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Pet Society Cheater's Guide: How To Make Money

Updated on May 13, 2010

Getting Down to Business

Pet Society is an awesome game from the developers at Playfish. They have created a unique pet world where you can decorate your own house, go fishing, garden, and even race your friends. It's quite an exciting game, if you know the tricks...

So that's what I'm going to teach you! So let's begin your lesson with the types of money in Pet Society!

  1. Coins: These are the most common type of currency in Pet Society. You can use coins to buy nearly everything, including food, clothing, and furniture!
  2. Playfish Cash: There are only a very few number of items that cannot be purchased using coins. That is when you'll need to purchase Playfish Cash. It cannot be earned, only purchased.

Fortunately for us, Playfish hasn't made their Playfish Cash vital to the game, unlike most of Zynga's games. But because you can't earn Playfish Cash, I will not be addressing it any further. Now time to make some money!

Earn Coins By Playing With Friends

Every day, you can visit each one of your friends and earn 50 Coins just for playing with them. Depending on how many friends you have, you could earn up to 1000 coins!

You'll see on the bottom of your screen, all your Pet Society friends. To know whether you've collected for 50 coins that day, you either will or won't see a small gold money bag by their name. If the bag is there, it means you still need to collect your bonus. If it is not there, you've already collected your 50 coins from that particular friend that day.

Earn Coins By Cleaning Yourself & Friends

Cleaning is hands-down, the best way to earn money in Pet Society! You can only clean someone when they're dirty. Playfish shows this by having flies floating around the character.

If you or one of your friends is dirty, you'll need to click on your inventory and drag out your soap. Click and hold the soap over the dirty character and swirl it around over their face. It may take a few seconds, but you'll get the hang of it.

After you have visited and cleaned your friends, head over the the Cafe. Here, there are pets that you don't know. Walk around and see if anyone is dirty, if they are, you can click them. This takes you to their house and allows you to clean them just like you did your friends.

Here's the neatest part! Every time you log into Pet Society, the same friends remain dirty, allowing you to clean them again! So a good idea is to remember which friends were dirty so when you log in again, you can go back to the same people and clean them a second, third, or fourth time!

Earn Coins At The Races

The stadium is a cool feature that lets you race against your friends or bet against them iSttan a separate race! You can also go pro and run a pro-race, however you'll need Playfish Cash to purchase the pro-gear necessary to beat out the competition in pro.

Racing is fun and easy to do. Instructions will be given prior to the race, but just in case you miss them, here's a few tips:

  • Start running by clicking your pet.
  • Click banana peels before you get to them, other wise you'll slip.
  • To jump over hurdles, click your pet. Be careful with your timing.
  • Click on your pet when he or she is running over booster spaces for an extra jolt of speed.

Each day, you have the ability to race 10 times. First place is the only position that is rewarded with a 30 coin prize.

Earn Coins by Fishing

Fishing is a tricky feat in Pet Society. You have to use a food item as bait, (try produce at the food store) and if you don't follow the directions exactly, you'll lose both the fish and the bait.

To fish, go the fishing pier. Here, they will give you instructions on how to cast and reel in your fish! But first, you need to bait your hook!

  1. Bait: Drag a food item from inventory onto your fishing rod.
  2. Cast: Click your pet and they will cast their line in the water.
  3. Reel: Click and hold on your pet to reel in your fish!
  4. Release: When you're reeling and you see the fish struggling, release the line, otherwise they'll get away with your bait.

Once you've caught your fish, it can be sold or placed in a fish tank. Fish tanks can be purchased at the gardening store.

Earn Coins Cooking

This isn't the fastest way of earning money in Pet Society, but it's still worth mentioning. Most of the time, the profit you receive is not worth your effort. You can cook items by using the toaster oven. Drag the oven from your inventory and place it in your room. Leave your inventory and click on the oven. This opens your cookbook.

Your cookbook allows you to choose a recipe you either want to cook. When you first join Pet Society, you'll be allowed to cook only Vegetable Soup. It costs 17 coins to make because you have to purchase the ingredients. It sells for 19 coins leaving you a profit of only 2 coins. The more you cook, the more recipes that become available to you.

I recommend The Pineapple Fried Rice. It takes 12 hours to cook and gives you a profit of 90 coins. Be careful though, if you leave your fully cooked dishes in the oven too long, they will burn and you won't be able to eat or sell them.

Earn Coins By Shaking Trees

In Pet Society, money really does grow on trees! This fun scavenger hunt is a unique way of making money in Pet Society.

To shake trees, you'll need to first go to the Pet Society Neighborhood map. To do this, you'll need to click the town map, and to the lower-left hand corner, you'll see "Visit Friends." This will take you to the neighborhood.

Here, all you have to do is click on trees. As your pet brushes up against trees, he or she will find coins! Not all trees will give you coins so just shake as many as you can!

Earn Coins Gardening

Gardening is considered an investment in Pet Society. To garden, you'll need to purchase one of 3 types of seeds:

  1. Trees: 500 coins (Produce endless amounts of fruit)
  2. Vegetables: 100 coins (Produces a one-time only vegetable)
  3. Flowers: 200 coins (Produces a one-time only flower)

Each player is given one garden to start and will receive a second once they reach a certain level. To plant your seeds, go to your inventory and drag the seed over one of the pre-dug holes.

Trees are permanent fixtures to your garden, giving it shade and producing fruit you eat for energy or sell for coins. Vegetables can only be harvested once. They be harvested when their small, medium, or ginormous, but make sure you don't forget about them because they'll rot. Flowers be sold or put into a flower pot and used as a decoration in your home. Flower pots can be purchased at the gardening store.

Earn Coins Through Facebook Feeds

Clicking on Facebook feeds is a fast and easy way of making money in Pet Society.

To find Facebook feeds, go to your home page and click on "Most Recent." This will show you in order of posting, the various feeds your friends send out. They include status up-dates, wall-postings, and posts from the different apps they use.

Scrolling through feeds can get monotonous, so to make the process go by faster, you can filter out the other content or go to particular friends' profile pages that you know play Pet Society. Don't to check your own profile page also to see if anyone has left you a special friendship gift! (It's a flower seed you can plant!)

Feeds from Pet Society include everything from a 50 Coin bonus from the Lottery, gifts and prizes, and even a 200 Coin reward for helping find missing Petlings, (Your pet's pets).

Why Play Pet Society?

I've played nearly every game from Zynga and Playfish and Pet Society is one of my few favorites! There's so many things you can do that it gives you nearly endless play-time. Here are a few of the many reasons why I think Pet Society is the best:

  1. Ability to earn as much money as you want by cleaning your friends' pets.
  2. Lots of things to do in the game so it rarely gets boring like most other Facebook games.
  3. Playfish releases new items weakly, everything from furniture, clothing, and mystery items.
  4. Graphics are great and the items are always very appealing.
  5. Playfish doesn't try and take advantage over you by issuing all the good items in Playfish Cash.
  6. You can gift any item you have to a friend! I love being able to send out good gifts to my friends, not just the freebies.

All in all, Pet Society is a good play. But beware, it can get addictive! Have fun and God Bless!

~ Laura


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    • In His Light profile image

      In His Light 7 years ago

      There are soooo many of these new games now, but I have to say that this one is one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing more ideas as to how to earn the cash rewards, hadn't done the racing yet, but it sounds like a Great idea! Thanks for the Post.

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