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Paintball Sub Machine Guns

Updated on October 21, 2014

Paintball SMG's For Realistic, Fun, Fast, Compact Action!

Paintball sub machine guns are compact, easy to wield and great for close quarter battles. Fun to use and totally realistic, paintball SMG markers are best used by the frontman, scout or any forward position on the field. These guns are designed to be lightweight, small and fast for the player on the go. Most paintball sub machine guns are small enough to make great back up weapons too. Slung across your back, these weapons are compact and light enough to trek around and use them when you need them as a secondary firearm.

The Ultimate Tactical Paintball Gun

Paintball Sub Machine Gun to the Rescue!

Paintball sub machine guns are most often used by players who love the in-your-face action of the frontman position or tactical scout. These players travel light and don't carry much ammo so they can be free for making fast moves. Their battles are often in close ranges, so they need paintball guns that respond quickly and are easy to wield. The tactical scout is sometimes required to travel a distance to gather recon about enemy positions or movement. If spotted, the paintball SMG is perfect for a quick burst of fire and then light enough to turn around and sprint back to home safety or hidden vantage point. Paintball sub machine guns are also excellent secondary weapons. Being light enough to carry around your neck or on your back with sling, many players fire their main rifle during most of the game. When in close enough range or backed into a corner, they whip out their paintball SMG to finish the job or spray their enemies down with a barrage of fully automatic fire. Carrying an extra weapon like an SMG will also add weight to your load, however few complain when it gets them out of a jam after their main weapon malfunctions!

The Best Paintball SMG's

Characteristics to look for when buying a paintball sub machine gun...

The best sub machine guns markers have paintball gun barrels that are only 1-3 inches long. They often have a vertical front grip that helps stabilize the gun when firing from the waist. Most SMG's are carried from a tactical sling; this way they can be easily carried around the player's chest or back to be used when needed and secured out of the way when not. It's also best to choose an SMG with a paintball gun buttstock that's either folding, retractable or at the very minimum adjustable. Many stocks are available to choose from giving a wide range of options. Retractable or folding stocks are best as they can be extended for shoulder aiming in longer range situations and folded up for compact close quarter fighting. Scopes can also be useful on paintball sub machine guns however long range sniper scopes are not necessary. The best scopes for an SMG are red dot sights/scopes as these have larger viewing lenses for quicker target acquisition and work well with shorter range weapons. These smaller sized scopes also work well with the smaller profile of a compact machine gun. Laser sights and flashlights are extra but work well with paintball SMG's as long as there's a place to attach them.

Buy New or Transform Your Existing Gun!

It's easy to turn your existing paintball gun into an SMG!

If you play the frontman position, there's no better tactical paintball gun than an SMG! There are many top name brand companies that produce amazing realistic replicas. However if you already have a marker, chances are it will be cheap and easy to transform your existing gun into an awesome sub machine gun. Paintball sub machine gun accessories and parts are cheap to buy and readily available. Short barrels, stocks of all types and grips are made for most brand name paintball guns and sold at nearly all shops and internet stores. Upgrading your marker with an electronic trigger will also make it shoot faster and allow for fully automatic action. This will definitely make your paintball SMG much more realistic. The best way to buy parts for your soon to be SMG is to purchase them in a package deal. There are many paintball sub machine gun kits available that include everything your particular gun will need to be completely transformed. In most cases, kits are offered at a cheaper deal than what you could buy the individual parts for.

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