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Pedal Car Sedans

Updated on December 8, 2015

Antique Pedal Cars And Pedal Sedans

These antique look pedal cars and pedal sedans are cute as can be, in fact, they are much more than cute. These retro cars are mini pedal vehicles from heavy gauge steel. They were made to handle the punishment that kids give out. Each of these pedal cars has adjustable pedals so it will be able to grow as your child does. That means it's going to last a very long time. How many kid's toys can you say that about today? The recommended age for children to drive these cars is at least two years old to about 6 years old. What a great gift idea for kids these vehicles will make.

The wheels of each of these pedal cars is 8" in diameter and made of ball bearing steels. The tires are very thick, solid rubber. The wheels are 8 inches in diameter, constructed of ball bearing steel, and the tires are 5/8 inch thick solid rubber. The driving mechanism is ball bearing pull bars, with ball bearing rear axle hangers. American Retro has thought of every detail with these excellent mechanical toys.

The all chrome sedan is a limited edition car - what flash! It is 36 inches long by 15.5 inches wide, the finish is chip and rust resistant, and is a non-toxic, child safe, powder coating.

The Pretty in Pink car has a funny little face in grey with other grey accents and with chrome-trimmed windshield, chrome hood ornament, chrome steering wheel and chrome hubcaps. Plus it's the most perfect shade of pink. Also 36 inches long by 15.5 inches wide, with a chip and rust resistant finish, and non-toxic, child safe, powder coating.

Did You Have A Pedal Car When You Were Younger?

Did You Have A Pedal Car Or Plane When You Were Younger?

More Pink Pedal Cars

Check out these pedal cars in pink...perfect for that little lady in your life. The expression "pretty in pink" must have been about one of these vintage vehicles.

Police Car - Pedal Car Sedan

Watch your speed, or the little police car will pull you over. The black and white is classic 50s. Black body with white door and black police insignia on the doors, and even a red light on the hood. Move over, the police have somewhere to go.

The Deluxe Pedal Car Fire Truck

Deluxe Pedal Car Fire Truck

This is a great fire truck styled after the old hook and ladder trucks of yesterday. The ladders are on the sides of the trucks, there's a red light on the hood and there's even a dalmatian puppy to go along for the ride. What child wouldn't want to play in this vehicle, cruising around the neighborhood and ringing the bell.

Pedal Planes

Pedal Planes or cars would make a fun gift idea for kids. Girls and boys alike will have a blast playing with these vintage style air planes. Imagine the smile on your little guy or girl's face when they are pedaling around in their very own plane.

Find The Car or Plane You Really Want

Check Out This Amazing Pedal Car Collection

Meet the "Pedal Car" and check out his collection!

Nuremberg Toy Fair 2011

If you are in Nuremberg anytime soon, see if the toy fair is underway. Take a stroll through the fair and see how many pedal cars you can find.

My Aunt has a pedal car in her living room as a decoration and everyone who sees it "OOHHS and AAHHHS"! These unique little cars can be used for many different reasons, but I think the best one is what they were made for ... Kids taking a spin around the block in their very own car.

Do You Have A Pedal Car?

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