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Updated on January 30, 2011

Paciocchini - A Miniature Doll Craze Heading Our Way

Welcome to our information page on Paciocchini Dolls. On this page, we'll give you an introduction to the miniature Italian Dolls, which may well be set to become one of the biggest toy crazes of 2011. When we first set eyes on Paciocchini, at London Toy Fair, we immediately had that tingling that comes with seeing something that might be massive. Paciocchini launch in the United Kingdom later in 2011 - we'll be bringing you the launch date as soon as we have it.

Paciocchini were originally a hit in their native Italy in the 1970s, being sold at newsstands in packs of two or three. Now in 2011, Giochi Preziosi have brought them right back into vogue. Scented figures, standing only a few inches high, each doll in the Paciocchini range is utterly adorable. Watch this space!

One of our top tips for 'huge craze' status in the United Kingdom in 2011, Paciocchini mini-dolls were originally a hit in Italy in the 1970s.

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Paciocchini in Video

Here's a quick glance at Paciocchini Dolls in the flesh. Enjoy...

Paciocchini Blister Pack
Paciocchini Blister Pack

List of Paciocchini Dolls

We're only just starting to learn about Paciocchini, but we believe there are 16 dolls to collect in series 1. Here's an incomplete list of their names, but if anyone can add to it, please let us know in the comments section:









Getting hold of Paciocchini in the United States...

Paciocchini are currently hard to find in the US - they haven't received a general release yet. If there are any currently available on eBay, you'll find them listed right here. (Also, if Amazon has any available, you'll find them listed further down the page.)

Bus Stop Toy Shop
Bus Stop Toy Shop

Buying Paciocchini in the UK

This guide to Paciocchini was brought to you by Bus Stop Toy Shop - a United Kingdom based, independent Toy and Hobby retailer.

We;re hoping to have our first batch of Paciocchini on the shelves soon...

More Paciocchini in the US

If Amazon have any, you'll find them right here...

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