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PurPaw and PawPit - Pen Pals for Christmas

Updated on November 25, 2013

My sister has been a cat fanatic since childhood. She collected cats as far back as I can remember. When I was 10, and she was 6 I found the PERFECT gift for her. It was a set of white and cobolt blue glass kitten salt and pepper shakers. I was so excited to have her the kittens that I couldn't wait for Christmas (which was still more than two weeks away). You might be wondering how a set of glass salt and pepper shakers could be a perfect gift for a 6 year old but my sister was an unusual 6 year old with her own little cat glass menagerie.

I really wanted to just hand my sister the gift straight from the sales bag right after I bought it because I was so excited to show her the perfect gift I'd found. But I couldn't just GIVE her the gift early. Then she wouldn't have a gift from me for Christmas. Instead, I found a creative way to "spoil the surprise."

Two weeks before Christmas a tiny envelope arrived in my sister's room. It was addressed to my sister, and the return address was from PurPaw and PawPit, Poland (although as an adult I'm fairly sure the cats were Dutch).

There was a letter inside the handmade envelope, and also three black and white photo-copied "pictures" of the actual glass kittens so that my sister would be able to see her "pen pal" kitten friends. This letter was the first of many that would be delivered right to her room over the next two weeks.

Dear Heather,

We are very poor kitten twins from Poland. We have no home and were abandoned by our mother. We really need a new home. Would you be willing to adopt us?


PurPaw and PawPit

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Naturally, by the time Christmas arrived my sister was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her Polish pen pal kittens (their airplane flight scheduled to drop them off under the Christmas tree in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve). Sure I spoiled the surprise, but in the spoiling my sister got 20 "paw-written" letters that brought her kitty-cat salt and pepper shakers to life.

And honestly, I have to admit, I had a lot of fun doing it.

Did you ever really want to spoil a gift? How did you contain yourself? Or did you?

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