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One Clue Cheats

Updated on April 23, 2015

New Mobile App With A Twist

If you are into word sleuthing, trivia or using the analytical side of your brain to problem solve, One Clue could be just the free app you need to pass the time.

The thing I enjoy most about this app is the simplicity of the overall concept. You get one clue to what the secret answer could be and the first letter of the answer.

After that, it's all up to you. There are no pictures or emojicons to help you sort it out. It's just you versus the puzzle. The downside to that is that you can either go to a help site like, One Clue Answers, use up all of your boosts or visit forums to get help. Should you choose any of those options, the puzzle wins!

Generally, the main problem I have with games is that I find myself really enjoying it, but for whatever reason, do not progress through the levels in a decent timeframe. Most of us like to feel that we are progressing and in the case of gaming, its all about advancing levels. If I don't advance in a reasonable amount of time or find myself completely stuck, I'll either visit a site walkthrough/cheat site or end up moving on to another game.

(All Images Provided Courtesy Of One Clue Answers)

One Clue Answers
One Clue Answers

How One Clue Works

A Quick Explanation Of The Mobile App

After downloading the mobile app, you begin gameplay on the first level. As I said before, there are several puzzles that you must successfully answer, in order to advance to Level 2.

The clue to your first puzzle is usually something quick and simple. The first few puzzles are designed to be easy, so that you can get a solid feel for the game and how to answer the puzzle questions.

Each puzzle starts off by giving you a letter in your answer. In a nutshell, the written words should trigger the answer or get you closer to solving the puzzle. The viewable letter merely serves as a visual cue to let you know, whether you think you have the right or wrong answer.

Boosts Are Your Friend

Think Of It As A Lifeline

There are two different boosts that exist in One Clue. Reveal A Letter is the boost that exposes one of the letters in the secret word.

You only get a few of these, so using them wisely is paramount. If you tap the icon that features the giant "A" with a paintbrush, this boost will be activated.

Trash Letters is the "mother-of-all" boosts that, in theory, should be the clincher to help you get to the next puzzle. When you tap the giant "A" with a trash can, all of the letters in your rack, that will not be needed to spell out the correct answer, automatically get discarded.

This narrows the field down to just a few possibilities of what the word could be. It should be much easier to get the right answer and advance to the next puzzle.

Hot Mobile Apps On Amazon - FREE Apps For Android And Kindle Devices

This is a nice selection of mobile apps that are popular in the Android Marketplace and available on Amazon. I don't mind buying the occasional premium app, but if possible, I try to stick to the free versions to see if I like the game first. If I'm really enjoying the game, I always purchase the ad-free version.

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga

Point blank, this game is highly addictive. I'm stuck on Level 350, but keep plugging away to try and get caught up with the devlopers. If you like Connect Four or Bejeweled, this game is the bomb.

What's The Word?
What's The Word?

This is a great graphics-based trivia app. They give you 4 pics and you have to guess the word. Great for airports.

Hi! Guess The Brand
Hi! Guess The Brand

I'm a sucker for logos and advertising. If you like this game, you should check out Logos Quiz, also.


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