll mess up if you tap too soon or too late. Sometimes you might even have to double or triple tap.

Each song has its own story. The outcome is based on how well you do. At the beginning of each challenge, you get to see the start of the story played out on screen. Then it's time for you to start dancing and solve the problem. If you dance well the story ends well. If you dance badly the story ends badly. There are 4 levels of difficulty. You start on the easy level, and progress each time you finish an entire level. The very last level is the hardest and most challenging. You also earn bonus levels based on your overall score.

Nintendo DS Honorable Mentions - Two Great Japanese Imports

Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan are two excellent rhythm games. They are Japanese imports. When I found out about them, I had to have them both. Sure, they're in Japanese, but easy to understand if you've played Elite Beat Agents. You can find both games on eBay for much cheaper than ordering from Play Asia.

Best Nintendo DS Games for Adults #5: My Japanese Coach

My Japanese Coach has shown me Japanese is not an easy language to learn. I'm still trying to learn numbers 1-10, so it doesn't look like I'll be fluent soon. However, the game is fun and educational at the same time.

This game helps you learn to speak, write, and read Japanese. It's an educational game, but it's far from boring. There are fun mini-games included that help you use what the on-screen tutor has taught you. If you're taking a Japanese language class, this game is a good supplement. It's also cool to learn Japanese just for the fun of it. Since I don't actually know Japanese, I have no way of knowing how accurate the words are. But based on reviews I've read, the game is an accurate teacher.

There's a built-in dictionary to help you find specific words and see them in Japanese. You also learn how to pronounce words. In fact, you can record yourself and compare how you speak to the in-game tutor. If you want to become fluent, you'll still need a class. But this game would go along well with your studies.

Watch Me Play My Japanese Coach

The sound is bad because of my screen capture software. It's clear when you play the actual game.

Other Fun Educational Nintendo DS Games

Best Nintendo DS Games for Adults #6: My Spanish Coach

My Spanish Coach is a fun way to learn Spanish. If you set a time to play regularly, your Spanish will improve. This game helps you speak, write, and read Spanish. The in-game tutor walks you through a variety of lessons. Then you test your knowledge by playing mini-games.

I've taken Spanish classes, so I use this game as a refresher course. It helps me remember things that I'd otherwise forget. Am I fluent enough to hold an entire conversation in Spanish? No, I'm not. But that's just because I don't play the game regularly like I should.

My Spanish Coach is a good game to test your skills if you're taking a class. You can also stay fluent if you already speak the language. I highly recommend this game for anyone interested in the Spanish language.

Watch Me Play My Spanish Coach

The sound is bad because of my screen capture software. The actual game sounds great.

More Nintendo DS Honorable Mentions - Games from Previous Lists

These games are also highly recommended. They appeared on an earlier list I created. Although newer games bumped them from the list, they're still worth playing.

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    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      4 years ago from USA

      My husband likes word games and trivia, so I think some of these would be right for him.

    • SimplySherlock profile image


      4 years ago

      I liked what you were getting at. I feel though as you could have jumped a little deeper into the gaming world as casual gaming is becoming larger within society. Some of these games are nice but there are other games that I believe should be up here just to try to introduce adults to the benefits of gaming. For example capcom games can be involved but still fun. Whereas activision can double for a game that an adult finds fun and their child. Either way, I enjoyed your notes on some of these games. Keep it up

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Let's Get Cooking is a great game for dsi. I've had it for less than two weeks and already cooked with it five times. The recipes are top-knotch. It's a fun way to learn how to cook.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What about Hotel Dusk room 205? The Last Window? Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series, Professor Layton series, 9 rooms 9 persons 9 doors, Time Hollow, etc. Perhaps adult is misleading as I describe mostly Visual Novels, but Mature or at least 16+ should be a better way to describe those. Your lens lacks a bit of variety, though I don't disagree so much as I think some adds would be justifiable. There's so much more than those games out there and great stories to be uncovered and hilarious fun to be had!

    • kpp2385 profile image


      6 years ago

      I was never a great fan of nintendo games until I landed on this lens. I started liking it now. Great Lens

    • WebGenova profile image


      6 years ago

      My favs are Professor Layton serie games!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      When I read "DS games for adults" I was thinking about something different... xDBut oh well, all these games are pretty cool too! Man, you should include WarioWare Touched!... and maybe Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Thanks for sharing! :D

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Good lens.

    • amychantelle profile image


      8 years ago

      this is nice, my mom likes brain age 2.


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