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Open World Games and Gaming

Updated on July 2, 2019

The Appeal of Open World Games

Open world games involve adventure, a story with no ending, exploration, and unlimited opportunities.

The realism of 3D world is what captivates players in open world games as well as elements of unpredictability, reactions occurring in unveiling situations that are created, recreated, and simulated. Another aspect of such games is the immense size of worlds. Players want to play the biggest open world games such as Sacred. Military games contain simulations of appropriate scenarios. Motoring car enthusiasts can participate in driving game simulations such as offered in Forza. In Grand Theft Auto players enter bars, pubs, and shops. They can also drive or fly during missions.

In Saboteur, there is a black and white world in German-occupied Paris. When German army is weakened during the game colors are gradually added.

How open world games evolved

The first open world games were games such as Elite and Alternate Reality or Pac-Man games that had no end. The success of games such as Far Cry 3 or Assassins Creed made them popular. Open world games allow players the freedom to move characters in various directions along with making them swim, jump, receive funds as well as rent properties. Protagonists can also roam in the expanding world.

One of the first open world games was Ultima. It featured a gradually expanding single world, where the past, present, and future merged. It was also the longest running MMORPG game.

Another best selling open world game, Grand Theft Auto offered players exploration through missions. Characters engaged in criminal activities. As they were unable to escape their past, they became again part of the gang world.

Far Cry Games Cotroversy

Far Cry games are one of the most popular open world games that offer the exploration of exotic worlds in all Far Cry games. In Far Cry 3 there is also character exploration pertaining to personality changes and degradation. The circumstances unveil merging personalities where one becomes another. At times, players are left guessing what actually happened.

In the upcoming Far Cry 5 the portrayal of the Christian cult in a negative way has been questioned by Christians themselves who lodged a formal complaint about it. The degree of reality in these games became pervasive, crossing into the life of various groups who felt they are going to be affected.

Far Cry 5 may have to change some of its content, as Christians from Montana demand that its protagonists are either from a different country or from a different religious group.

Best Open World Games

Open world games gain more fans and more games are developed. This year the best open world games were the Legend of Zelda: the Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Down, Destiny 2, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Gravity Rush 2.

Games that stood the test of time, such as Minecraft are also available on PlayStation Vita. Popular open world games for PC include Elder Scrolls, Just Cause 2, Batman Arkham City, and Minecraft.


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