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Orcs Must Die - Review, Game Guide, Help, Tips & Walkthrough

Updated on September 19, 2014

Orcs Must Die! - Game Guide

Orcs Must Die! is a strategy game developed by Robot Entertainment. The game requires the player (or War Mage) to defend different levels from the invading Orcs, Ogres and other evil enemies through the use of various traps, weapons, spells and destructible environments.

The game is a mixture of a first-person shooter and a tower defence game making for an enjoyable mix of strategy and action.

It's a game that I really enjoyed as it combined two genres that I have always enjoyed. This simple game guide will serve you well as an introductory guide to the mechanics and options that the game offers. This page will provide a gameplay guide to help you kills the orcs in the fastest, easiest and most gruesome ways possible.

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What is Orcs Must Die?


Orcs Must Die! is a mixture of a tower defense game and a first person shooter. The character in the game is given the task of defending various Rifts from the hoards of enemies thrown at them (mostly made up of Orcs).

Orcs Must Die presents a unique gameplay style and is an interesting gaming experience with over 24 levels, 6 weapons and 19 traps to kill off the 11 different enemies either with swift kills or slow and painful deaths.

The game also offers great replay-ability through its consistent upgrades and unlocking system as well as the inclusion of the insanely difficult nightmare mode.

Orcs Must Die!

Orcs Must Die!
Orcs Must Die!

General Tips & Tricks for Orcs Must Die!

  • The best way to deal with Ogres & Knoll Hunters is to use the secondary on your crossbow or the Ice Amulet.
  • Experiment! Some traps are completely useless by themselves but when combined together can make some deadly combinations.
  • Don't forget to use the environment, Orcs Must Die allows you to drop chandeliers on enemies along with Acid and Boiling Oil.
  • Losing happens, accept it and try the level again.
  • Don't forget to upgrade! Upgrading traps can really help you in those tough levels.
  • Always look at the layout of the level and the enemies that you will facing before selecting your traps/spells via the spellbook.
  • Focus on building kill streaks (especially in the early waves of each level), this will increase the amount of coins you have to spend.
  • Don't forget about Weavers, using these effectively is a must on the later levels and in Nightmare difficulty.
  • If you are struggling with a level there are always plenty of YouTube walkthroughs to help.

Orcs Must Die! - Level List

  1. The Hallway
  2. The Fork
  3. The Corner
  4. The Baths
  5. Runner's Alley
  6. Overpass
  7. Twin Halls
  8. Lunch Break
  9. The Stream
  10. Sludge Hole
  11. Chaos Chamber
  12. Chokepoint
  13. The Arena
  14. The Balcony
  15. The Tower
  16. The Library
  17. The Bridge
  18. Killing Fields
  19. Rebirth
  20. Gateway
  21. Hard Climb
  22. The Squeeze
  23. Stairs of Doom
  24. Finale

Weapons of Orcs Must Die!

  • Crossbow: Your standard and 'go to' weapon choice in Orcs Must Die! This weapon can quickly dispose of enemies through headshots or be used to spam countless arrows at your enemies. The secondary fire allows you to stun multiple enemies at once.
  • Bladestaff: The melee weapon available in Orcs Must Die! This weapon is great for those who like getting up close and personal with the Orcs. The secondary allows you to knock enemies around you in the air.
  • Wind Belt: The first spell type weapon that you unlock, it does minimal damage but allows you to knock enemies back either to buy yourself more time or to knock them into the lava. The secondary allows you to pick a single enemy and move them.
  • Flame Bracers: A very strong area of effect spell that allows you to scorch the enemies from Orcs Must Die. The secondary fire allows you to place a line of fire, killing orcs that pass over it.
  • Ice Amulet: The Ice Amulet fires 5 small ice balls which allow you freeze enemies in place and is very effective against Ogres and Gnoll Hunters. The secondary allows you to freeze all enemies around you.
  • Ring of Lighting: This ring allows you to kill waves of Orcs quickly with its chain lightning ability. The secondary effect allows you to summon a thunderstorm.

Floor Traps of Orcs Must Die!

  • Spike Trap: Your standard floor trap in Orcs Must Die! This trap will stab your enemies from underneath them and can be upgraded to also snare them temporarily.
  • Tar Trap: The Tar Trap allows you to slow down enemies and is great to give you extra killing time.
  • Boom Barrel: An explosive device that can quickly take out mobs of enemies in Orcs Must Die!
  • Barricade: Using Barricades is often an important tactic to master in Orcs Must Die! They can shut off enemy routes or force them to funnel into a narrow passageway full of deadly traps.
  • Spring Trap: This trap will fling enemies (hopefully into lava), it can be combined with other traps to make some deadly combinations.
  • Steam Trap: Enemies that walk over the steam trap will fly into the air and be stunned for a short time upon falling. It is completely useless by itself, but makes for some exciting combos.
  • Decoy: Creates a copy of yourself that blows up upon being attacked, these are great to place near your Rift to prevent enemies getting through.
  • Brimstone: This trap will light your enemies on fire and slowly kill them, it's a great trap to place just in front of the doorway.
  • Spore Mushrooms: This trap allows you to convert the enemies of Orcs Must Die! Placing these traps at key moments can turn the tide of a level.
  • Coinforge: This trap will reward bonus coins upon when you kill an enemy on top of it, this is best used in the early levels to maximise coin earned.

