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Personalized Balloons

Updated on October 10, 2010

There are many stores and outlets that sell personalized balloons, but why buy them when you can customize your own balloons yourself. There's no need to spend money on personalized balloons when you can make them for much less cost then purchasing them at a store.

And you also have the option of designing and and choosing the color to suite what ever occasion you like. This Hub will show you how to do just that , the items you need can be bought for less cost of buying the balloons themselves.Once you have the items you need you can then print them onto your balloon.

There is no need to fully inflate them at this stage as you will fill them with helium later on. OK, now blow the balloon up with air , only half way not fully. AT this stage you just want to print them with your chosen stamps you purchased earlier, hold the air in the balloon using your thumb and index finger for now.

Printing Your Balloons

Carefully press the stamp onto the balloon making sure the letters are facing the right way. Make sure you press down evenly so not to smudge the ink print and that there is enough ink to have a good bold print, so that all the letters can be seen clearly. Let the ink dry for a minute or two, deflate the balloon and proceed to do the same to the next one.

Party Supply Store

Firstly go to your local dollar or 2 dollar shop and purchase a few packs of balloons , you will find the larger balloons are best to personalize , and will work best when customizing them as well.

Choose a color that will best represent the occasion, with matching ribbons. Also purchase a stamp set and ink you can either have them made or in a set . If it is a birthday party then you can purchase a set with those words on them that can easily be printed onto your balloons.

There are many different prints you can choose from so pick the one's that best suite your needs. Make sure the letters are big and bold and don't limit yourself to just one color have a range of ink colors to decorate your balloons.

Get Creative

There are many creative ideas you can try to decorate your balloons. You may want to purchase stickers, like stars, smiles, even water color based felt pens to draw your own original ideas on your customized balloons. So let your imagination run wild, find out from the store what other items they may have to personalize balloons, or any ideas they may have. Once you have created your personalized balloons you may decide to pin them to the ceiling or walls.

There are many creative ways to hang and pin your balloons. In sets of two's or three's is good for the walls or even a arch way lined around the frame of the door which creates a stunning effect.


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