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Outdoor Play Sets

Updated on September 6, 2014

Finding the Best Outdoor Play Sets

Are you looking for some great Outdoor Play sets for your kids this year?

There's just something about the great outdoors that kids can't resist. Especially when the weather outside is perfect, you will always find them making their way out the nearest exit.

Whether they are outside enjoying the beautiful sky and fresh air or just trying to avoid doing house chores, their playtime can really be enhanced with outdoor play sets.

Your kids can use their outdoor play sets all year long and they provide endless hours of creative and active play for your children. Outdoor play sets are great for homes with any kind of yard space, no matter how little.

These sets come in so many different sizes and varieties making it easier for you to choose a set that's right for your little one and your space.

Outdoor play sets are virtually anything that's well suited for the outside. Find swings, slides, climbing and pulling sets. You can find so many play sets you can build the best outdoor play yard for any age.

Give your child or grandchild an alternative to electronics toys by providing them with a wholesome outdoor activity of exercise, imagination and hours of learning experiences you can only get on a day in the outdoors.

Choose One Of The Best Outdoor Playsets for 2013

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? If you do then I am sure you will remember that there's nothing like being a kid with no worries or cares in the world.

All you have to think about is what shoe goes on which foot and what kind of awesome adventure you'll be embarking on when you play outside on your playset. Outdoor playsets can provide children with the perfect environment for their imagination and pretend play.

Below are some of the best outdoor playsets you can get for your little adventurer.

Step2 Skyward Summit
Step2 Skyward Summit

Climb the top of Mount Rushmore or rock climb the dangerous cliffs of the Grand Canyon, or better yet go to your backyard and climb to the top of Skyward Summit. This rocky mountain like play structure is designed with four unique climbing surfaces that includes 2 climbing cargo nets, 1 floor net and 12 grips.

There are even holes they can peak through or out of. A platform sits inside the middle of the playset for climbers who need a mid-climb break. The entire playset measures 80 inches tall with over 100 square feet of climbing surface.

Step2  Clubhouse Climber (New Colors)
Step2 Clubhouse Climber (New Colors)

It's the ultimate playhouse for any child who loves to play outside. This massive structure features a steering wheel, a skylight, several windows, a step ladder, two towers, a bridge, a hideout, a tunnel, and two slides. They'll be able to spend hours on this playset with endless possibilities for creative and pretend play.

Lifetime Helicopter Teeter Totter (Primary Colors)
Lifetime Helicopter Teeter Totter (Primary Colors)

Take off on a wild adventure in this Helicopter Teeter Totter from Lifetime. This free standing playset is made from durable, UV protected, high density polyethylene plastic and powder coated steel.

It features a two seat cockpit, a dual jumper, teeter totter seats on both sides, an interactive flight dashboard with two steering wheels, clicking dial and gauge, and a spinning foam rotor and tail. This playset can support up to 350 pounds or up to 4 children at a time.

Monkey Bars Climbing Tower
Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

Bet your children never thought they could have their very own monkey bars as cool as this. It's usually a playset only limited to the grounds of a school yard, but now you can bring the same recess excitement to your backyard.

This structure is made from durable interlocking plastic tubes and connectors with double self locking springs. It's safe enough for toddlers to use and can support up to 150 pounds.


Benefits Of Outdoor Play Sets

There are many benefits to having an outdoor play set. For one, they encourage your children to get off the couch, stop watching TV and become physically active. Your children will now have a reason to move around and exercise versus being inactive inside the home.

In addition to promoting a healthier lifestyle, these sets are great for creative play. Stimulate your children’s imagination by having them play on outdoor play sets. They’ll be able to come up with all sorts of activities and scenarios where they can incorporate problem solving and develop communication skills.

Don’t worry if your child is playing by themselves or has no siblings, they can still develop these skills while playing.

Types of Outdoor Play Sets

What comes to mind when you hear about outdoor play sets? Outdoor play sets have so many different variations, the possibilities are numerous. There are some sets that are more appropriate for smaller children, while others can also accommodate bigger kids. Here are a few different kinds of outdoor play sets that you may think about getting your child.

- Swing Sets or Playground equipment. These come in the wood, plastic or metal variety. They can include swings, slides, see saws, climbing ropes, monkey bars, sliding poles, nets, tire swings, built in club houses, rock climbing wall and sand boxes.

- Playhouses. These are like miniature homes in the backyard. They can range from being the size of a tool shed to something much more massive. Playhouses are usually made of wood, but you can also find some of the plastic variety. They can be single or double stories and sometimes include extra features like a slide, ladder or swings.

- Forts and Tents. These would be considered the compact and portable version of a playhouse. Typically made from poly-cotton and nylon materials, this type of outdoor play set resembles camping tents. They can come with plastic balls, sleeping bags, foldable chairs or tunnels.

With so many great options, finding an outdoor play set that your children will enjoy isn't hard. Prices of these sets can vary, depending on the quality and size of the set. Overall, they are a great investment for you and your children.

Best Buy on Outdoor Play Sets - Hot Buy For Outdoor Play Sets

Lifetime 90143 Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Feet Wavy Slide, Earthtone
Lifetime 90143 Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Feet Wavy Slide, Earthtone

Having a complete playground play set is a child's fondest wish. This playground play set has swings and a slide for hours of fun for the whole neighborhood. Also includes monkey bars for climbing and swinging practice.


Best Seller of All - The Top Pick For Outdoor Play Sets

Step2  Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse
Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

Every child likes a tree house where they can spend time in creative play and imagining they are camping out or looking for imaginary friends. A tree house will provide opportunities for you child to make memories that last a lifetime.


Great Finds On Outdoor Play Sets - Don't Miss These Great Buys On Outdoor Play Sets

If you are looking to save money then you might want to take a look at some of the outdoor playsets available at great prices through eBay

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