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Stuffed Owl Animals make Adorable Gifts

Updated on August 9, 2013

Perfect Owl Plush Toys, Kids and Adults will Love

An owl stuffed animal is a great gift for both children and adults. So many of us just can't help finding the owl adorable, despite the fact that it is a predatory bird. Their large eyes and wise look makes one think of a cleaver professor, or wise uncle or grandpa.

Little kids will love to cuddle with them, while older people can use them as a great decorative element to any room. A nice, warm touch to any room.

On the left is Owl from the Winnie the Pooh movie. The wise owl looks ever so smart, yet looks both kindly and wise. The toy is soft and plush with a lot of great detail.

image: Disney Exclusive Winnie the Pooh 13 Inch Plush Toy Owl from Amazon

Cute Patchwork Stuffed Owls

Love these colorful patchwork owl plush toys

This stuffed owl is made of a short plush vervatine material with a colorful patchwork print. They have mixed a couple of differenmt prints that make this stuffed owl all the more apealing.

Mary Meyer Print Pizzazz, Roly Cocoa Owl, 13"CHECK PRICE

Fuzzles Marlene Owl 11" by Douglas Cuddle ToysCHECK PRICE

Mary Meyer Print Pizzazz Olio OwlCHECK PRICE

Aurora Plush Owls

Realist Looking Owl Stuffed Animals

If you like a realistic looking owl, these stuffed owls look good, and are cheap too! Lots of different breeds to choose from, and in a variety of colors

Aurora World 9" Barney OwlCHECK PRICE

Aurora Plush 9" Barn OwlCHECK PRICE

Aurora Plush 12" Snowy FlopsieCHECK PRICE

Osmond Horned Owl 6.5" by AuroraCHECK PRICE

Stuffed Owl Hand Puppets

For all those puppet lovers

You can play the wise owl any time you want with these beautiful stuffed owl puppets. Easy to maneuver, but also great as a regular stuffed toy or for display.

Folkmanis Puppet Snowy OwlCHECK PRICE

These owl stuffed tots look very realistic, not sure I would realize they were stuffed toys if I had not known on the onset. Love how they have each been placed in very natural settings.

Folkmanis Great Horned Owl 18in Hand PuppetCHECK PRICE

Folkmanis Barn Owl 13in Hand PuppetCHECK PRICE

Plush Owl Finger Puppets

These would make a great fun owl gift for any puppet of owl lover.

Folkmanis Mini Spotted Owl Finger PuppetCHECK PRICE

Apple Park Picnic Pal Finger Puppet, OwlCHECK PRICE

Owl Stuffed Toys for Babies

Babies just love owl faces

With its large eyes and difent activitiy toys, the miror and various textures, this baby owl stuffed toy should keep your naby occupied for hours.

Skip Hop Hug and Hide Activity Toy, Owl by Skip HopCHECK PRICE

Stuffed Owl Baby Toys

These owl stuffed baby toys are such a great gift to add to a baby shower. The simple simple design and clear, bright, yet soft colors are great for babies, as are the different texured cloths the give a baby the experience of feeling different textures.

Skip Hop Hug and Hide Stroller ToyCHECK PRICE

Taggies Oodles Owl Plush RattleCHECK PRICE


Supply List

Flannel Fabric

Felt Fabric

Buttons (optional)

Different colored ribbon

Fiber Fill Batting/Stuffing

Krinkly Krackly Plasticky Material

Sewing Machine, Thread & Scissors

Still searching - Check for more owl stuffed animals

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Stuffed Owl Animals

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