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Olivia The Pig

Updated on October 19, 2015

Olivia The Pig Books

Olivia The Pig is a character from the books written by Ian Falconer. Today, you can find Olivia, not just in books but as a kids party theme, with lots of fun party supplies that picture this cute little Pig on them, and she is also the star character in a Nickelodeon TV series for children. You can find the books, the Olivia the Pig party supplies and the party decorations, along with lots of Olivia gift ideas right here on this page. If you need something to do with Olivia, you are sure to find it here.

Falconer got the idea for the story from his neice, Olivia. When he first saw her as a baby he said he was "entranced" by her...and he decided to give her a gift, so he wrote the Olivia stories. This little piglet is hyperactive and every day she tests her mother's patience by singing at the top of her lungs, dancing up a storm, decorating the house by coloring on walls, just like a real child!

Now what will you find on this lens?

  • Olivia the Pig Book Sets
  • Olivia Party Supplies
  • Olivia The Pig Costume
  • Olivia Toys
  • Stuffed Pig Toys
  • Pictures of Olivia
  • Dolls
  • Gifts

  • In other words, everything you can possibly need or want with Olivia on it.

Olivia The Pig Book Sets

Olivia The Pig Book Sets Make A Wonderful Gift For A Child.

Olivia Book Sets

The first of the Olivia The Pig Books was published on October 1, 2000, and now there are a total of 12 books about this wonderful character. The List of Olivia The Pig books is:

  • Olivia
  • Olivia Saves the Circus
  • Olivia's Opposites
  • Olivia Counts
  • Olivia...and the Missing Toys
  • Teatro Olivia
  • Olivia Forms a Band
  • Olivia Helps With Christmas
  • Olivia: The Essential Latin Edition
  • Olivia Goes to Venice
  • Olivia and the Fairy Princesses
  • Olivia and the Butterfly Adventure

There is also a set of books about Olivia based on her TV show and some of these books are coloring and sticker books.

  • Dinner with Olivia
  • Olivia Trains her Cat
  • Olivia Leaps
  • This is Olivia
  • Olivia the Magnificent
  • Olivia Acts Out
  • Meet Olivia!
  • Brava Olivia!

Your child is going to enjoy reading these books with you or on their own. Olivis is quite character.

Books From The TV Series

Get Books From The Olivia TV Series

Olivia's Books From The TV Series

There is also a set of books about Olivia based on her TV show and some of these books are coloring and sticker books.

  • Dinner with Olivia
  • Olivia Trains her Cat
  • Olivia Leaps
  • This is Olivia
  • Olivia the Magnificent
  • Olivia Acts Out
  • Meet Olivia!
  • Brava Olivia!

Olivia Party Supplies

Pre-packed Party Supply Boxes Containing Plates, Cups, Napkins, Tablecloth, Party Invitations And More!

Olivia Party Supply Packs

It's no surprise that Olivia the Pig is a very popular kids birthday party theme and there are literally hundreds of fun party supplies with an Olivia theme. Here are some of the pre-packed party supply boxes you can get if you are hosting an Olivia birthday party. Each has enought for up to 8 kids.

Olivia Party Supplies: Party Plates, Cups, Napkins

Party Supplies With Olivia As The Theme Also Come In Individual Packages.

Olivia Party Plates, Cups And Napkins

Here are some fun party supplies and the theme is our favorite pig, Olivia. Some of these party supplies are very red, and that is her favorite color!

Olivia Party Decorations

Olivia Party Decorations Match The Party Supplies On This Lens

Olivia Party Decorations To Match The Party Supplies Here - Check Out The Olivia Pull String Pinata

Are you looking for Olivia party decorations? Well, here they are! Look at these great ideas, an Olivia stand up is a wonderful accessory to use as a decoration and a photo spot, the colorful balloons and streamers are inexpensive party decorations, the centerpiece and tablecloth add an extra touch of WOW to your Olivia party.I also found a great party game idea. It's an Olivia the pig pull string pinata and all you have to do is fill it with treats and goodies, then let the kids start pulling the strings. You can blind fold them...that's traditional...or not! It's your party game, play it the way you want. I can tell you kids do enjoy the pinata game very much, and I imagine so would Olivia!

Olivia Birthday Cupcakes

Learn How To Decorate Olivia Birthday Cupcakes For Your Party Guests

Olivia Birthday Cupcakes Are Easy To Make - So Are Olivia Birthday Cakes!

Olivia birthday cupcakes and birthday cakes are very easy to make yourself. Bake your cupcakes just like you usually do, or if you want to make a birthday cake, just bake a cake. Mix up a batch of pink, red and white frosting using your regular icing recipe and some food coloring. Then...well, take a look at the fun and easy to use decorations you can find to match your Olivia party supplies!

Olivia Cupcake And Cake Decorating Ideas From eBay

eBay always has a huge selection of cake and cupcake decorations to choose from. Decorate picks, edible cupcake images, edible cake images, take a look at all the easy and fun ideas you can get for an Olivia birthday cake or cupcakes.

Olivia Party Supplies And Decorations At eBay

It's fun to shop at eBay because you can find so many Olivia party supplies and decorations, then you can buy it now or try to use the auction to get some great party accessories at bargain prices.

Olivia The Pig Gift Ideas

Every Little Girl I Know Would Love A Olivia Gift For A Birthday, For Christmas, Or For Just Because!

Unique Olivia Gifts For Kids

Look at the wonderful Olivia merchandise you can find. Do you see something that would make an amazing and unique gift for your child?

Olivia The Pig Auctions

You can find all sorts of Olivia toys and gift ideas on eBay. Take a look at these cute gift ideas.

Olivia At Halloween

Dress Up Like Olivia This Halloween With These Costume Ideas

Olivia Costumes Are Fun

Does your daughter want to dress up like Olivia? Here are a couple of cute costume ideas for you to pick from...what's the difference? One of these costumes has bigger ears than the other!

Won't You Join Us For Tea?

Join Olivia For Tea And Cookies With These Lovely Tea Sets And This Cookie Kit

Olivia Tea Sets And Cookie Making Kit

Little girls, and boys, can have so much fun with these Olivia tea sets, the Olivia book about tea parties and the Olivia cookie making kit!

So Many Olivia Themed Gift Ideas

There's Always Lots Of Wonderful Gifts That Feature Olivia

Olivia The Pig Dolls

Every little girl I know loves her dolls and these Olivia dolls will be favorites in those collections. Look a the large assortment of cute dolls, all with that popular Oliva theme. Hey, look, an Olivia backpack snuck in there!

Olivia Christmas Ornaments

Fans Of Olivia Will Enjoy These Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas With Olivia The Pig - Look At That Kurt Alder Olivia The Pig Christmas Ornament!

Every fan of Olivis will be thrilled with these holiday decorations and the Christmas story book. What a great gift idea these ornaments and stockings are.

Why not stop in to at least say hello now that you are here! I am like Olivia, I enjoy company and would like to meet you!

I'd Love To Hear What You Have To Say About Olivia!

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