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Password Protected Diaries for Girls - Keep Your Secrets Safe

Updated on January 12, 2015

Diaries, Journals and Papers Are Now Password Protected and More!

Young girls love to keep diaries. The only thing that is more important than keeping a diary is keeping it private. The thought of someone else reading their private thoughts is horrifying to them.

Now in the electronic age, there are more sophisticated techniques to keep journals and diaries private than the old lock and key method. Enter the password protected, voice recognition, electronic diary. You record a password and no one else can get into these private journals In addition to the electronically controlled lock, many of them also have built in lights, writing utensils, and secret draws. All of this stacks up to lots of fun and great security for important thoughts and secrets. Guaranteed to delight any child that wants to keep a journal.

Image from for a journal sold on this page.

Password Journal - With Intruder Alert!

~ Needs a voice recognized password to open

~ Has a second secret compartment that also has a password

~ Has matching clips

~ Includes two lights

~ Includes loose leaf paper

~ See Video Below

Password Journal Video

Password Journal 8

Comes with:

Journal unlocks when password is spoken.

Has a hidden compartment that is also password protected

Includes an invisible ink pen and black light


Littlest Pet Shop Paws Off! Electronic Diary - Ages 6 and Older

~ Cute dog watches over your diary and scares off intruders

~ Opens only with a spoken password

~ Includes removable guard dog

~ Comes with note paper and stickers for decorating

~ See Video Below

Littlest Pet Shop "Paws Off" Electronic Diary Video

Radica Password Journal

~ Password protected

~ Password is voice recognized

~ Dual light switch

~ Paper and clips

~ Intruder alert sounds of someone other than you tries to gain access

Discovery Kids Electronic Password Journal - Sweet!

Has a storage compartment, recognizes voice commands for light and is password protected with an intruder alert.

Private Notes Planner Diary

Secret code opens it and it also has pockets for keeping notes and jewelry. Also has a mirror and dry erase pad, and compartments for keeping trinkets.

Video Journal - Video Diary with Pictures

~ Journal entries can include downloaded photos and videos

~ Has a variety of templates

~ Entries can be printed

~ For 8 to 12 year olds

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Invisible Diary Set - Styles May Vary

Write in invisible ink and then see the words under the (included) blacklight. Includes a metal lock and keys, three button batteries are included.

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  • profile image

    tessmckay 3 years ago

    very cool. I want to have them too =)

  • Scotties-Rock profile image

    Clairissa 4 years ago from OREFIELD, PA

    Great Diaries! Thanks

  • victoriahaneveer profile image

    victoriahaneveer 4 years ago

    These are lovely. Seeing your lens makes me want to get a diary for 2013!