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Pandemic Cooperative Board Game

Updated on December 23, 2014

Pandemic Cooperative Board Game

Cooperative board games are a type of game where all the players "cooperate" or work together to achieve a common goal, and win the game. They will all win together, or they will lose together.

Whenever I find myself in a game store, I always ask the clerk what their most popular selling games are. While in that situation, awhile back, the clerk mentioned that Pandemic was a hot item. He described it as a "cooperative game".

I had never seen or heard of that. All games I had ever played were games where each member was competing against the others. It seemed odd that there would be games where all the players were on the same team. Based on it's popularity, though, it's obviously a philosophy that works.

The Pandemic cooperative board game is among the most popular of all the cooperative style board games. In this game, diseases have broken out and the players must eradicate the diseases before they find themselves in the midst of a world outbreak. Each player utilizes the strengths of their character to effect the solution to the problem.

Join efforts with your friends and family to stop this outbreak!

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Pandemic isn't the only cooperative game that's available. There is a wide variety of options. We've selected a few of the most popular cooperative games that are selling on to display below.

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