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One Direction Dolls

Updated on February 22, 2013

One Direction Collector Dolls - Perfect for 1D Fans

The band One Direction is very hot right now with girls and teenagers. There is all kinds of different merchandise available for 1D, but the newest items are the One Direction collector dolls.

The dolls are available for all 5 members of the band. Check out the dolls below to see which one is your favorite and where you can buy them.

One Direction Harry Doll

one direction harry doll
one direction harry doll

The 1D Harry collector doll is approximately 12 inches tall and comes with the outfit shown on the doll above.

Fun Facts About Harry Styles

*Harry states that Elvis Presley and The Beatles are some of the biggest influences on his music.

*His birthday is February 1, 1994.

*He has an older sister named Gemma.

*He is from the village of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire in England.

*He is the youngest member of One Direction.

One Direction Niall Doll

one direction niall doll
one direction niall doll

The One Direction Niall collector doll is approximately 12 inches tall and comes with the fashionable outfit scene on the doll above.

Fun Facts About Niall Horan

*Niall's birthday is September 13, 1993.

*He has an older brother named Greg.

*He has been playing the guitar since he was a child.

*He is a big fan of swing music including Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble.

*He says that rock music is also important to him such as The Eagles and Bon Jovi.

One Direction Liam Doll

one direction liam doll
one direction liam doll

The One Direction Liam doll comes in a cool outfit of khaki pants and a demin shirt and is approximately 12 inches tall.

Fun Facts About Liam Payne

* Liam's birthday is August 29, 1993.

* He has 2 older sisters named Ruth and Nicola.

* Liam was very involved in sports as a child and even took boxing lessons up until he was a teenager.

* He says that one of his biggest musical influences is Justin Timberlake.

One Direction Louis Doll

one direction louis doll
one direction louis doll

The One Direction Louis doll is approximately 12 inches tall and comes in this stylish outfit shown above.

Fun Facts About Louis Tomlinson

*Louis's birthday is December 24, 1991.

* He has 5 half sisters who are younger. Two of those sisters appeared on the show Fat Friends were Louis was able to appear as an extra.

* He has appeared in a few dramas and also starred as Danny Zuko in a high school production of Grease.

* He says that Robbie Williams is one of his biggest musical influences.

One Direction Zayn Doll

one direction zayn doll
one direction zayn doll

The One Direction Zayn doll comes with the outfit pictured above and measures approximately 12 inches tall.

Fun Facts About Zayn Malik

* Zayn's birthday is January 12, 1993.

* He has three sisters, one older and two younger.

* He says that urban music like R&P and rap most influenced his music.

* He states that he would love to collaborate with the artist Bruno Mars.

Favorite One Direction Member?

Who is Your Favorite Member of One Direction?

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One Direction Music Video - What Makes You Beautiful

Other One Direction Merchandise

Here is some other One Direction merchandise you may be interested in as well.


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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I just know my girls told me I'm out of touch because I've never heard of this band. Thanks for some info.