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Owl Party Supplies For Kids And Adult Parties

Updated on August 5, 2013

Where To Buy Owl Party Supplies For Your Owl Inspired Party

Are you planning to host an Owl inspired party but do not know how or where to get supplies? If you want to find the best place to buy your party supplies, read on because we have got all that covered. From your owl invitation cards, owl party plates to party decorations, party favors and owl party games.

Get All Your Owl Party Supplies Here

To host a successful party, It is important that you plan ahead of time, make lists of the items you would need and the activities planned for the day. With proper planning, you will be able to host a successful party with your guests singing your praise at the end of the day.

The Owl-Themed party is so versatile and can be used to host an Owl-themed bridal shower, baby shower, birthdays, Halloween parties, Office parties and anywhere your imagination is able to carry you. Hope you have fun hosting your party!

Make Your Party List

First things first and as with any event planning, you need a list and here is a list of the items to make your owl party a success;

Owl Party invitation cards

Owl party decorations

Owl Tableware

Owl cakes and cake toppers

Owl party favors

Owl party games

Owl Party Invitations

Start telling guests what to expect from your party by sending out these Owl party invitations. With these invitations, you can let your party guests know the theme of the party and all that is going to be happening there.

There are different ones to choose from and since they come in bulk, their unit prices are very great.

Happi Tree Sweet Baby Birthday or Baby Shower Party Invitations, 8 CountBUY NOW

Forrest Woodland Animals Hoot Owl Boy Baby Shower Invitation CardBUY NOW

Owl Girl Fill-in InvitationsBUY NOW

Owl Party Decorations

A very easy way to turn a room or place into an owl themed centre would be to decorate with owl decorations. These owl balloons will help create a unique environment and anyone coming in will instantly recognize it as an owl-themed party.

Balloons are cheap and easily accessible and it is a very cheap way of decorating.

3-Piece Hanging Decorations, Happi Tree Sweet Baby
3-Piece Hanging Decorations, Happi Tree Sweet Baby

These Owl hanging decorations look great and will be very handy to use in a baby shower party or birthday party that is Owl-themed.

It can easily hang from ceiling, lights and doorway trim because of its lightweight.


An owl has 3 eyelids: 1 for blinking,1 for sleeping & 1 for keeping the eye clean & healthy

Owl Stickers And Wall Decals

Add This To Your Room To Create An Owl Atmosphere

Using stickers and wall decals are easy ways to decorate and make a room very presentable. With these Owl stickers and wall decals, you can easily create a theme that will draw people in and get them into the mood of the party.

After the party, you can simply peel off the wall decals and stickers and put in your child's room or any other place you like.

Colorful Owls StickersBUY NOW

Colorful Owls Borders BUY NOW

Colorful Owls Shape Stickers BUY NOW

Owl Plates And Tableware

Think you need to use Owl plates and tableware? Its not really as important as the balloons or decorations but it can also complement the theme you are trying to achieve. If you decide to use plates for your party, there are tons to choose from.

Not all Owls hoot, and Owls can make other different sounds like barking, screeching & hissing

Owl Cake And Cupcake Toppers

If you plan to go all out with your Owl themed party, then the Owl cake and cupcake toppers can easily be incorporated. Simply place these toppers on your cupcakes and make them a little different from what your guests are used to.

More Party Favors For A Fun-Filled Party

Some goodies for the kids to take back home at the end of the party. Kids especially love this part and look forward to finding things they would enjoy inside the goody bag. My kids always look forward to that time when the party favors are "unleashed".

If you'd like to continue with the Owl theme, here are some party favors that go with the theme which I'm sure the children would thoroughly enjoy.


Plush Owls (1 dz)BUY NOW

Owl Baby Shower Favor BagsBUY NOW

Party Destination Owl Blossom Party Favor BoxBUY NOW

A group of Owls is called a parliament, study or wisdom. Baby owls are called Owlets.

Will You Be Hosting A Owl-Themed Party Anytime Soon?

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