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Payday 2 on Playstation 3

Updated on August 18, 2014

What you need to know about Payday 2

Payday 2 is a first person shooter and strategy game. The player takes on the role of a career criminal and carries out crimes for a number of contacts in exchange for cash. It can be played single player or online with up to four other players. There is not really a story or main game mode. Simply pick jobs and complete the crime. So grab your guns and lets lock and load.

Payday Overview

When you start up Payday 2 the first thing you do is go to the Hideout where you can learn a few basics of the game like picking locks, operating the drills for safes, and firing off you guns. You'll also get a tiny scrap of start up cash. After that you can begin searching for jobs on (online or offline) which is simply a network of criminal job opportunities being offered from the various contacts in the game.

But let us dive into more details... First up, the main characters of our crime spree of which there are four. Dallas, Wolf, Chains, and Hoxton. The player can choose to play as any of the four characters with no difference in gameplay but they each have their own unique background story and face mask (we will cover face masks in more detail later on).

No matter the character chosen, if playing offline, two of the remaining characters will be controlled by the AI. Though this is not all that desirable compared to online as the AI characters will do nothing more than stand guard and fire on enemies. You should also note that you can opt out of having the AI players altogether on the mission briefing screen (it is a small check box).

All of the jobs that you have available are offered up by one of five different contacts. There is Bain, whom is behind Vlad, a Ukranian who runs his own extortion and crime rackets. Hector, the biggest drug trafficker on the Easter Seaboard. The Elephant, a dirty Republican Congressman, and last but not least, Gage, a disabled Afghan war veteran considered to be the best weapons dealer within the border. Each one of them have different jobs that they offer which range from guarding a shipment of coke and delivering it, robbing a jewelry or diamond store, robbing a bank vault for cash or gold or empty out the safe deposit boxes, steal artwork and frame a politician, and more...

You should also know that for each mission there are four different levels of difficulty which alter a lot of things in the game play. It will alter the amount and difficulty of the police forces that try to stop your crime, and may alter things such as how many bags of jewelry you must escape with. The good news is that it will also increase the amount of cash and experience that you earn for the job completion (which can be one heck of an increase on many jobs).

Now you may be wondering what all you can do with that cash and experience...of course you are. Let us cover experience first. Your experience, of course, allows you to gain levels. With each level you will get one skill point that can be used to increase your effectiveness on jobs. There are four career paths to choose from, each of them having their own perks. Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, and Ghost. In addition, the first point spent on any path unlocks a piece of equipment that can be used. The mastermind opens the doctor bag, the enforcer opens and ammo bag, the technician opens a trip mine, and the ghost opens an emp jammer. Later on, a sentry gun can also be unlocked as equipment, and a circular saw as a primary weapon (useful for opening up safe deposit boxes, atm machines, and certain doors).

Once level 100 is obtained, the player has a new become Infamous! To become infamous you must be level 100 then pay $200,000,000 from your offshore account (which is a savings separate from your spending cash). It will also take the remaining balance of your spending cash and all your skill points, but it will open new abilities and items to obtain.

As for your cash, it works like this. When you get paid a portion goes to your offshore account and a portion goes to your spending account (you can't control the amounts). With your spending cash you can purchase new weapons, upgrade weapons, and buy masks. Many of the weapons are opened by level, but some are also DLC (download content). The upgrades and masks are earned randomly as a job bonus after each job (you pick a card from three cards after every mission to receive a bonus like cash, experience, weapon mods, and mask components). A lot of the items to purchase are pricey so it takes a few jobs to purchase them.

If you want to know more in depth details about Payday 2 then bookmark and stay tuned. I will soon go into all the details of the weaponry, masks, jobs, and more! I will try to add a few tips and tricks along the way.

Buy Payday 2 for Playstation 3

Payday 2 - Playstation 3
Payday 2 - Playstation 3

The basic game, so lock and load!

PAYDAY The Heist [Download]
PAYDAY The Heist [Download]

The first game. Worth a try...


I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions about the game, or some tips or tricks of your own that you think I should add.

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