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Only $10 the Fisher Price Popper for a Toddler

Updated on December 20, 2013

I'm glad to see that the Fisher Price Popper is still available for today's tots.

Our family had our own Popper that was passed on from child to child.

Imagine what it feels like for a child

to proceed from crawling, with their nose six inches off the floor, to taking her first steps upright, to walking around pushing a tool. The Popper is like a walking tool that builds self satisfaction and maybe even just a little more balance in a recently tipsy tot.

My first child got his toy and it

never failed to place a big wide smile on his face everyday thereafter, until a couple years later, when he presented it to his little brother. Nick showed Matt how to use the toy and pretend it was a power lawnmower some of the time, and a vacuum cleaner when he was in a Mom mood.

Pushing, pulling, or turning it over

on its round top, the toy brings out the best giggles in a walking baby. Even before they can walk they get a real kick out of seeing the colorful balls shooting up and bouncing of the clear plastic dome.

As any parent knows, unless they are chatting on the phone, a toy that provides captivating fun and attention, not to mention physical activity, for a toddler is priceless!

For only $10 (12.20.13) it a real bargain

that keeps on giving for years galore. I heartily recommend the toy that brought so much joy and activity into my kids' young lives, and satisfied parents so simply. As a young mom I willingly listened to all sorts of child sounds because they indicated to me that my kids were happy.

Always know where your toddler is

at the moment, because you can hear the gentle pops of the toy. Even outside the sounds are enough to keep the tot interested, but merely sound reassuring to the parents.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Chatter Telephone
Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Chatter Telephone

Our Toddlerz Chatter phone came from a grandma and she sure knew what she was doing in picking this toy.

It was fun to use as a typical play phone but also fun just because of its colorful wheels so it could be pulled along too, always with that happy face cheering the child along.

Fisher-Price See 'n Say The Farmer Says
Fisher-Price See 'n Say The Farmer Says

A city dwelling aunt bought the See 'n Say for our son. That was one of the advantages of having TV in an urban area - she saw all the new toys advertised long before we ever heard of them out in our rural area where we had no television.

It was such fun picking animals and then hearing the sounds to check them out.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack
Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

Rock-a-Stack is pure fun for an infant and toddler. Some of our babes teethed on them before they learned to take them apart and stack them.

I remember my dad when he gave the toy to my first baby, and how even he delighted in rocking it to light up my son's smile.


Do, or did Fisher-Price toys have a fun place in your household?

See results

During the first years of our parenthood our babies had mostly stuffed animals and Fisher-Price toys. Do you have any precious toy memories to share?

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    • sousababy profile image


      4 years ago

      I thoroughly enjoy pushing that Fisher Price popper around - it's sorta like popping bubble wrap (kinda addictive). While we have Melissa & Doug wood toys, I do appreciate the Fisher Price product line of toys as well.


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