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Best pc games under $10

Updated on June 21, 2011

Satisfy your need to game and save some cash

Instead of going to the movies this weekend and getting a couple hours of entertainment and a bucket of popcorn, why not invest your hard earned cash in one of the gems below and net yourself a whole weekend of gaming fun. The titles I've sifted through on this list are fantastic and can be had for cheap from amazon and it's partner stores. Most of these games are classics that despite being old, more than hold their own against contemporary titles.

I will update this list with more gaming deals as I find them, so please check back again.

Sid Meier's Pirates!

This game has it all: Strategy, Swashbuckling, shipbuilding, humor, pillaging and of course, wooing large breasted women.

You basically play a Johny Depp like pirate trying to make make a name for yourself in a sandbox version of the Colonial Caribbean. You start with a small leaky boat (I named mine the "Floundering Flounder") and work your way up to a small flotilla of heavily armed frigates, as you sail the seas in search of treasure, merchant vessels to raid and colonies to capture.

The backbone of this game is the awesome sailing mechanic, that simulates wind and sea conditions. You pilot your ship with the num keys and attempt to line up broadsides against your enemies or attempt to board them at which point an intense swashbuckling minigame ensues. You can upgrade the armament, sails, and hull of your ships to suit your style of play.

This game is easy to learn but has great depth and infinite re-playability.

If you loved Diablo and Diablo 2 than this game is for you. Some have even called it Diablo 2.5. Titan Quest and it's expansion borrow heavily from the Diablo series' hack and slash style of game play but manage to impress with a lot more depth and beautiful, more modern 3D graphics.

The true beauty of this game is the epic storyline and the very detailed character system, in which the player chooses 2 classes out of the 8 available to mix together, thus making it possible to play over 42 different character combinations.

The game itself is incredibly long and can be extremely difficult at times but it's an incredibly satisfying hack and slasher, well worth the paltry sum amazon is asking for it. The expansion which is included adds a new class, new weapons and weapon mods as well as a whole new area to explore.

I have to admit, I have not yet played all the way through this game. But the reason is not that its boring, but that it's just so much fun to restart and test out new character builds.

The Elder Scrolls series has long set the standard for sandbox style RPG's and Morrowind is no exception. If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, look no further. This game offers unlimited re-playability and is even more open ended than it's newer descendant, Oblivion. Select from a wide range of classes and races, or even create your own class and head out into the richly developed world of Morrowind. Hurl fire balls at ghouls and skeletons, go toe to toe with monsters and assassins, sweet talk store owners, back-stab your way to power or pickpocket some spending money. As soon as you set foot in this strange land, the rest is up to you.

The game features a main storyline, which you can enjoy or completely ignore and instead enjoy hours of role-playing side quests and exploring the massive world. The leveling system does not require grinding and killing monsters over and over again. Instead your character levels up as you do things. Running from town to town will increase your agility, using magic to fight your enemies will improve your intellect, and clubbing a skeleton will increase your strength. One beautiful part of the game is that it was designed to allow the player to bend the rules once he or she begins to understand the mechanics of the world. The player is given the power to make their own spells and potions and if done correctly can turn the player's character into a demigod, or if done incorrectly, send them hurtling into a brick wall at the speed of light.

The graphics are 3D but the game looks somewhat dated now, especially compared to Oblivion. However the amount of detail and beautiful world design has continued to allow this game to stand the test of time.

Sid Meiers Civilization IV + Beyond the Sword and Warlord expansions

This the most current iteration of the famous Civilization series out right now. It is in my humble opinion the best in the the series, and possibly one of the best strategy games ever. If I had to be trapped on a desert island with only a computer and one game, I would choose Civilization 4. The fact that you can get it and its 2 expansions for less than 10 dollars is simply amazing.

The game follows the same path as its predecessors, but greatly improves and fills in the holes left by previous iterations of the Civilization series.

