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Outdoor Remote Control Helicopters

Updated on September 17, 2015

Outdoor Remote Control Helicopters

The Outdoor Remote Control Helicopters come in so many styles it would be hard to show them all on this page, but, we have selected some of the favorites and provided links to discover New and Best Selling styles and brands of outdoor RC helicopters for your convenience.

If you like gyroscopes, military, or spy-cam models of the outdoor remote control helicopters, or if you like the idea of using your smart phone to control your RC vehicle you have come to the right place. There are gyroscopic, military, spy-cam, as well as some of those models which are capable of downloading special apps which will control them.

It is fun and exciting as well as an opportunity to get together with family, friends, organizations, and more. It is a sport, a skill, and sometimes even a competition where you can show your skills and be motivated to compete to improve your ability to control the outdoor RC helicopter. The spy-camera models give you the opportunity to take photographs from the air.

Even if you are not excited about flying a remote control vehicle but love to take pictures... well then this might be something you can explore or give as a gift to someone else who enjoys the excitement of a hobby remote and the challenge of flying and/or taking photographs from places one might not ever get to be otherwise.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor RC Helicopter

There are many reasons to buy an outdoor remote control helicopter and these are just a few. As you read the list of great reasons have your gift list handy so you can decide who on your list will enjoy this kind of gift.

Durability -- Be sure to check for durable construction when you are shopping for a flying remote control item. There are many which wouldn't survive a crash but you would like to have one which will survive a few bumps and bruises

Consider the following:

  • Check the power needs of the item. Is it rechargeable, are there extra batteries, how long will the battery last, and how long will it take to recharge it when it is run down. If charging time and play time are not enough for your plans then consider charging up two batteries so you extend the play time.
  • What age is the item considered suited for. Many remote control items will show the youngest age appropriate and it is highly recommended you follow these guidelines for safety as well as skill ability levels.
  • What styles do these come in? When you are buying any kind of electronics you want to check each of the available styles and find one the recipient can relate to. For example the examples shown on this page showcase Gyroscopic, Military, and Spy-Cam (built in or mounted cameras for aerial photography opportunities)
  • If the helicopter is equipped with a camera, check the camera abilities and quality of the photos it will take. If your spy-cam model also uses wi-fli (where you can use your smart phone or other apps to control the vehicle) check to see if the camera will also allow an internet connection so you can see online and perhaps transmit photos over the internet the way a web-cam would work.

Stand alone these would make great afternoon or weekend activities, but, when you start adding the opportunity for community, competition, photos, and the wi-fli options, you begin to see how dynamic something like this can be and how much fun, entertainment, and social time it will provide for anyone who receives it.

Note: When you have a wi-fi capable device you will need to consult the possible additional charges which may incur from the company providing the internet or wireless service. If you have your own wireless equipment you may need to connect your control device (when applicable) or the helicopter's controller to your network (consult your equipment owner's manual and the helicopter's guide to learn more about how to do this).

You can also use this flying camera to hover at various views above your house and use these pictures to help sell your home.


Best Selections in Gyroscopic RC Helicopters

Handpicked Most Popular Gyroscopic RC Helicopters

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Double Horse quality with gyroscopes and remarkable design. These may be the muscle vehicle of the remote control helicopter series. The lean and mean design is sure to impress while the horse power is going to out perform.

This would be a good series to consider when you are in competition. Be sure to check the competition guidelines to ensure these meet the restrictions.

Another flying camera that you can use to get a good look at any repairs you might need to make based on the pictures.


Best Selection in Military RC Helicopters

Handpicked Most Popular Military RC Helicopters

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Military inspired and many of this series can be remotely controlled with a smart device such as iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Android Smart Phones. Consider the remarkable look and feel of an RC with these capabilities. The RC scene has been impacted by Wi-Fli in such a way it will never seem the same again.

The military style bodies of these outdoor remote control helicopters comes in many elements. Some are simply wearing the camo while others are designed with strategy in mind.

Have Fun taking pictures of your immediately surrounding neighborhood.


Detailed Information about Most Popular Outdoor Remote Control Helicopters

Outdoor Remote Control (RC) Helicopters come in a variety of styles to choose from. They are fun to take out to play in a wide open space with friends. There are organizations who get together to show their helicopters. Many organizations also have competitions where you can participate to show your skills in operating a remote control helicopter.

RC helicopters for outdoor fun are also a great way to spend a family get together, a Saturday afternoon, or a weekend get-a-way so you can spend time together doing something fun and learning together.

  • Outdoor Remote Control Helicopters are amazing and come in many styles including the following (as seen on this page) you can find Gyro Helicopters, Military Helicopters, and Spy Cam Helicopters
  • Spy Cam Helicopters give you an opportunity to take photos from an unusual vantage point making them a great way to take photos from the air without being in the air
  • Military style helicopters come in many of the models the real military use for various purposes.
  • Many of the remote control items today have options to use other appliances to control them. Check into apps for smart phones for example. Each helicopter details -- when you click through to see complete stats -- will give you all the information you need to adapt a device you already have (such as a smart phone) so you can control the outdoor remote control helicopter without the usual remote control hardware. Check each item for details some are not equipped with this capability

Best Selection in Spy-Cam RC Helicopters

Photographers are going to love these as you can take pictures while in flight with cameras installed on the helicopters. You can get a bird's eye view of your subject and snap a picture. If you are considering a professional looking photograph you will want to carefully review the details about the camera for each of the following models.

In addition to taking photos, you will have a few styles to choose from and looking toward the end of this (item five and six) you will find spare parts and spare blades for the LT-711. Having spare parts is a good way to ensure your downtime will be minimized if you should have a crash or a bump or bruise while operating your Outdoor Remote Control Helicopter.

Amazing Video Wi-Fli RC Helicopter - Best Videos About Indoor & Outdoor Test Flight (iPhone / iPad / Android Controlled)

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