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PEZ Collectibles

Updated on September 26, 2016
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Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser
Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser | Source

Pez Candy dispensers

Do you know anyone who doesn't love PEZ? It isn't so much about the candy, it's the dispensers. So many have passed through our hands over the years. Now, can you believe it, they are collectible. If we had only kept more of our treasures they could have been worth a small fortune!

How many can you remember? Did you have a favourite that you kept buying the candies for or did you just enjoy buying a new dispenser? Let's take a trip down memory lane and see if you remember some of these.

A bit of history

These small candies, made in Austria, were originally designed as a breath mint. The name PEZ comes from the German word for peppermint pfefferminz, taking the beginning, middle and end letters. At one time it was marketed as an alternative to smoking. In fact, the early dispensers resembled the disposable lighters of today.

In the early 1950s the company decided to bring out a Santa dispenser and space guns which were marketed for children in the United States. In the late 1950s they began producing characters under license agreements such as Popeye and Mickey Mouse.

Over the years different heads and even feet were added, some becoming more collectible than others. The most expensive price ever paid was for a Mickey Mouse dispenser which sold for $7,000 to a Californian collector. Of course when there is that kind of money involved, there will be fakes around. Some fakes are better than others and it is necessary to guard against buying these.

Pierre Omidyar Ebay founder
Pierre Omidyar Ebay founder | Source

Ebay and PEZ

There is a story, an urban myth if you will, that Ebay was started because the wife of the founder of Ebay, Pierre Omidyar , wished to sale, trade, and buy PEZ dispensers . This was not true. In fact it was a story devised in order to bring more business Ebay's way. It is what is called a marketing ploy.

The story had everyone racing to their attics and basements looking not just for PEZ dispensers but anything else that could possibly be sold to a collector. Everything was fair game. Suddenly what was previously seen as clutter became a possible source of income and the rest they say is history.

Currently on Ebay

Ebay is still one of the best places to find PEZ dispensers. However, if people have opted to put them on this site, they possibly already know their value. Take a look and see what they currently have available. Remember, with Ebay, the choice is constantly changing, if you see something you like, buy it because it may not be there the next time you log on.

If you are wanting to add it to your collection, Ebay is a great place to do this. Remember you'll pay more than you would in other places such as garage sales etc.

Where to find them

Although Ebay is a great place to look for PEZ dispensers, it isn't the only place. There are garage and yard sales, (boot sales in the UK), jumble sales, and swap meets. Often they are thrown together in boxes with other random toys. You may have to rummage for them. If there are children's items for sale, it is likely they have PEZ dispensers somewhere.

There are also PEZ conventions held in US, there you can buy and sell your dispensers with other PEZHEADS.

So That's what they're for
So That's what they're for | Source

Collectible Pez vending machines

Not only is it the dispensers with the cute heads and feet that are collectible it is also the vending machines that were used to sell them.

Pez now sell not only individual dispensers but also multiple packs containing several different characters.

Take a look below at the collection of one enthusiast below, you will see not only the PEZ dispensers but also advertising material and other PEZ paraphernalia.

Caring for you collectibles

If you are an avid collector, you may already know that the best price will be obtained for resell if you keep your PEZ dispenser in the original packaging. This isn't the only thing to consider however, if you keep it in full sun, your packaging will become bleached. The less these are handled the better.

Choose a display cabinet which will it keep them protected, but one when you can still see them, all of them. No more hiding them in the back of the closet or under the bed. They are wonderful things to look at and always bring a smile to everyone's face when they see them. Everyone loves PEZ!

Other collectibles

There are of course, other things than PEZ dispensers to collect. Below I have listed some of my top picks here on Hubpages of other collectibles that people have been written about. Take a look and see if there are any you are interested in or perhaps already a collector of.


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