The Basic premise of the game revolves around the player's stewardship of a one of many real world civilizations through expansion, conquest, scientific discoveries and cultural movements through out human history, all the way up to the present day and beyond. Eventually the player can even opt to build a spaceship to settle the stars. 

It features a robust empire building framework, allowing the player to control armies, the production of wealth, science and culture, as well as diplomacy and espionage with other civilizations. Unlike most strategy games, civilization has numerous victories available to the player beyond simply eradicating all opponents. These include the space race, cultural victory, diplomatic victory and even population victory.

Beware! You'll end up sinking many hours into this game. I've often found myself thinking "just one more turn and then I'll go to bed," and then curse myself for spending another late night enjoying this wonderful game.

Well worth the measly 10 bucks amazon is asking for this game and its 2 excellent expansions.

Rome: Total War Gold Edition

Another lovely strategy game. While not perfectly historically acccurate, this game is incredibly entertaining and equally as addicting as the above civilization 4.

In this iteration of the Total Was series, you take command of the armies of the Roman republic (or it's enemies) and forge a Mediterranean empire through military might and strategy.

Rome Total war features a Risk like world map on which you move your armies, diplomats and assassins and construct your cities.

The main feature of this game is it's well developed battle system, which is probably one of the most realistic simulators of its kind. Instead of controlling each individual unit, the player controls groupings of soldiers and arrays them on the battle field in such a way so as to take advantage of terrain and each group's unique advantages. Units from this time period include everything from African elephants and catapults, to heavily armed spearmen and wardogs. 

The barbarian invasion expansion which is included in the above deal adds new campaigns, countries and units and allows the player to take control of hordes of barbarians with the goal of pillaging the wealthy roman empire and carving out their own kingdom.

Again another game that will suck you in, forcing you to take just one more turn.

Mount & Blade is a revolutionary hack and slash rpg combining elements of other genres as well.

In this game the player creates their own customized character by selecting certain options pertaining to their characters past. Through this system a unique character is made and the player is let lose in a medieval fantasy world. The player begins with little more than a horse, a sword and some food and adventures off in search of money and glory.

As mentioned above the revolutionary bit of this game is it's battle system. It's basically like a first person shooter but with bows, arrows, swords and horses. The player controls the direction his or her weapon swings by moving the mouse up down or left and right and blocks blows in a similar fashion. This makes battles incredibly fun and intuitive. Momentum and physics also play a hand in the amount of damage a character can do. Standing still and poking somebody with a spear does minimal damage. Leaping down at them from higher ground up's your damage and has a higher chance of knocking them down making them easy pickings. And of course,  a fully armored knight on horse back can plow through infantry lines one hit killing all in his path.

Add to this great combat engine, rpg stat developement, the ability to build armies, command them and even fight alongside them, and you have a game that big developers drool over. 

The only thing is that this game was not developed by one of the big boys. It's actually an indie game developed largely by one man and his dedicated community of fans.

Get it and enjoy something truly unique this weekend.


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    • froch profile image


      7 years ago from Tychy

      Yea...Morrowind and Mount&Blade is as good as this hub is ;-) Vote up! ;-)

      By the way, I wrote hub about Mount & Blade:

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love the total war seiries

    • vaguesan profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Osaka, Japan

      Yeah morrowind can be kind of slow sometimes, especially when compared to modern games. Rome can move slowly in the late game.

      Diablo 2 is a fantastic game. I still play it from time to time too. What's your favorite class?

      thanks for the comments.

    • Sparhawke profile image


      8 years ago from Manchester

      I actually like the RPG genre in the Morrowind games but the main issue I have with that series is the slowness...seemed to take forever to get anywhere.

      The game was just too plodding for my liking.

      I have played Rome also but it suffered from the same problem, it was too muc like civilisation with tiny icons you could barely see for my liking lol

      The game I play is Diablo 2, got it nearly 10 years ago and I still play with the Amazon Basin most weekends lol


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