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Every OMG Moment in WWE 2K14

Updated on December 10, 2013

What are WWE 2K14 OMG Moments?

WWE 2K14 is hands down the best wrestling video game ever made.

One of the features that makes it so incredible is the heart-stopping array of OMG Moments which allow players to recreate AWESOME moves and dish out INTENSE punishment to their opponents.

Want to pile drive your opponent through the announce table?

How about spearing your enemy through the barricade?

Step into the ring with WWE 2K14 OMG Moments, and make WWE history!

(NOTE: unless otherwise noted, you'll need one stored finisher in order to perform these moves.)

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WWE 2K14 is an incredible experience for the whole family. Whether you want to relieve your childhood wrestling moments in 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode, recreate the magic of WWE on your own television, or just want to enjoy some good old bone-crushing action, WWE 2K14 is worth every penny.

Spear Through the Barricade

Make the barricade (and your opponent) crumble beneath your strength!

Spearing your opponent through the barricade is one of the simplest OMG Moments available in WWE 2K14.

Simply irish whip your opponent into one of the four corner barricades. It is important to ensure that he's actually in the corner and not on one of the other barricades to either side.

Then, approach your opponent, and press the button when prompted with the "OMG" icon.

Your superstar will take a few steps back and then perform a running spear right to the gut of your opponent, driving him through (and completely destroying) the barricade for maximum impact.

DDT on the Ring Apron

Drive your opponent skull-first into the apron with a satisfying THUD!

The DDT on the ring apron is one of the easiest OMG Moments to perform. Simply irish whip your opponent over the top rope so he's standing on the ring apron. Then, approach him from inside the ring and perform your finisher when the "OMG" icon appears.

Your superstar will exit the ring and drive your opponent's skull headfirst into the apron to a satisfying thud.

Skull into the Ring Post

Crack your opponent's skull against the ring post!

Cracking your opponent's skull against the ring post can result in skull shattering impact.

The first step is to irish whip your opponent into the ring post. Then, simply approach him and press the button when prompted with the "OMG" icon.

Your superstar will proceed to position your opponent, take a few steps back, and then drive your opponent's skull into the cold steel for skull shattering impact.

Finisher Through the Announce Table

Drive your opponent through the announce table for skull-crushing impact!

To perform one of the most exhilarating OMG Moments in the game, you must first approach the announce table and prepare it for your move by pressing the button it prompts you to press. Then, when your opponent is in a groggy state, simply position him against the table. Alternatively, you can irish whip him toward the center of the table for the same effect.

Once your opponent is against the table, position him on top of it by pressing the action button (the button you normally use to grapple your opponent). Then, you should be prompted with the button to press to complete your OMG moment. Press it, and BOOM: your opponent will be driven through the announce table.

What makes this move so much fun is that different wrestlers have different moves. Randy Orton, for instance, may perform an RKO whereas John Cena may perform an Attitude Adjustment.

But be careful: your opponent can reverse this move and send YOU through the table instead!

Superplex to the Floor

Throw your opponent to the floor from the top turnbuckle!

For this move, you'll need THREE stored finishers. That may seem like a lot, but trust me: it's worth it.

You'll want to irish whip your opponent into one of the turnbuckles, and approach him slowly to ensure you don't accidentally perform another move.

Then, press the appropriate button when the "OMG" icon appears, and your superstar will begin to hoist his opponent to the top rope.

As the opponent is woozily trying to figure out where he is, your superstar will then proceed to move to the ring apron and set himself up for a HUGE superplex to the outside.

Finally, watch as your handiwork is replayed to the satisfying (and generally hysterical) musings of the announce team and the writhing of your opponent on the floor outside the ring.

HINT: For bonus points, try setting up a table where you expect your opponent to land!

Perform a Double Finisher

Kill two birds with one stone!

To perform this hellacious double move, you need to save up THREE finishers and be using a superstar whose move set includes the Chokeslam (for example, Kane), the Attitude Adjustment (John Cena), or the Shellshock (Ryback).

Irish whip one of your opponents into any turnbuckle. Then, irish whip a second opponent into the SAME turnbuckle.

When they are both situated at the same turnbuckle, approach them, and the "OMG" icon should appear. Then, press the appropriate button, put down your controller, and pat yourself on the back. Things are about to get awesome.

Your superstar will proceed to lift BOTH OPPONENTS onto his back (in the case of the Attitude Adjustment or Shellshock) and march toward the center of the ring. Then, he'll perform the move to the jubilation of both you and the crowd.

Ring Collapsing Superplex

Destroy the ring with this devastating superplex!

For this remarkable move, you'll need THREE stored finishers and two very large superstars (for instance, Big Show and Mark Henry).

Simply irish whip your opponent into the turnbuckle, approach him, and press the appropriate button when the "OMG" icon appears.

In a matter of seconds, your superstar will hoist your opponent to the top rope and perform a MASSIVE superplex, causing the ring to implode, and winning you the match automatically!

I sure hope that referee is okay...

Spear Through the Elimination Chamber

Drive your opponent through the chamber with this glass (and bone) shattering move!

This is seemingly the most devastating of ALL the OMG Moments in WWE 2K14.

When you have an opponent outside the ring and near one of the pods, you can irish whip him into the pod and then position yourself so that the "OMG" icon appears. When the icon appears, press the appropriate button, and then sit back and watch the destruction.

Your superstar will back up and prepare for what he's about to do. Then, with a running start, he'll BLAST your opponent THROUGH the pod and into a sea of broken glass!

Will this be enough to put your opponent away for good?

Break Through the Hell in a Cell

Throw your opponent through the cell wall with this powerful move!

When you perform this spectacular maneuver, you'll not only inflict an immense amount of damage to your opponent, but you'll also break open the cell, allowing you to leave it and climb to the top!

When you have a stored finisher, simply get your opponent out of the ring and irish whip him into the cell wall in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Once he's there, approach him, and the "OMG" icon should appear. When you press the appropriate button, your superstar will perform a move causing the cell wall to break open.

BONUS: Climb to the top of the cell and see if you can throw your opponent off of it (or even through it).

BONUS: The Deadman's Dive

Use this move exclusive to the Undertaker to deal untold amounts of damage!

To perform Undertaker's exclusive OMG Moment, you must first position your opponent on the inside of the ring ropes near the entrance ramp.

Then, you should see the "OMG" icon prompt and press the appropriate button.

This particular move is so special that I'm not even going to tell you what happens when you do it.

What I will say, however, is this: if you do none of the others, you'll definitely want to try this one out at the very least.

Which is YOUR favorite OMG Moment?

Which is YOUR favorite WWE 2K14 OMG Moment?

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