Wall Traps of Orcs Must Die!

  • Arrow Wall: The best wall trap available in Orcs Must Die due to its flexibility and multiple uses, this trap is a great addition to your spellbook in every level.
  • Wall Blades: A very deadly trap that works great in narrow spaces. Upgrading this trap increases its overall damage.
  • Push Trap: A great trap on some levels, this trap allows you to push enemies intro other traps or push them into lava. Upgrading this trap gives it a stun effect making it very effective.
  • Grinder: Similar to the Wall Blades this trap shines in narrow passages (which you can create by using Barricades).

Ceiling Traps of Orcs Must Die!

  • Pounder: This trap will crush your enemies from above and is great on levels with low rooftops.
  • Swinging Mace: Who doesn't want to have a giant swinging mace in their arsenal? This trap is great at clearing waves of Orcs quickly.
  • Autoballista: An expensive ceiling trap that is especially great at dealing with flying enemies.

Guardians of Orcs Must Die!

  • Archer: Another one of the extremely versatile traps on offer in Orcs Must Die! These archers are great at dwindling down the enemy numbers from afar and are great against flying enemies.
  • Paladin: The Paladin is armed with a defensive shield to protect him from ranged attackers, he can also be upgraded (through weavers) to have a stun on his attack making him a great Rift defender.

Artifacts of Power (DLC Content)

  • Shock Zapper: The Shock Zapper holds lightning charges to unleash on unsuspecting enemies that walk (or fly) beneath it.
  • Floor Scorchers: The Floor Scorchers are two traps in one, it will fling enemies that walk over it while also unleashing a devastating breath of fire.
  • Alchemist's Satchel: This weapon is great for some quick area of effect damage, setting up a few acid bombs in between in wave is also a great form of extra defence.
  • Vampiric Gauntlets: These gauntlets will steal life from your enemy while also immobilizing them. The secondary gives you mana at the cost of health.

Lost Adventures (Second DLC)

  • Mana Well: The Mana Well is the only trap that is unlocked by the second DLC release (Lost Adventures), this trap can be placed on a wall and will regenerate a large amount of your mana if you walk near it. It slowly regenerates over time.

Orcs Must Die - Release Trailer


  • Steel Weaver: The Steel Weaver provides you with upgrades for your traps and guardians and thus should be used on levels that you are reliant on traps. The most notable upgrades are the extra coins for trap/guardian kills, the increased health and health regeneration on guardians, faster trap reset time and the paladin's stun.
  • Elemental Weaver: The Elemental Weaver provides you with upgrades for your weapons and spells and is a great selection if you rely on your ability as a War Mage to fight in Orcs Must Die! The most notable upgrades include the flame crossbow, reduced spell costs and crossbow/bladestaff kills regenerate mana.
  • Knowledge Weaver: The Knowledge Weaver provides you with utility based upgrades. The most notable upgrades are the increased movement speed, guardians regenerate players health, spell kills offer 100% more coins and your Rift gains a defensive lightning attack.

Orcs Must Die! Spellbook

Orcs Must Die! Spellbook
Orcs Must Die! Spellbook

Enemy List

  • Orc Warrior: The standard enemy that appears in Orcs Must Die, a quick headshot can take care of them. In later levels they start to spawn with shields effectively doubling their health
  • Crossbow Orc: A ranged Orc that can shoot arrows at you and your guardians. Similar to Orcs a simple headshot can take care of them.
  • Kobold Runner: A very fast and agile enemy, these guys will quickly run for your Rift. They are very weak and easy to kill though.
  • Ogre: Ogre's can take a lot of punishment and will stun you with their melee attacks, its best to keep your distance.
  • Hellbat: One of the potential flying enemies in Orcs Must Die!, they travel fairly slowly but pack a lot of damage with their fireball attack.
  • Gnoll Hunter: A very fast and powerful enemy, these Gnolls will instantly run for you or your Guardians. They also pack a slowing effect on their attacks, so try avoid getting hit.
  • Fire Orge: A stronger version of the Ogre, he is immune to fire damage but the Ice Amulet can make quick work of him.
  • Fire Babies: Very small, fast and dangerous enemies. You want to quickly kill these guys before they get out of hand.
  • Kobold Sapper: A fast moving enemy with attached explosives, these guys will do massive damage while also potentially blowing up any barricades.
  • Frost Ogre: Essentially the opposite of the Fire Ogre. You want to take this guy out with fire.
  • Hobgoblin Shaman: Definitely a priority target, you do not want this guy alive and reviving all those Orcs you just killed.
  • Armored Ogre: The toughest enemy that Orcs Must Die has to offer, they can take a lot of punishment, so use your slows, snares and stuns to keep him from charging towards your Rift.

Lost Adventures (2nd DLC Release)

  • Cyclops Mage: One of the new enemies on offer in the second DLC: Lost Adventures. The Cyclops Mage fires seeking projectiles at you and is very tough to take down.
  • Frost Bat: The second enemy in the Lost Adventures DLC pack. They are very similar to Hell Bats except that they have a devastating ice attack that will freeze the War Mage in place.

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    • GregoryMoore profile image

      Gregory Moore 

      6 years ago from Louisville, KY

      Great graphics, this looks really fun. I used to be addicted to Everquest and love these type of games.

    • TwistedWiseman profile image


      6 years ago

      I played the first one, currently am playing OMD2


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