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American Girl Doll Accessories - For Less!

Updated on September 27, 2014

Get Accessories for Your American Girl Doll - For Less

Does your little girl love American Girl Dolls? Most girls do, but if you are a parent on a budget, you might think twice before shelling out big bucks for dolls, plus outfits and accessories that go with it. Luckily you don't have to.

Many brands, like Our Generation and Badger sell reasonably priced accessories for American Girl dolls, from furniture to ponies, that you can buy online.

Take your American Girl Doll on all kinds of adventures with adorable sets from Our Generation available on

Follow along and check out accessories that are so cute your daughter will not care that they did not come from the American Girl Doll store.

Wood Furniture for 18" Dolls

Save on wood furniture for American Girl Dolls

American Girl Doll furniture is beautiful - and expensive. You could try to wait for an American Girl Doll sale - but those pieces rarely, if ever go on sale. Check out these sturdy, wood furniture pieces perfectly sized for your American Girl Dolls - for far less than American Girl Doll prices.

Badger Basket Doll Bunk Beds with Ladder and Storage Armoire (fits American Girl dolls)
Badger Basket Doll Bunk Beds with Ladder and Storage Armoire (fits American Girl dolls)

Perfect for sleeping and storage, this bunk bed set from Badger also includes a little closet for your AGD outfits. Perfect for an organized play space for your dolls.


Cheap Beds for American Girl Dolls

Don't pay a fortune at the AGD store, doll beds for less here!
Don't pay a fortune at the AGD store, doll beds for less here!

American Girl Doll Beds for 1, 2 or 3 American Girls

Need proper sleeping quarters for your American Girl Dolls? These adorable beds from Badger Basket are the perfect fit for your 18" dolls, wherever they come from.

Delight your little girl with a bunk bed or even a triple bed with trudle, perfect for those "Girl and Doll" sleepover parties.

Have a large collection? A couple of these bunks will outfit the perfect American Girl dormitory!

American Girl Doll Furniture Sets

I have been in the American Girl Doll store with my daughter hanging on me begging for an overpriced furniture set for her doll. As much as I hated to say no, I knew there were affordably priced alternatives to be had online.

Check out some cute furniture sets perfectly sized for your American Girl doll or other 18" dolls here.

American Girl Doll Outfits for Pretend Play

Empower your American Girl Doll with these positive role model outfits

Little girls love to play with their American Girl Dolls, but it doesn't have to be all tea parties and pony grooming. Check out these outfits for some empowering pretend play that will take your little girl from the operating room to outer space with her favorite dolly friend.

NASA Outtfit for AGD

Let your little girl's imagination take her into space with this NASA space suit for her American Girl Doll available at

18" Doll Scrubs!

Is there anything cuter than an American Girl Doll in scrubs? Add a lab coat and crocs and the answer is a definite no. This adorable outfit is sure to make any little girl want to act out some hospital drama.

A great way for you to subtly push your ambitions for your daughter....uh, riiiight. She'll never catch on!

Karate, Soccer, and More for Your American Girl Doll

Encourage her love of Karate or Tae Kwan Do with this adorable outfit for her American Girl Doll.

If you are looking for a gift for a girl who loves American Girl dolls, find out what her interests and activities are. You can find the same themes in outfits for her doll, so she can share her interests with her doll.

Who says playing with dolls can't be fierce! Get out of typical gender roles with these great 18" doll outfits.

Dolls need to play, too!
Dolls need to play, too!

18 Inch Doll Accessories

Everything she needs to American Girl Doll playtime!

If your little girl plays with her American Girl Doll as much as mine does, you know they need accessories to act out their dolly dramas. Hair styling chairs, tents and sleeping bags, ponies and Jeeps - just to name a few. Find all of these and more at American Girl Dolls measure 18" tall - so wherever you see it noted that the accessory is for 18" dolls, your AGD is sure to fit perfectly.

This Pink Kitchen for 18 Inch Dolls is perfect for American Girl Dolls

You know how much your daughter loved HER kitchen set when she was a toddler. Now she'll love this doll-sized kitchen set for her own dolls.

American Girl Doll or "Our Generation"? Which One Will Be Under Your Tree?

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